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Avatar f tn I have a medtronic pacemaker,battery change next year,but can low blood pressure be due to low battery, also had stent put in august, 90% lad clogged. I have the pacer that's not defublator, pressure drops to low kicks in. I have been feeling dizzy tired no appetite, nauseated, but have to eat because of meds have to take. I am having pain in my chest and kind of short of breath.
Avatar f tn I have had numerous surgeries including the Fontan in 1987 with a revision of the Fontan in 2006, where at that time I also had a Medtronic Enrhythym Pacemaker install. 3 weeks ago I had a Pacemaker replacement due to the fact my battery on my Pacemaker was running low. The new Pacemaker installed is a Medtronic Adapta. Since the new pacemaker my Heart beat has been all over the place. My 1st Enrhythym was paced at 80 bpm, and it pretty much stayed like that for 5.
Avatar n tn it's so small most people would never even know I have it. When they checked 2 mths ago, my battery life was almost 8 years, which is another thing to take into consideration if you're given a choice.
Avatar n tn Lots of pacer checks, calling in from home, being hyperaware of magnetic fields and battery life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my pacemaker. I haven't had it a year yet and it has saved my life many times already. By the way, there are other drugs besides beta-blockers to slow down a heart. Have you been on diltiazem (calcium channel blockers)? Good luck with it. I know it can be endlessly trying.
Avatar m tn I am on my third Medtronic pacemaker, recently upgraded to a biventricular pacemaker with defibrillator. I too have had AFib for which I had an ablation, twice. The second ablation took. I am paced 24-hours now (though not pacemaker dependant...yet) and I am pretty happy with the device itself, though I still have severe rhythm problems.
Avatar n tn A controversial decision for most people, but my quality of life was gone, I had lost my job and the stress was almost unbearable. Today, 10 months later, I have my life back, the pacemaker and meds are doing a great job in curtailing my arrythmia most of the time and I am able to live the life of an active 49 year old again. I've made some lifestyle changes...
Avatar f tn Now Im not sure what to. They say I have a year of battery life left on my medtronic pacer. Cant they use TPA or some other clotbuster and cant the leads be changed too? They tell me no. Please help.
Avatar n tn The lead/s recall (medtronic)? The lead fracture or dislodge? Pacemaker battery died? Need an upgraded pacemaker? Pacemaker recall? What kind and what brand of your pacemaker? Do you have the serial number? You can directly contact the producer and find out why? Mine is St Jude and implanted in 2002. Still got 3 years to go. Once stage they said all the professional needed to download a programme because it reading the battery life in error.
910328 tn?1253116548 A specialist that completed the surgury is suggesting that we drop the rithym from 80 p/m to 60 p/m to try to enhance battery life. He is also suggesting that we turn off one of the leads, also for battery life enhancement. I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002. So far my Echo cardiograms have shown no decline or increase since the original diagnosis. Because I have maintained the same level for this number of years, I am apprehensive about making the changes he has suggested.
Avatar n tn I have a Medtronic device currently. I am also requesting a longer-life battery pacemaker, is that a good choice? I was told the longer batteries can last up to 10 years. My last two pacemakers have lasted 6 and 7 years, respectively. Also, what is the chance of infection for third-time placements? Is it greatly increased? I am in great health other than my heart, am 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 112-115 lbs. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn His only half comfortable position is on his side on the couch. I recently learned of a thing Medtronic puts out called a pacemaker for pain. Of course he is scared but I think if maybe this would relieve his pain even a little. He would like to know where we could find out the success rate of this and who is the best at putting them in. Also how long do they last and would you body become immuned to it. Any information would be a great help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn The Reveal is stitched inside the pocket that the cardio makes and you are left with a small scar. The battery life is about 14 months. A tech goes through how to use the device before you leave hospital. Usually you don't have to stay in overnight. You have an 'activator' - a small device you hold over the Reveal and press a button when you get symptoms. This was how I used my Reveal, they have advanced a bit since then and the device also 'auto-detects' i.e.
