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16921377 tn?1452400549 if you are having any kind of bleeding, it is still having periods. Menopause is simply when they stop coming.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if someone know about some type of medicine or supplements that can stop a period and force menopause. This seems to be my only option, since I have never been able to get help for gynocological problems. Maybe if I can get rid of the period, I can get rid of the misery. I'm pretty sure that my lack of health insurance has a lot to do with it, especially because of my age. Someone told me that they heard that it may be something out there to help me.
Avatar f tn The latest thing is tinnitus, I hear my heartbeat and a swooshing in my ears. Is that related to menopause? I did go to my doctor, she didn't feel that it was anything serious since I do not have any risk factors for heart/artery disease, don't have high blood pressure and am otherwise in very good health. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I have symptoms that follow menopausal patterns, and would be fine with menopause except not sure. My periods were fairly regular - every 24-32 days - and then suddenly stopped. Have to say, with the stress and an inability to stomach food, I probably lost 20-25 pounds, with probably 5 of those being in hair loss. I MISS MY HAIR!! I go for months upon months without my menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Oh wow I could write a book on strange symptoms since going through menopause. I am now in my mid 50s but stopped periods at age 47. I had heavy bleeding for a few years leading up to age 47 and then finally the periods stopped. When the periods stopped, about 2 to 3 years later I started having equillibrium problems with my balance feeling off, like I was leaning to one side and sometimes like someone was pressing the top of my head.
Avatar n tn The new Gyno I went to for removal was horrified that I had it, gave me a lecture on how bad it is to stop your periods like this and told me that here in Greece they have stopped using it since 2004. After an examination he told me there were no eggs in the ovaries, but that I would have a bleed because of the removal and then expect a period after a month. I went away, had my period a month later, another 1 after about 3 months and my last one in June.
Avatar n tn You are most likely going through peri-menopause. I had the same symptoms as you at that age. Two periods a month.. bled 5 days it would stop and I'd get another one for 5 or 6 days a few days later. I started skipping periods at 46 and by the time I reached 47 to 48 I had one more period and then no more. Take care of yourself, get another opinion from another gyn just in case you are not in peri-menopause.
Avatar n tn The longest I go without a period is 10-14 days. I never know when Im going to start or stop. I may stop for a day or two then suddenly start again for a few days. Today I began passing clots the size of golf balls. Im 26 so Im almost positive it isnt pre-menopause. Someone please help me.
Avatar n tn Hi, Let's try to touch base tomorrow night. I apologize in advance for my shortness on time. I just switched jobs in the same company, but my new office is now 30 min. away from the old one and I am still trying to close out my one job as I try to settle into my old job. But, I have some thoughts on this matter and your concerns.
Avatar f tn I start #1 on the fourth Friday of the month, bleed for 4-5 days heavily, stop suddenly for 2 days, and begin the same heavy painful period for another five days. So for nearly half a month I'm bleeding or having pms! I'm writing to find out if anyone else has ever suffered symptoms such as these, or if any health professional has ever come across this in an instance.
Avatar n tn Then Dr suggested DEPO, I read some, but just decided there is good and bad with everything. I can't take the pill and was hoping to stop my period all together while I sail into menopause. So, I did it. My Dr said you HAVE TO get the first injection between day 1 and 5 of your period. In all the reading I've done on this site, no one has mentioned that. Maybe this is why things aren't going well for some of you? Anyways, I got the shot on day 2 of my period.
Avatar f tn In your case this could be post pill amenorrhea that results from prolonged use of hormonal contraception. The periods stop because of suppression of pituitary gland in the brain by the contraceptives. Generally the periods return in 6 months time. The levels of prolactin are also high in breast feeding women and this can also suppress menstruation. If periods do not return then consult your gynaecologist. A complete hormone panel and ultrasonography will be necessary. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn But as soon as I have the occasional period, nite sweats stop and numbness subsides. Gee menopause symtoms, I think soo. Problems with joints I believe are also caused by menopause and I had a very popular orthopedic surgeon actually agree! It ***** getting old!
Avatar f tn Hi: I am hoping someone here can help me. I am 42 and have had irregular cycles for the last year. My doctor and ob both said last year that I was too young for perimenopause, which I didn't believe. My last cycle was Nov. 15th. I have missed to months now, but pregnancy tests are negative. I am worried about this, because at age 21, I had a ruptured tubal ectopic that resulted in emergency major (not lap) surgery, and removal of one tube.
