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Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
Avatar n tn OMG!!!! I cannot believe what I'm reading! Are freakin crazy! I, and most guys and girls that I know - we love large labia! Love it, love it, love it! As a matter of fact - It's almost a must-have. It's so damned sexy and hott. It makes for great sex. Girl's please don't let any guy tell you otherwise. If you're young and inexperienced, please wait! You'll soon realize that you have a Diamond, and young guys are sometimes just intimidated - afraid that they don't know what to do with it.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was also on Diflucan to prevent yeast infection during this 2 weeks of Clinamax. GOOD LUCK! Don't forget to google desquamative inflammatory vaginitis.
Avatar n tn Let`s stop with that porn, that`s now what we need....we need our health and imagination and I am now really determined to quit and return to nature.