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Avatar n tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include respiratory tract issues such as infections etc., GI/ GU issues, systemic issues such as liver or kidney related conditions, haematological causes, growths/ masses (benign/ malignant), a few autoimmune conditions etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an internist at your earliest convenience for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn Well hello, I always seem to have pain in both my testes, sometimes quite bad where it pains to sit and walk. I'm single and done with having any more children, I don't date and live alone. Medically would it (for cancer and prostate or other reasons) be a good idea just to have a bi-lateral orchiectomy since I done need they any more, I have no emotional issues with this. Would a Doctor do this for me.
Avatar f tn He has a doctor appt in a few weeks, but hes very concerned about these issues and becoming depressed. Is there anything we can do to make him more comfortable, or to help the symptoms.
Avatar m tn One question I have -- is it true that once you start testosterone therapy you have to continue it for life, as the body will stop producing its own? That's what I've heard and is the main reason I haven't tried it, now that it's dropped slightly below normal since I treated.
Avatar m tn I have no stds as I went for the check last week and got an all clear for HIV herpes chlamydia syphilis gonorrhoea hep b and c and something else (the name escapes me). I have been prescribed thrush cream for my anus (no good) anusol both cream and uppositories for my anus (no good) and now daktacort for my penis (which seems to be making the skin on my penis a marginal bit better). As I said i have no stds and am very active and very healthy, I have ADHD and take Ritalin.
Avatar m tn Hello~ Specialmom has given you a very good answer, I have also requested that this post be moved to men's health, they may have some more insight into this issue as well. I hope you feel better soon.
649848 tn?1534637300 Although weight is undeniably a risk factor for a host of medical comorbidities, especially at its extremes, it's not a guarantee that any of them will occur. And so the use of a scale to infer the presence or absence of health ignores the actual person standing on the scale. Similarly, scales don't measure lifestyle. There are scads of patients with obesity doing all of those good things—exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, not smoking, cooking with whole ingredients, etc.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, I don't really have too many answers for you, but I do know that some men have surgery for varicocele to restore fertility. Have you tried posting this in the men's health forum, or the urology forum? There's also a urology expert forum at Take care!
Avatar m tn I had blood taken last week, and the symptoms are from my Hepatitis. I have an appointment with my doctor this Friday, and I'm scared. I worked at the Men's detox years ago, and have seen the effects of this disease first hand. I have a really lousy diet and have been compulsive about red meat and Pepsi. I am going to do my bets to get better. Any thoughts on nutrition and holistic treatments I might try. I am on Medi-Care, so I doubt they will fund interferon.
Avatar m tn We are mainly here to deal with Chronic Pain issues and I really believe that the Men's Health Forum will be able to give you the immediate answers that you are looking for. :) Here's the link: I wish you the best and hope that this will be of help to you........
Avatar n tn I am not saying this is what you need, but get your hormone levels checked and if they are normal and you dont need hormone replacement therapy, I would definately ask about Scream Cream if you have a Compounding Pharmacy in your area. Heres some info on it if you are interested, I think its around $30-$40.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. But you're asking something I really am not prepared to much about. This isn't an HIV/STD risk question. You correctly understand the risks are nil, based both on the low chance your partner had HIV or other active STDs (people rarely lie when asked directly) and the nature of the exposure.
Avatar m tn Relax my friend, sex is an enjoyable experience and add love and patience and the two of you can work this out. If there are concerns or issues down the road then consult your doctor or Urologist. My friend is married to a man with a penis that is not large - and she reports they have a healthy and happy sex life.
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535904 tn?1213468238 i'm like you, if i eat unhealthy, i worry about my heart. there are many studies that have been done on nutrition and your mental health and how what you eat effects you. i think many kids with adhd and other problems would do so much better if their parents would take the sugar and fast food away. as far as the omega-3 caps, i would start out on a low dose because they can cause nausea and other problems if you know what i mean.
1002520 tn?1251582386 In my observation, women can discuss sexuality and sexual health issues much more openly than men (That might be why we are called MEN… not women or gays. DUH!)" So does that mean guys avoid the subject altogether? Not exactly. "Certainly men think about it, but women verbalize it." (But… do women want their men to become women? I’m sure they don’t… feminine problems mandate their acceptance to indignities when it comes to their health… men don’t, and haven’t… DUH!
Avatar f tn Those are from the warts that I didn't pop and let grow big and mature (I am now pro-popping when it’s feasible for that reason). I’m tired from holiday and family issues so this post isn't as organized or coherent as I imagined it would be but I will list everything in my regimen below, which I’m still continuing.
645800 tn?1466864555 I go get the xrays and sure enough I am backed up. Then I listened in on the Teleconfrence about bladder/blowel issues and I finally understood how this was happening. The doc mentioned that all the watery loose stools is what is getting around the edges of the constipation and that is what leads to bowel incontinence. My fear of loosing control of my bowels has been in my head for many years. Which I have a couple of times, but nothing I want to talk about.
Avatar m tn Calcium can go to places in your body that is not good for your health such as building up in your blood vessels and causing some types of kidney stones and can even leach calcium out of your bones. This vitamin makes sure that does not happen and that calcium goes into the bones and teeth where it belongs.
Avatar f tn If a bloke is single then whatever, but if he's with someone who clearly states they don't agree with porn and it DAMAGES their confidence and mental health, yes he should stop, or say he can't, and leave.
Avatar m tn Until you get a response from the expert, perhaps you could check out the Men's Health Forum. I've seen some posts (from other forums) re-routed there when talking about masturbation. I'm sure Dr Ted Grossbart will respond when he is able.
Avatar n tn Then more health issues started surfacing for no reason. So I ate better and worked out more, but was not getting better. After many blood tests, Hoshimotos was D'xed. Given T4 meds for ten years did almost nothing to relive the symptoms and was told it was something else but they did no know what.
Avatar m tn Go and see an expert in Men's Health. He/she should order a battery of blood tests and subject your BF to a RigiScan test. This is a medical device attached to the penis at night to measures erections. It is not painful at all, just a bit inconvenient. With the above tests performed, the Men's Health expert will conclude if your BF's ED has an organic basis. If not, then he/she will recommend a psychologist who can tease out the reason for your BF's attitude.
Avatar n tn If you're taking this pill just to loose weight, and not for a health reason, you should stop taking it, and see that if you keep eating healthy, and walking, you'll still loose! And BTW, taking this pill 10 mins before a meal to help with your appetite is crazy! All diet pills tell you to take it 30min.s before each meal.. b/c it takes 30 min.s to start working...10 min.s? that pill isn't doing anything for you when you're eating!
Avatar f tn It sounds like fordyce spots. You should post any issues you have that are not std related in the men's health forum.
Avatar n tn The tingling in fingers, the mood swings, the stomach issues, and yes the weight loss and FATIGUE. I am only on 50 mg, and will not take more. I am surprised that so many people want to use this drug as a weight loss product. This is not a weight loss product, it is a serious drug, with serious side effects that you have to live with for the rest of your life. If I did not have to take it, I would not.
Avatar n tn *Find a free STD clinic in your zip code and get both you and your partner tested. Call the health department and they can give you information. *Consider the fact that you may be allergic to latex condoms. Swith to animal skin or non-latex condoms. Keep in mind that animal skin condoms are more porous than latex and can transmit certain stds. In conclusion, sex is not a bad thing, it's enjoyable, makes us feel good and the close contact makes us feel 'human'.
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