Avatar n tn If the device never fires, it is reasonable to not replace it when the current device's battery dies? Have the Medtronic leads fractured that are there for pacing function, or just defribrillating?
Avatar f tn So I went and got my pacemaker tuned was a BIG deal......took almost 2 hours.....5 people in the room, all playing in my heart. They narrowed my PR interval, which had been in a 1st degree block pattern all along, and I still had a LBBB, so they narrowed the QRS.......I left feeling great, but this past week I have noticed many more runs of V doing cardio my heart rate will go up past 200. then down to 168, then hang around 184............
Avatar f tn The cardiologist said she believed me and was dedicated in finding out what I had. We tried 48 hour holter monitors and finally she implanted a medtronic cardiac monitor under the skin. They basically found out I had AVNRT. My heart rate was 220 beats and appeared self limiting. It lasted only 30 seconds. Lately my episodes are coming more frequently, so she asked me what I'd like to do. We decided on a referal to the elctrophysiologist.
Avatar m tn A ICD runs about $250,000, plus follow up visits for the rest of your life, and battery changes every so often. If you truly need one, then go for it, but don't just get it, make SURE you need it. Also, once you have one, it's darn near impossible to get health insurance, so don't give up the insurance you have if you can possibly avoid it. With an ICD you will live the rest of your life knowing that someday you might get the charge of your life.
1917408 tn?1421955640 They acknowledged that her lead was bad, and that SOMETHING was running the battery down, on her pacemaker, but denied that she could feel an electrical shock that would then set off something that apparently feels just like the MS Hug. (If she has this sensation w/o the pacemaker that is really going to open up a whole new line of concern!) I don't see why a short in that lead wire couldn't produce that same sort of sensation.
Avatar n tn 1) How long will the battery last? Will regular physical exercise shorten the battery life, prompting a ICD replacement earlier than the anticipated 4-7 years? I do cardio rehab 3-5 times a week and can take daily long walks with the dog. 2) I have been reading about the Sprint Fidelis leads recall and the high risk (death) during extraction for replacement of the cables. Before the implant prodecure I asked the nurse practioner to identify which device I was getting.
Avatar n tn But with the newer machines on the market - I've heard the feature is on the market - so when my ICD battery wears down - I'm sure to have a very 'exciting' life.. and breath at the same time !!! Can you imagine - laughter and breathing all at the same time - now that's 'exciting'.. I could sit back and complain about the things I don't have in life or - I can take what I do have and be HAPPY, and LIVE LIFE and LOVE IT !!! I think I'm a hell of alot happier than most.
1679243 tn?1307678538 I use the quick convert quite often due to high VT runs and have about 8 years left on my battery but I'm not pacemaker dependent. I did go through quite alot of "tweaks" getting my settings right but it was because I kept fainting with my hr's so they would up my rates.
Avatar n tn com/topics/overview/Medtronic-Pacemaker-Sigma-or-Kappa There are many many more, its unbelievable. If they go through vigorous testing, I fail to see how so many flaws are ending up inside patients.
Avatar f tn I have had a lead extraction (mandated by an infection contracted when the device was changed out due to battery life) and a new lead inserted on the right side. The lead extraction is indeed a big deal. While they likely will not to do open heart surgery to remove it, they will be prepared to do so in case anything should go wrong in the normal extraction process.
Avatar f tn there are a number of reasons that traditional techniques for diagnosing arrhythmias are not an option for me. the palpitations happen very often and are very much affecting my life so i am really ready to do anything if it can help me get back on track. i am just interested in hearing some stories from others who have had it done. PLEASE!
Avatar m tn As I told my wife today it feels like jumping off a boat with a life jack on. The life jacket will save your life......but the sharks will kill you! I feel some what the same way.....the ICD will save my life.....However will the leads will KILL ME? What you said regarding the leads make sense. I just need to trust.