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1829282 tn?1325595258 I stopped going after personal training sessions were up an with the holidays gained that 10 back. I went back to the gym yesterday despite trying to talk myself out of it.. (too tired, stomach hurts, low on gas) so I'm proud of that! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being buddies of a sort with me on here to discuss our workouts and have a kind of accountability. If we don't work out, say, three times a week there's someone else that knows. Haha. Something like that.
Avatar n tn I am going to also request my doctors to do an MRI of Thoracic spine (middle back) because they haven't done an MRI of that section yet. I am not sure if the mid back problems is caused by these issues I know I have. I would suggest you dig into the problem more.
Avatar m tn They found that lifters who performed each set of a workout until they couldn't complete a repetition had smaller gains in strength than those who left a bit in reserve. End each set when your lifting pace starts to slow, suggests Men's Health fitness advisor Mike Robertson, C.S.C.S. Why it works: As your muscles fatigue, they use fewer fast-twitch fibers, which have the greatest potential for size and strength gains.
Avatar m tn Though all other symptoms seems normal but you may benefit putting your post on dermatology forum or men's health forum to see comments from people who are experiencing the same condition as yours... The best you can do is just keep the infected area clean & dry and see if those go away and you find some relief... you may need to wash the area with soap more than 2-3 times a day... A doctor's appointment is really a good idea...
Avatar m tn Shave some slices and steep in boiling water for a soothing tea, recommends Bill Phillips, Men's Health editor-in-chief and author of The Better Man Project. Not only do its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful to people with arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis, but it can also help relieve gas, nausea, motion sickness, allergies, and bad breath, says Phillips. Tart cherries instead of pills.
Avatar f tn It's easy to make ahead of time, and by tweaking the conventional recipe to include cranberries, Men's Health resident chef Matt Goulding has added a hint of jellylike sweetness. 1 6 oz can solid white tuna 2 Tbsp dried cranberries, roughly chopped 1/4 yellow onion, minced 1 Tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Mix all the ingredients together. Serve a scoop on a piece of toasted whole-grain bread.
Avatar m tn Shave some slices and steep in boiling water for a soothing tea, recommends Bill Phillips, Men's Health editor-in-chief and author of The Better Man Project. Not only do its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful to people with arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis, but it can also help relieve gas, nausea, motion sickness, allergies, and bad breath, says Phillips. Tart cherries instead of pills.
1007653 tn?1259389567 As you squat back, sit on the box so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Then stand back up. Complete 1 to 3 sets of only 1 to 3 reps each. As you become stronger, use higher boxes and add weight, which creates more tension. Why it works: The box removes all momentum where the lift is most challenging, which forces your muscles to work harder to start back up. And by limiting your range of motion, you learn to handle heavier loads.
Avatar m tn each and every time. I finally settled on Planned Parenthood, when I realized they do have a (very limited) men's health service and they could get me seen within a matter of days. So I was seen by a clinician and I made sure to tell her everything. I was not going to make the same mistake twice. I even mentioned my fears of a systemic Candida outbreak. She took a look at me and said it didn't look like yeast to her, but she prescribed me a cream anyways. Needless to say, it didn't work.
Avatar n tn It was friendly advice for ANYONE who give themselves injections, that haven't had the proper training, just to be careful in hitting their sciatic nerve when giving the injections. It can cause severe pain in the lower back, buttock, legs and knees. It can even cause Sciatica. I work in internal medicine and pain management and deal with patients with chronic pain symptoms. Even when we give patients injections we have to be very careful not to cause injury to the patient.
Avatar m tn I also read from internet that Vit D has a role to play in men's sexual health, you can Google and get more info. If that be true, you should again check if your body is indeed absorbing Vit D ( test for Vit D level again) and if it does not, investigate the problem behind it. Better to work with the original physician and continue investigation as she/he is very familiar with your case.
Avatar m tn I used to be able to access the forums that I belong to by using the pull down menu under My MedHelp Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention General Health Diet and Fitness Women's Health Men's Health Heart Heart Disease Heart Rhythm High Blood Pressure Pregnancy 18 - 24 years old 25 - 34 years old 35+ years old Mental Health Anxiety Depression All Communities » But now I have to go to my profile and choose the forum list there
Avatar m tn Last one is very important I got this from men's health magazine. Get on all fours. Hands and knees on the floor. Keep your back straight and use your arms to move your upper body forward. Your knees is kept at the position at all times. Your upper body will be lower than your back. This builds muscles in the back. This is exetremely important especially if you are building muscles.