1701654 tn?1307162023 And before you all say the 2 obvious things, I'm not pregnant, I took htps and all neg. and I'm too young for menopause. I am more than sure it has to do with hormones. So my question is does anyone know what it is or is anyone going through this? What would the best approach to resolve the cramps, I love not having my period, but I can't stand all the rest......
Avatar n tn I didnt know if I was beginning of change but have had some sweats off and on for years. Suddenly periods every 2 weeks and then nothing for 2 months. Dont normally have toilet problems but now constipation. Prune Juice however it is vile, holding nose helps, this did help to start. My doctor started to worry me as I have to go for tests. But listening to the above comments hopefully it will be the same. So thanks for the above comments, I now feel I am not alone!!
Avatar n tn But I was put on lupron shots and it stopped my periods all together but then i felt like I was going through menopause. When I went back for a followup, my dr took me off the shots...i went right back into have 3 or more peiods in a month. i am so tired all the time and this is not fair to my daughter when all i feel like doing after work is laying down.....I anyone has any information please let me kow. Thank You!
86075 tn?1238118691 problems can develop during menopause. Just as a perimenopausal woman can find herself suddenly crying for no apparent reason or provocation, so can she find herself reacting to given situations in an angrier manner than she normally does. This anger can sometimes feel like "rage." Again, this is hormone-induced, but for some women, the anger can become inappropriate and a woman can feel like she's out of control. 4. Mood swings, sudden tears.
Avatar f tn Without going into too much detail, a few months before my periods stopped for good, I had the worst and most painful periods of my life. I was so thankful when my periods stopped for good. What I experienced several months before they ended for good won't necessarily happen to you. What I think may be happening is that you are still perimenapausal , but that perhaps menopause is not too far away.
Avatar n tn im 13 years old and im ebarassed to dress in front of the girls in the lockers because i have hair in my stomach chest breast and on the side of my face i get made fun off and i really want to stop this problem of shaving with a razor and im embarassed to talk to my mom about me waxing it.
Avatar n tn And, could now Tamoxifen suddenly stop my periods and bring me to a premature menopause? I would be grateful for your views. Many thanks.
Avatar n tn My periods completely stopped suddenly about a year before I realized I was Hypothyroid. The doc seemed to think I was just one of the lucky ones who have early menopause without any symptoms or problems. From what I've read since being diagnosed, I think the Hashimoto's caused the periods to stop.
Avatar f tn and going through menopause. I have no periods. (Novasure took care of that.) But I do have the following: hot flashes once or twice during the day...but severe hot flashes at night...several times....about once a month I have a period of time where they are the worse...and combined with moments of forgetting my pin number of my ATM card, not being able to quickly calculate things...forgetfulness...just for a few minutes.... exhaustion.... bloating at times.. I drink a lot of water.
Avatar f tn Wondering if it is possible after all that I have not gone through menopause or if the progesterone has just resumed my periods articificially. I don't have a follow up until December as she wanted me to try 6 months of the hormone. Do I need to be concerned or are these just natural things? Thank you for your help and insight!
Avatar n tn It would start with prolonged, heavier periods and then would eventually turn into short and shorter periods of time between when the bleeding would stop and start again. In all of their cases (thus far there are 7 included in this, 8 if you count a cousin who had it happen in her thirties) it was determined to be fibroids causing the bleeding. The most recent one was in 1998 and was able to manage the bleeding for a short while with depo-provera, but eventually that stopped working.
Avatar n tn im at the age of 54, my periods stopped 2 years back... but suddenly heavy bleeding started and doctor advised me for D&C and it was done on 8th Feb,10 ...and i had bleeding for 2 days which was very less... but today 12th feb, bleeding starts again...and also the pain in the lower abdomen and at the back... and im taking anti biotics after d&c as prescribed by doctors ... Im lil worried... plz tell me is it normal? HELP..!
Avatar f tn my journey began in 2010 when I started having very heavy periods this went on for over a year when I went to my family dr. he asked me if I was anemic I told him I didn't think so but was very tired. he checked my blood and found that I was. had to have other testing done to roll out other issues. after that I was sent to my ob-gyn which did a biopy which was ok then put me on depo shots for two years to get me to menopause. sorry I didn't mention my heavy bleeding was coming from fibroids.
Avatar n tn He said that sometimes, menopause sort of drags on, and doesn't stop as suddenly as it does for other women. I've never taken any HRT drugs, or Tamaxafen (sp?)...I have three children, but I am overweight, and do have some blood sugar issues that I'm trying to work out. I was wondering if a 9mm lining is very worrisome, or is it mostly attributed to more benign causes? I hate waiting for the results!! Thanks so much!