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1260255 tn?1288658164 I've read people mentioning memory problems, but have not seen one type of memory problem discussed. Do any of you have problems where your memory does not store information? There are numerous occasions when I have absolutely no recall of conversations. This happened several weeks ago when my son called me at work. He told me that the grill was corroded at the bottom. I have no recall of this whatsoever, but his girlfriend was sitting next to him and vouches for him.
Avatar n tn I'll had mixed emotions when it comes to Lexapro and memory. I had memory problems before taking Lexapro. They were depression and anxiety related. After taking Lexapro, these memory problems improved. I used to always forget things. I think it was because I never paid attention. I never tried to remember things due to my depressed mood. I will still forget things now but not nearly as bad as before. My mind used to go blank when I was under stress. Lexapro has reduced my stress.
Avatar n tn I've noticed my memory getting worse over time. When I was in high school I could remember everything. Every appointment, assignment, birthday, phone numbers of friends and relatives, birthdays, past events etc. Slowly over time I seem to be losing this. It seems to be something with my short term memory. I don't remember things I say or conversations I have. I can forget things as soon as they happen. I have trouble remembering birthdays and phone numbers.
Avatar n tn all my life i have been very intelligent with absolutely no problems with memory what so ever. I am 42 now however when i was 38 i started noticing a problem with recalling past events that my family would talk about, difficulty with concentration, feeling confused, and having short term memory difficulties as well.
Avatar n tn (I think they only experimented with Antibiotics when I caught it which cured it just in time). A few examples of my problems: *Lack of concerntraition *Forget what I was talking about Mid sentance (Very Regularly) *Loss of Keys/items - (Usualy SEVERAL times Daily) - If someone moves an item I put down, I can not find it for sometimes hours. (Am loosing all sorts of stuff and sometimes I never find them for weeks).
Avatar n tn Other SSRI's have not been so noticeable in their effects. My memory has worsened over this time to the point that I have difficulty recalling what I said in a telephone conversation at work or whether or not I sent a friend a letter. I am recently prescribed Effexor XR 300 mg b.i.d, tegretol 400 mg at bedtime, risperdal .25 mg bid, xanax .25 mg t.i.d, dalmane 30 mg at bedtime, and sonata 10 mg at bedtime.
Avatar f tn I don't want to believe that it is dissociative identity disorder, I also have a tiny tumor on my petuatry gland, could this be from some neurological thing. My memory loss is the first 18yrs of my life, although I have a pretty good memory of things that happened outside of the house, but as I have said my memories of siblings living at home are none, pls. help as I have tried mental health for the past 15yrs and it doesn't help.
Avatar m tn I still have that feeling on the same spot now about 10 cm below the adams apple. After that I've been having severe frontal lobe memory problems/language problems brain fog/loss can't remember what i did yesterday, almost no short term memory, long term memory anymore ye in short complete black out of mind daily altough i dont feel im gonna go unconscious.
Avatar m tn adjust your dosage and most important, as your tolerance increases the memory problems will correct themselves as well. Hang in there with this. Work close with your dr. and in other areas if the need may be and you feel you could benefit. I know how this stuff can work its way into your thinking and try to convince us we are in some form of danger every second of every day.. Even when we are doing what the professionals treating us are telling us to do.
Avatar m tn -neurologist suggested metabolic disease due to hepatitis b infection (fibrosis is around 5 percent mostly measured), disputed by all hepatitis liver doctors -shrink said she couldnt diagnose it -neuro-psychologist said it looks similar to depression and anhedonia, some memory results were superb, some below average -MRI of the head shown nothing unusual -EEG shown very dominant theta waves with very very rare sporadic lower alpha waves -thyroid ok, neck blood flow also ok -one doctor diagnosed
352007 tn?1372861481 Hi, Lisa- I just recently started having increased memory problems. I had already been having trouble recalling things from the past, like when my daughter says, "remember when I was 10 years old and....insert something.". I was having trouble remembering those kinds of things. Then I noticed that I was becoming kinda forgetful. I would forget to pay a bill, my mom would give me some money for safekeeping and I would forget that she gave it to me and where I put it.
Avatar f tn I can look at pictures and even have someone tell me stories in full details but I still have problems recalling even the slightest detail as if I wasn't even there. Childhood memories aren't the only memories that are somehow gone but also more recent memories like the birth of my children and my wedding day. I only remember what I see in pictures but nothing before or after.
Avatar n tn I have had these for years. Sometimes worse than others. I am no experiencing some memory loss and problems with word recall. I will start a sentence and know the word I want to say but have trouble recalling it. I am also having issues with focusing and memory.
Avatar n tn Memory: I’ve never had a fantastic memory but the past 4 years my memory has gotten so bad that my husband teases me that he thinks I have Alzheimer’s. It’s gotten to the point where I will tell him a story and 5 mins later I’ll start to retell the same story not remembering I just told it. I’ll also forget whole events and won’t have any recollection even when my husband tries to jog my memory. I also have a lot of trouble recalling words.
