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Avatar n tn Are there any over the counter medicines that i could get to even out how much fungi i have in my body and stop from always having chaffing and fungi infections? Could i give this someone if i have sex with them?
Avatar m tn hello there ,i have a problem with prostat , senile prostatic hyperplasia i`m 45 years old , i have partner girlfriend who has some maioma in her womb , she is 45 years old too , we had break out our sexual relation for some 45 days , then i asked her to make analysis , and she made analysis they found 4 kind of bacteria on her (1- CANDIDA 2- ESHERICHIA 3-ENTEROCOCCUS 4-UREAPLASMA) and i have made analysis too ,and i have nothing of these bacterias .
Avatar f tn i take zoloft for PTSD and schizophrenia
Avatar f tn Any one using or ever used this: VENAFLAXINE 75mg in morning with 10mg urbanol 3 times a day. Before I go to bed i drink zopiclone and trepiline. Wont this much pills affect me? I am just comming off Sertraline whitch made me very sick. Worst side symptoms ever!
Avatar f tn Has anyone here heard about studies saying that fungi (Candidas) was the cause of chronic sinusitis? I've come to my wick's end and I just cannot take this anymore. I have taken almost everything under the sun to help with this but it keeps getting worse. Antibiotics, nasal sprays, decongestion pills, allergy and sinus pills. I don't want to become dependent on this stuff! I've read only two reports on it and I want to believe them so much but there are so many crooks out there.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy about 2 months ago and since I have had a bad rash/fungi on my buttocks. I went back to the Dr who did the colonoscopy and he suggested Tinactin be applied for day time and Balmx for nighttime. I am still having bouts of it. What do you suggest?
Avatar m tn On 5/15/11 I had a high exposure, I was the insertive partner with a transgendered woman in which two condoms failed though I did not ejaculate. I was administered Combivir nPEP at the 65 hr, I was really trying to start the treatment as soon as possible but I could not find a health provider that would cooperate. Because of symptoms that Ive experienced I think I will test positive. But this is where it gets worse I am terrified that I might have put my mother in danger.
Avatar n tn Hi, so I'm in my teen years and I have these facial blotches mostly across my cheeks. The spots are light and show random patterns. I've been to the dermatologist and the only thing she did was suggest sunscreen. Then my mother, acting like she really knows what's going on, has forced me to put on this cream, biocortone that has 0.05% clobetasol, a corticosteroid used against autoimmune diseases.
Avatar m tn I did frottage with my new boyfriend without a condom and I had rectal bleeding because we used a dildo, am I at risk for hiv? He did not ejaculate but im afraid that his pre cum got on an open wound around my anal region when we did frottage which lasted only 30 secs.
Avatar m tn So in May 3 months ago i had vaginal sex with a prositute and condom broke. A month after that i had pain and discomfort in the bladder and after a few days constant urination that Would never end and a big discomfort in bladder. After 5 weeks i went to a urologist and did all the Std tests. They came back negative. I still had discomfort in bladder and constant urination, also i started feeling a burning sensation on my penis and below scrotum.
Avatar m tn Hi I went to a quack(later found out even his degree was fake) for a foreskin retraction problem. He put a pump on my penis and started pumping for about 10 seconds. Apparently, I couldn't get erect in front of him. So he said I had ED and prescribed some medicines. I left the place. After I got home, I realised my penis was covered with a sticky fluid....Assuming someone HIV+ had ejaculated into it earlier, am I at risk? Please help me...
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. During this year hot summer 2012, my male genital is developing a smell like a dead fish smell which is I never had this smell until now I'm 62 years old. I have done sex only with my fiancee 2 months a year for 4 years now. My genital is feel sticky outside even after shower. No sign of STD due to she just done health blood tests for Visa, no sign of pain to go urine and no leak in penis. Do you think I have fungi? If so, what do you suggest me to use?
Avatar m tn I need to know if travelling with tenofovir tablets is allowed if I carry a valid prescription. Did anyone face any such issue during travels with respect to any TDF or any other NUC medicines/ peg interferon? Pls help!!!
Avatar m tn Could it be possible to contract HIV if I had touched blood that was on the bike and it made contact with these cuts? It has been about 9 days since then and I have developed an itchy patch of skin on the collar bone on both sides of my body, could this be the HIV rash? I look forward to your response.
Avatar f tn I just got diagnosed with GM last week after 7 months of treat of antibiotics and 3 biopsies in total. All this while the doc wasn't able to diagnose what it was and thought it was fungal or bacterial and sent my to infectious disease doctor. However, I have had not treatment on the GM so far. But my pain is less and have some drainage from the biopsy site and from the wounds. The doc thinks I don't need to see her as it might be healing itself. And if it pains I should go back to her.
Avatar m tn It is best to avoid using any perfumed soaps, bubble baths and toiletries, change underwear daily, wash underwear in hot water (to destroy fungi) and double rinse (to remove any irritating detergent) and take adequate nutrition and sleep. It would be advisable to have it evaluated by a specialist for proper evaluation and management. A complete physical examination is needed to reach a clinical evaluation. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn finally i consulted a doctor and he said it was Balinitis. he gave me ointment and 6 different medicines for 20 days. still the infection is not gone. then again he chenged the medicine and ointment and advised me another 7 days course of the 3 new tablets. why it is not being cured even after so many days of medication ?
Avatar m tn As an anti fungal I use a dilution of vinegar and water to increase the acidity of my skin this helps to prevent fungi growth. Fungi prefer an alkali medium 2.2 - 6.
1522309 tn?1291983200 Thanks for your question, but it is not a very good idea to get opinions on medication via health forums, etc. The best decisions can be made with your doctor who has your medical history, concomitant health issues if any, tests, symptoms, etc. Take care.
1828249 tn?1320012338 And I drank lots of warm water with honey and lemon in it. Surprisingly it all helps really quick. Also, gargle with salt water or even a mouthwash to keep the bacteria from growing in your throat. It'll help a ton!
Avatar n tn Hi... can anyone tell me what they use for medicines... I don't react well to the typical meds they prescribe for Chiari... My main pains are headaches,neck pain, hand pain. I've heard of people using excederin migraine.. I have been taking advil for several months and would like to stop taking it... if I could find a replacement. What anti depressants has anyone had success with? Also. how is everyone dealing with the medical bills?
Avatar n tn I still have problems with feelings in my fingers and general uncoordination of my right arm. I read about a medicide not approved by the FDA but it looks promising. Because it's not FDA approved, its not cavered by insurance and very expensive. Has anybody heard of it and has some experience or knowledge of how it works. The product is called 'Neuroaid'. Any information on whether it works or not is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn my mom has these spots on both of her hands, they look brownish-yellowish sort of blisters, if she makes a hard movement with her hands they will open up like cuts and she says they are painful.She has go around wearing band-aid on her fingers. People say it's probably dry cracked skin but it keeps on extending to her palms. She bought a vitamin A cream that supposedly helps on dry skin, but until now it's not working. What do you think is going on with her fingers?.
Avatar n tn So I made a mistake and went for a massage in Thailand. While there I received a handjob from the masseuse. She was completely undressed and put ourselves in a position to where I was on top of her but not inserted. She was simply giving me a handjob. I felt something very wet and slippery and assumed it was her vaginal fluids. It felt different than the oil. If these fluid got in/near my uretha, am I at risk? Also, I suffer from psoriasis on the penis, could this be a risk as well? Thank you.