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173939 tn?1333221450 I understand but I have no idea at what age it would be safe and appropriate to let him go to the men`s washroom by himself. Do you know? 2. I feel early childhood would be a good time to teach a boy about the old question of "toilet seat up - or down?" Not the most important thing in the world but wouldn`t it be nice to take that one off the list of battles between the sexes...
147426 tn?1317269232 The reason they don't is because they are ignorant of the literature and have very little training in TRT. They often throw out the cancer word hoping you'll stop bothering them about TRT. NEJM in 2004 published a landmark study that had 12 longitudinal studies that laid to rest the notion that testosterone causes prostate cancer. It you want to improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of all cause mortality you should find a qualified practitioner trained in BHRT. Dr.
Avatar n tn I am sorry for your Dx. I am a female but also now hypo.Since the beginning of my illness everything I read regarding the disease, when I stumbled across the stats of men getting it, I read through it. Dx is rare. specially on sub clinical Hypo or Hyper thyroidism in men. I believe this b/c men are less likely to see a doctor when they have symptoms. and if they do go and get Dx'd - most do not have the patience and stay on top of it.
Avatar n tn If you're taking this pill just to loose weight, and not for a health reason, you should stop taking it, and see that if you keep eating healthy, and walking, you'll still loose! And BTW, taking this pill 10 mins before a meal to help with your appetite is crazy! All diet pills tell you to take it 30min.s before each meal.. b/c it takes 30 min.s to start working...10 min.s? that pill isn't doing anything for you when you're eating!
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Topamax along with an appetite suppressant (Adipex) for weight loss a bit over a year ago and stopped taking them after two and a half months. I did not lose all of the weight I had wanted to, but most of it. I had gained 55 pounds while on Paxil over the course of two and a half years. By taking a combination of the two medicines, I lost 22 pounds the first month, 10 pounds the second month, and 8 pounds the first half of the third month.
681012 tn?1226545695 You do realise you've posted this in the Men's Health area? This may not be the best place to get an answer to your question. Having said that, I think this should be taken to a doctor. What's up with your parents wanting to know what it is BEFORE you go to the doctor? Surely that's the point of going to the doctor - they have been through many years of training so that they will know stuff your parents don't!
Avatar n tn run at 6mph for 2 minutes then run at 3mph or rest for 2 minutes) will be more effective in losing weight than if I ran or walked at a steady pace.Is there any truth to this>?
4502619 tn?1355569353 What you MUST do if you don't want to see a personal trainer is buy a book on training exercise another thing to do is go online and subscribe to Men's Health. It's VERY important to learn the proper forms when you exercise so as not to injure yourself. Make sure to check with your doctor first and get his/her OK.
697132 tn?1232389372 I came across this page when looking up a question, and I found an answer, but I decided to stay and see what else happens. I've fallen in love with the trackers though. This year, like many people, I'm aiming to lose weight and eat healthy. So, these trackers will be really helpful in keeping myself in check. I'm aiming to be healthier in 8 weeks, but even beyond then. I'm currently blogging my experiences on my blogger page, http://gootzgetsfit.blogspot.
Avatar f tn Generally, I do not think that targeting exercise to your heart rate is very important for the typical person who is trying to exercise to maintain general fitness/health and/or lose weight. In any case, there is a recent study that suggests that we should calculate women's "predicted maximum heart rate" differently from men's - using a slightly different formula. Using that formula of 206 - (0.88)(age), yours is about 171.
Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
Avatar n tn WOW! 22 pounds is a lot of weight to loose in such a short period of time! Good for you!!! I hope that I am able to loose 22 pounds in the next couple of months. Are you following a diet plan and working out? I have not started working out yet....maybe one day...I don't have a diet plan either I am just trying to make good choices and watch my portions. This way I know that when I stop the shots and medicine I won't gain it all back. Lets hope!!! Best of Luck to you...
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn i only transfered 1 five day blast and im 11weeks preggo! i had some mild cramps about 4 day after the transfer and i started doing hpt at 5 dp transfer. it was + and got darker every day! how many days past transfer are you and are you going to test with htp? i could not stand it. a girl that i met at my clinic and she did the same as me on the same days as me did not test + till 2 days before beta. let me know.
Avatar m tn They found that lifters who performed each set of a workout until they couldn't complete a repetition had smaller gains in strength than those who left a bit in reserve. End each set when your lifting pace starts to slow, suggests Men's Health fitness advisor Mike Robertson, C.S.C.S. Why it works: As your muscles fatigue, they use fewer fast-twitch fibers, which have the greatest potential for size and strength gains.
Avatar m tn Shave some slices and steep in boiling water for a soothing tea, recommends Bill Phillips, Men's Health editor-in-chief and author of The Better Man Project. Not only do its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful to people with arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis, but it can also help relieve gas, nausea, motion sickness, allergies, and bad breath, says Phillips. Tart cherries instead of pills.
