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Avatar n tn Some of the things you've mentioned are considered "old wives tales", there is no medical fact to them. I'm sorry you're being scared for no reason. Everything else you've mentioned is quite normal for a young man. There are books out there to help you learn more about slowing down and how to satisfy your wife. I do believe there is also a "mens health" forum here. You can click on "forums" at the top of the page and then scroll down.
Avatar m tn I am giving you the copy of the same. The Male Deer Exercise Simple Qi Gong for Men's Vitality, Sexual Health, and Pleasure, It ends premature ejaculation and impotence, reduces sexual 'edginess', and promotes male full-body orgasm... Simple, quick, and very pleasurable, The Male Deer Exercise is the best known men's health exercise from taoist qi gong. To be effective, it should be performed daily.
Avatar n tn // Book on Health -,M1 Thank you!
Avatar n tn You seem to have experienced a huge amount of anxiety over all this.
Avatar n tn I'm learning that we may still be in the Victorian Age when it comes to regulations about the way males may appear naked in places like health clubs, beaches and campgrounds where nudity is permitted. Within my circle of friends and experiences, I found out there are real scenarios that aren't yet supported by management at some of these establishments.
362249 tn?1441318618 Child Abuse, skin cancer, thyroid research, cancer, women's issues, men's health, mental illness, domestic violence, drug education, children's education, breast feeding awareness, fix up the schools here in Australia, the Aboriginal communites, the the list goes on! Ah...if only I were rich!
372416 tn?1242669352 I had to use the men's room all day because of the odor. She back-stabs my boss and trys to get him fired hoping that she'll take his position. I rat her out to him because I really love him and he'll get angry w/her for awhile but tends to always forgive her. He doesn't forget what all she's done, but he's such a sweetie. Lastly and not least, she sleeps w/anyone and everyone, and is married. She is not sleeping w/my boss. I know that for a fact. She would, but he won't.
Avatar m tn Anyway, after reading all these posts, which you must admit aren't the most uplifting, I went out and got a magazine. Men's Health. Get it? I turned the page from thinking about illness and mental states and switched to health. Only cost me $3.95. My apologies. I think I am panicking about not being able to stop this health kick.
Avatar n tn Wow! I'm kind of surprised at all these posts, especially the negative ones. I wonder how old you two are and how long you've been married? I second that recommendation on the book mentioned above: "Anal Pleasure and Health"; it's one of the best heterosexual books out there. Also, there should be no pain involved, as also mentioned, if it is done right. The anus can expand greatly as it does with a bowel movement, so no problem there.
3149845 tn?1506631371 I have hired many health care aides (on the books), and have found many from Ukraine and Georgia with advanced degrees available for service.
301044 tn?1206814691 19) but I just sat them down and educated them about it. Be in Charge books that I got from the doctor came in handy cause there weren't a lot of words but it gave the picture. They do know I used to do plenty of drugs in the past. I have always tried to teach through my mistakes so this was another good one to show how mom messed up big time when she was younger and now she has to do chemo..... All in all they dealt with it like adults because I treated them sort of that way about it.
Avatar f tn Gary Null Interviews Dr. Peter Rost of Pfizer The State of Health in America Gary Null Interviews Dr. Peter Rost of Pfizer: June 10, 2005 On Friday June 10, 2005, Dr. Gary Null engaged Dr. Peter Rost in a candid discussion on the nature of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in the United States.
Avatar f tn Just because a woman is obese, does not mean that inside side doesn't feel sexy and their are men who do go for the women that are obsese, but sooner or later the weight will because an issue due to health reason, especially to the heart. How fat is fat, if a person is obese, this is an unhealthy, unhealthy person, who's life is potentially in danger. I'm a beliver that a man has to love you and accept you as you are and everyone deserves to be loved and feel sexy too! Website....