Avatar n tn My doc feels the immune system is critical to killing the virus, but once dead, it doesn't come back regardless of the immune system because there isn't any virus to come back. Goof -- it probably would be of great interest to all of us if you could wrangle a study or two from your doctor, should one exist. Regarding the T-cell test I mentioned a month of so ago. My understanding is that it's still experimental.
Avatar n tn I would like to take a more leisurely shower at the gym and not to have to worry-now it means a really fast shower only after being at a point of exhaustion from a workout or a swim. I have experienced some embarasssing moments. I have been trying over the years to normalize this. I have gone to my previous family doctor & 2 phycotherapists for treatment.
Avatar n tn It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times. I doubt this is related, but I have some sort of muscle strain in my hip/groin area that is possible due to an intense backpacking trip in October. Any feedback appreciated. Guess I could consult dr. after Xmas if still going on . . .
Avatar n tn If you want a bigger penis, you have you have the right attitude and work ethic to achieve your goals. WORK AT IT! Do the Men's Health Manual Workout Plan daily, and we guarantee you will see results in as little as 2-4 weeks. Follow the directions exactly, and NEVER give up. We think it's an absolute shame that some men are so ashamed about their penis size that they never allow themselves to get into a relationship. Penis size does matter.
Avatar n tn My left leg is always numb, my buttocks aches, and my back throbs. I hurt my back running. My weekly mileage was @70, with a lot of speed work. My doctor says I can never race again, or even run. I have had three epidurals, all with no effect. My L5 is crushing my S1 and the only option is to have surgery. My L3 and L4 are also bulging. So much for staying in shape. I do not want to be on NORCO pills my whole life.
Avatar n tn I just got back from the clinic and got my first dosage of bup (a gelatinous capsule that dissolves under the tongue). I'm to go back for 4 more days. Over the weekend, they are available with additional "pill packs"; that is, a menu of clonidine, doxepin, bonnatal, flexeril, and Motrin 800. I get one of these pill packs everyday that are meant to supplement to bup.
Avatar n tn Are you having any associated back pain? I have noticed some back pain coming on slowly over the past couple weeks, though I never noticed any before this thing started. I wonder if whatever is causing this sensation is leading to my back pain as well, or if I am just driving myself to back pain trying to find and hold postures that don't produce the vibrations. Anyway, I have a followup appointment with the urologist this week and another with my family doctor the week after.
Avatar m tn Stand so that the water stream is hitting you on the butt, so that when you bend over, water doesn’t flow down to your face. Take the squeeze bottle, tilt your head back slowly, and squeeze as much saline solution as you can into each nostril. TILT YOUR HEAD BACK VERY SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE CAN EXPERIENCE NECK PROBLEMS IF THEY TILT THEIR HEAD BACK QUICKLY. Note: If the water goes immediately down your throat, say the word “Go”.
Avatar n tn I have some new data to report. Got my full urinalysis test back. Everything in the main was normal, with the following exceptions: 1.) I had "1+" proteins in my urine, so very few, but there should be none. 2.) My urine was VERY acidic - 5.5 pH. 3.) I had moderate amounts of calcium oxalate crystals. 4.) I had lots of amorphous sediment. 5.) I had small to moderate amounts of bacteria, but nothing would culture.
Avatar n tn I am sorry...I put that you have lost 22 pounds now I see it is 24!!!!! You are doing GREAT!! I saw your other posting and I will leave you some feedback.
Avatar n tn I had my doctor run blood tests and everything came back normal. Testosterone was 257 on a scale of 241 - 800. Doctor says this is normal and will not consider hormone treatments. The only medication I take is a statin, which has lowered my cholestorol to normal levels. I am not overweight, nor do I feel depressed. This has become a major quality of life issue, as my wife is feeling somewhat undeisrable and neglected.
Avatar n tn Depression is starting to set in over these issues and I can't help but think there has got to be some way to fight back and regain some confidence and acceptance that age will happen but we don't need to sit back and go down without a fight. I am 57 and will confess that I have not taken very good care of myself. But that is going to change, starting now. I have purchased every product out there that offers any hope for crepey skin, wrinkles, anti-aging of any sort.
Avatar n tn I have had it on my calf,forearm, back and side. I can't say it lasts so long a day or two, goes away and then comes back. I would love to know what this is.
Avatar n tn Please tell me what this is, how I can get rid of it and how I might be able to prevent it from coming back.
Avatar n tn Yes, Francy, I like the "revenge"! ha ha I actually slept not too bad last night. I took liquid calcium/magnesium at dinner time as recommended, had a warm bath and I applied this lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, arnica, eucalyptus cream called "dream cream" all over and that included my sinuses; which drained like crazy (I didn't even know they were clogged either!). It was the best night in five weeks.