Avatar f tn / as three days in the week i have training early at 7 30ish, and i usually eat before and after, then have a snack at breaktime (nutrigrain bar usually) and if i don't have training i have some cereal and find that i'm hungry only a few hours later at about 10 o'clock! It's from when i wake up to lunch i need advice on. would appreciate absolutely any inputs thank you :) lucy.
Avatar n tn This is really illuminating to find so many others suffering almost identical symptoms. I am a 58 year old male pretty fit and in generally good health. My problem is the intense tearing pain I get in my right knee when I bend at a certain angle and at a certain time. I can't define either because it's so uncertain. I can do situps now with no problem. We all seem to refer to this pain as a tearing pain as it feels like a wound that has been stiched together is tearing apart.
Avatar n tn I used Palmolive mixed with Tea Tree oil from the health foood store and let that sit for 2 mintues or so, then I used the CVS version of TGel shampoo, then I used Nutreogena Clarifiying shampoo. I didn't use conditioner. But my hair was so dry I used some frizzease on the ends after I blowdryed my hair. So I think tomorrow I am going to use the same three shampoos and hoefully it will be the end of this monster oily waxy greazzy thing on my head!
Avatar m tn Hi, From your details it clear that you do not have any problem, especially so, when a neurologist and another doctor have seen you and cleared you of any health issues. I also presume that you have no major problem with the sex organs when you are in Moods.
Avatar m tn I go to churches where we pray for people to get well. The Holy Spirit works in them, etc. A Men's Group I was in prayed and fasted for answers, and from what WE understood God said no SSI, plan to work, etc. Now, the pain is taking most of my left side. Work would be almost impossible, and I have lost jobs since finding out. THE QUESTION, I guess. My dr; endocrinologist for my diabetes; wont talk with me about much until I find a specialist for the Chiaris.
148588 tn?1465782409 Pastor Robert Salazar preaches on a stage flanked by classic East LA low-rider cars and trucks inside the church. Salazar's church also runs a men's drug rehab shelter, and he's happy to help deported veterans. Salazar was a U.S. Marine in the mid-1990s. Just like Barajas, he got hooked on drugs and ran into trouble with the law. After a robbery conviction, Salazar was deported in 2005 — dropped at the Tijuana border at 3 a.m.
Avatar m tn Hi, Since you have no physical problem, all that you need is to take balanced food, good exercise, improve general health and build up and divert all your sexual energy towards your partner. It will take a bit of time to get adjusted to the new ways sexual enjoyment, and during this period, avoid any other forms of sex. Viagra may be used temporarily and it will help as far as ED is concerned, but should be prescribed by a doctor.
1829282 tn?1325595258 The 13 Most Powerful Superfoods Avocados They're high in fat, but avocados contain healthful monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. "Avocados aid in blood and tissue regeneration, stabilize blood sugar, and are excellent for heart disorders," says Ed Bauman, Ph.D., director of Bauman College. They're loaded with fiber (11 to 17 grams per fruit) and are a good source of lutein, an antioxidant linked to eye and skin health.
Avatar m tn Doing whatever you can to support your family no matter what your life, training and desires would lead you to want to do. Everyone else eats first when times are tough and you don't complain about it, Poetry, love, and strength should all be able to be produced through the use of your mind and your hands. Babies are miracles so are dirty diapers be prepared to take care of both, You should know how to defend your family and yourself. Too brag that you can do so is foolish.
231441 tn?1333896366 Hope you are doing better. Where are you in training and your stamina? For a many decades it has been observed that the symptoms of MS flare-up in times of lowered estrogen. And often the symptoms are better with very high estrogen. Classically MS is at it's best behavior during pregnancy - a time of extremely high estrogen production.
Avatar m tn Shave some slices and steep in boiling water for a soothing tea, recommends Bill Phillips, Men's Health editor-in-chief and author of The Better Man Project. Not only do its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful to people with arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis, but it can also help relieve gas, nausea, motion sickness, allergies, and bad breath, says Phillips. Tart cherries instead of pills.
Avatar m tn each and every time. I finally settled on Planned Parenthood, when I realized they do have a (very limited) men's health service and they could get me seen within a matter of days. So I was seen by a clinician and I made sure to tell her everything. I was not going to make the same mistake twice. I even mentioned my fears of a systemic Candida outbreak. She took a look at me and said it didn't look like yeast to her, but she prescribed me a cream anyways. Needless to say, it didn't work.
Avatar n tn They sell the lipotropic injection for $175 and it is for 15 injections and syringes are included. You will have to fill out some health history and general information to create an account so that you can make a purchase. I had just found this site myself and have not used this myself. I hope this might help you with what you're looking for.
572651 tn?1531002957 Otherwise, really enjoying my new place but not all the boxes that still need to be unpacked. Wishing you all better health and successful doctor's appointments.