163240 tn?1337907961 dont know what is wrong last few days i am having major memory problems. I forgot my sons name and had trouble recalling names of objects even while looking at them. Very frustrating.
Avatar m tn But I know just how severe these memory/confusion problems truly are and how they are limiting my potential substantially and further more I know that coupled with the depression I still experience off and on I will not be able to pursue a desirable career regardless of what my GPA might suggest. I am quite sure that the constant stress/anxiety I feel are responsible for these cognitive problems.
Avatar f tn I have a ton of cognitive issues that I never had until about 3 years about (difficulty concentrating, trouble recalling words, making a ton of typos when writing, awful memory, etc.). I have symptoms that seem like they might be seizure related like biting down repeatedly in my sleep and randomly smelling something burning. My hearing is awful. I get really dizzy and feel off-balanced a lot. The list goes on.
Avatar n tn I also have spasms throughout my arms and legs, most noticeable when I'm sitting or lying still. Noticeable aspects of my slowed thought/memory problems is the inability to place familiar names with faces, and difficult recalling specific words. It's sort of this tip of the tongue feeling.
Avatar f tn She is in college, and she is now having memory issues when it comes to recalling information she has studied for a test. This was never an issue before. She studies hard and long for these tests, but is unable to recall the information at the time of the test, and her grades are suffering as a result. She also has difficulty remembering things like appointments unless she writes them down, and she says she has difficulty recalling specific words at times when she is speaking.
Avatar n tn For example, someone says something to me and just a few hours later I have trouble recalling what they said. I' have always had a great memory until recently. Sometimes I also feel like I have difficulty thinking of the right word to say. The only other things I noticed is occasionally (maybe once every three months), I'll have a tingling sensation in a few of my fingers.
Avatar f tn im 42 and have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis,recently i have had numerous ear infections,for which im under ent specialist she ahs done mri of inner ear and brain,i have dizziness and bouts of that along with vomitting which can last up to 24 hrs,spacial awareness is not very good ,i also have memory problems,recalling words that are simple but i just cant get them i have a tingling feeling in my head and feeling fuzzy headed,my gran died of MS nad im terrified ive got it ,can i stil
Avatar f tn i don't have headache,there is not a blood bleeding in my scalp or any other problem. but can it result in loss of memory or any other concentration problem?.... i can feel onething clear, i feel a liitle dizzy while getting early for school in morning. but alertness had reduced . i don't feel any pain when i touch that area.i feel difficult to academic performance has reduced.can it be an internal injury? it might be a scalp injury.i do have troubles in recalling..
Avatar n tn widespread myalgia and arthralgia, headaches, chronic mental and physical exhaustion, cognitive difficulties, concentration difficulty and memory problems. Vit B12 deficiency, anemia or thyroid problems should be looked at. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn For some time I also have found that I have had balance problems. When walking, even in bare feet, I sometimes do not seem able to walk without stumbling. Sometimes I probably seem to be drunk, but the full extent of my drinking is a glass of wine occasionally (on average 8-10 glasses per YEAR). I also seem to be having problems with feeling foggy or with recalling simple things quickly.
Avatar m tn Suddenly over the course of 2 weeks by now i have this feeling of my memory just disappearing. I have no trouble recalling the more important events of the past week and certainly no trouble recalling events from years gone by. But for some reason I feel like my short term memory is just bad. For example I can easily remember that i saw an old lady 2 days ago that had 4 packs of medicine with her. Or how many people were waiting at the doctors office and so on.
Avatar n tn brain fog, pure memory, lack of concentration, mild headache in the top-rear part of my head. I also feel fatigued and unmotivated quite often. I am thinking quite slow, finding the proper idea, word or whatever but quite later than I needed it.I have difficulties finding words, or recalling things that I am sure I knew some days ago and I am sure that this is beyound the normal. I am sure because I compare to others (friends, coleagues, etc.
Avatar n tn I had a very traumatic upbringing and blamed that on my loss of memory from my school days, college days etc, I try to recollect what I have learnt in the past and not a lot comes back, I did not do very well at school but I improved over the years at college, My daughter is now 11 and preparing for her exams at primary school in preparation for senior school, she has real problems retaining information and comprehending what has been said to her, she is not Special needs, she has been told that
Avatar f tn Hi, my mother is 73 and has been healthy except for some minor back issues and eye degeneration. In the last 5 months, her memory had gradually become worse, repeating questions, not recalling previous conversations, confusion, etc. She wakes everyday crying and panicked. It started gradually and used to get better in the afternoon but now it is all day crying. She now has a shuffle not a walk and is stooped over. Her mouth seems to twist up.
Avatar n tn I guess I was mostly searching for an answer to my short term memory loss. Is it possible that this kind of sleep disorder would cause the memory issues ? The other symptoms fit according to my doc with exception to the ringing in my ears. Or is it more likely to be something of a neuro disorder to be followed up on? I have had extensive labs done all of which have come back normal. I had a thyroidectomy a couple of years ago and my labs are always in check.