193905 tn?1325400789 Yeah, that's the part that scares me (Good Health) I'd like to say I'm in good health, well I am it's just that I had a heart attack 2 years ago. When I found this pain management dr. I left that part out. I just informed him of the motorcycle accidents, not the heart attack.
Avatar n tn Probably no one, but it's a blessing that came with this kind of odd surgery. I read the Men's forum all the time, and MAN there's a lot of men who have trouble with tight foreskins. And babies who have the same thing. This seems kind of like wisdom teeth and tonsils. Who is rolling around on the ground screaming they wish they had their wisdom teeth and tonsils back? No one. Sorry I seem so short tempered.
Avatar n tn congratulations I had my last baby at 46. She is the joy of my life .
Avatar n tn He posted everywhere. Several threads, both Men's and Women's forums. Just a troll, never to be seen or heard from again.
Avatar m tn - rehab aftercare group meeting (12-step based) - men's relapse prevention group (evidence based) - AA Every two weeks I see my addictions counsellor/therapist. Every month I see my mental health worker. Every 3 months I see my family doctor and my psychiatrist. I practice mindfulness and CBT every day. Not sure what else you'd have me do.
Avatar m tn gabby I am so sorry. it doesn't matter what rehab he goes to or how many. he has to put in the work that is required for his recovery and his healing. recovery and healing take time. my daughter is graduating next weekend from a year long faith based drug and alcohol program. victory outreach. when she went she said she would only stay for a couple months to get clean. faith based programs are usually one year long.
Avatar m tn I have been in the same boat as everyone on this forum with gastro problems, so I speak from experience. I never suggested you take your health into a store clerks hands, your health should be in your hands making an informed decision about everything you do. I suggest to everyone what has worked for me. Whether you decide to try it is up to you, but name calling isn't necessary. I am far from being a quack as you suggested, just someone who doesn't suffer from acid reflux anymore.
202436 tn?1326477933 Judge orders circumcision ban off SF ballot. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A judge on Thursday struck a measure from the city's November ballot that called for a ban on most circumcisions of male children, saying the proposed law violates the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom and a California law that makes regulating medical procedures a function of the state, not cities.
Avatar n tn I was astounded that NO ONE ever told me that I was missing these parts. I have never seen a vagina but in risque books, but assumed they were the minority not me. I went to my gyno and the midwife told me that she could find no clitoris. and she saw no scarring. I asked her if by chance I could have been circumcized, and as I said, she said she never saw scarring, my thinking was they may have blended.
Avatar f tn Thuja Occidentalis Take it internally, a company named Boiron makes some little pellets and you can find the liquid extract online or at a really really thorough health food store (but most places stores don't carry it). I've found it dramatically dries up the acne/warts/whatevers. So much so that when I went on vacation and ran out for most of the week, I had a another significant breakout immediately whereas before that things were clearing up nicely.
Avatar n tn URL: Email: ***@**** First off, we would like to say that you are reading a very powerful manual. A manual that holds all the information that you could ever need to permanately increase the size of your penis, increase the hardness of your erections, actually help prevent prostate cancer, and increase the level of your ejaculation as well as the flavor of your ejaculate.
Avatar f tn My goodness, I read your post and I literally have no words to make you feel better nor can I relate to your situation, but I hope that she soon realizes what she's doing, I relate this to my cousin who is 15, and how protective I am of her, and Carlier being your daughter I know it's tough, but IBKleen, and others are filled with information, they are open books and happy to help out wherever needed.
Avatar n tn I'm learning that we may still be in the Victorian Age when it comes to regulations about the way males may appear naked in places like health clubs, beaches and campgrounds where nudity is permitted. Within my circle of friends and experiences, I found out there are real scenarios that aren't yet supported by management at some of these establishments.
645800 tn?1466864555 Every time I eat up there not only do I have to use the men's room at the restaurant before I head home, I also have to stop twice on the way home due to the IBS. I did my normal routine stops on the way home but was not able to go. Not sure if this means the constipation is getting worse or the IBS was not active for some reason this time.