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467579 tn?1289402969 Thank you for your answer about research and President Obama. I agree everyone should quit smoking including him! As for myself I successfully quit going on 3 years ago. That doesn't change the condition my lungs are in now. That's the type of research I was talking about. Even a better oxygen delivery system would be great. I only have to use it at night but it's awkward and uncomfortable.
1752977 tn?1418221796 I took Zyban to quit smoking many years ago, and I took it for a couple weeks before I knew I was pregnant. The pregnancy was enough to keep me from starting again, and since I wasn't taking it for it's use as an antidepressant my Dr. wanted me to stop taking it. Certain antidepressants have been linked to birth defects, and that's what Zyban is. It is the antidepressant Wellbutrin marketed as a stop smoking aid under a different name. Congrats on quitting and good luck!
Avatar f tn I started smoking when I was about 10, quit when I was 50. Got a carton for my 13th birthday. One of the 50 times I quit smoking I was sitting there wearing a patch on each arm, chewing a piece of Nicorette, puffing on a Marlboro all at the same time. It's rough!! It finally took. What bothered me the most at first was people smoking, but I made an oath that I would never be a reformed smoker that looks down their nose at smokers. One of the times I failed we went to the Casino.
Avatar n tn my sister quit while pregnant by imaging her baby smoking. I dont know how helpful that will be for you, I would say ask your doctor, they will usually have info on how to quit or get help quitting.
Avatar f tn You should try eating sunflower seeds. When you crave to smoke pop some seeds in.
1262435 tn?1270311859 You wrote: "I have been told and so many others with heart problems to stop smoking. I am about to do so, with deep belief that smokig is a major source for many many heart and other deseases". Congratulations. If you can quit smoking, you will probably feel better quickly. Certainly you will smell better, and have more money in your pocket, and as KenKeith indicates, you will have a better chance of surviving a heart problem.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking 5 days ago and I am feeling like my breathing is somewhat shallow. Also, my lungs feel like they are being squeezed, I dont really know any other way to describe it. Also, in my upper back area, pretty much opposite my lungs, hurts as well. Is all of these symptoms normal for quitting smoking? I havent started the horrible coughing stage yet but my lungs do feel like stuff is loosening in them. Sort of like bronchitis. Does anyone know when that will start as well?
Avatar f tn Im not going back to smoking, i guess this is my punishment for waiting so long to quit. I swear i dont get more than a few good days inbetween all my problems this whole pregnancy. And the hormones just make me wana cry... Ugh!
Avatar f tn I quit smoking ASA I fell pregnant too I'm 30 weeks now and still every now and then when I've done everything and before I sit down to relax I really feel like one...
1016145 tn?1253498064 Congratulations, quitting smoking was the very best thing you could do for yourself. I'd suggest keep the Chantiks, and from time to time get it out and look at it, remember how much you paid for it as a reinforcement, what a horrible choice we made when we smoked, and how desperate you were to quit. I also smoked, I understand. Well done!
Avatar f tn I quit smoking the day after i found out too. I was a smoker for 5 years until september when i found out i having a baby. To me its all in the mind, and you have to be strong and know that you dont need it , its bad for you and your baby. My husband helped me get thru it , my baby my family is too important to me than a cigarette. Just remind yourself that your strong , you dont need it, its all in the mind. Whats in the heart is what matters.
Avatar f tn t know if your local wic office does it but ours will supply you with a year of diapers for free if you quit smoking while pregnant something you could look into
Avatar f tn I just kept telling myself I was growing this baby and had to do everything I could to give it the best start in life so to carry on smoking would be very selfish.It worked for me and am still smoke free but we are all different!
Avatar f tn 10 a day is kind of allot, either way it's good you cut down if you were smoking more!! Ugh i quit during my 5th month I'm not proud if how long it took me to quit, I'm pretty sure only way to do it us to quit cold turkey...
Avatar f tn m driving to and from work. We can make it though ladies!
Avatar n tn I smoked for 2 years. I know not a long time but this is how I quit. Ok I started just smoking half then I'd go down to a half of a half. I also chewed gum everytime id get an urge. And I wouldn't smoke that first one in the mornings. Id wait as long as I could then smoke. You could try eating sunflower seeds too. Hope that helps. Good luck! Princess.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are suffering from chronic bronchitis that worsened with acute bronchitis 4 months ago. It is highly likely that both are related to heavy smoking. And, yes, hard coughing can sometimes be a cause of blood in the sputum, but should it ever happen again you should definitely have your lungs checked-out. It is very likely that your symptoms will persist as long as you continue to smoke.
Avatar m tn Hi Nirban I smoked when I was younger too. Here in the USA, we have a patch. That helps. Dr can prescribe zyban & that's supposed to help too. When I quit, I did not use that stuff though. This is what I did. I bought some straws. Then I cut them to the length of a cigarette. I took them with me, so when I felt like smoking I'd hold a straw like a cigarette. I'd even puff or draw a breath on the straw. Helped to relax me. I'd have something to do with my hand too.
1464308 tn?1286146711 Congratulations, Dave! Sounds like you've quit more than one bad habit with the smoking quit. That's excellent and keep up the good work!
Avatar m tn I am ready to quit smoking and I have been told that getting hypnotised is an exellent way to quit. What experiences have others had with this method?
Avatar m tn then she started smoking again in 2001, needless to say after not wanting any, being around her for a couple yrs smoking it reawoke my smoking disease. So, smoked on and off in 2003, quit for 2004. Then she died in 2005 not from smoking at 41. So I felt justified to bury my grief in cigs. since then i have struggled on and off. even stopped for 2.5 months after surgeries and started again each time. Now back to one or 5 a day or none for a few days, but it keeps coming back.
Avatar m tn yes im trying to quit and start working out more. im not taking any medicines or anything for the wheezing and mucus and all and im not really sure what all i should do.
Avatar f tn Both of those diagnoses sound pretty peculiar to me, but I'm not a doctor. Sinusitis isn't actually a disease, it just means your sinus is inflamed, but doesn't tell you why, but it's hard to see what that has to do with the throat and tongue. Neither would reflux affect that area, but even if it did reach the throat area it certainly has nothing to do with the tongue and reflux comes from the digestive tract, not cigarettes.
326505 tn?1304169225 I feel that since the majority of people who have given up smoking have done so on their own without any professional intervention, these approaches are often viable alternatives for smokers who wish to quit or for you as ex-smokers to use to help significant others stop smoking. Most recently, a clinic participant told us of a friend who wanted to convince her husband to give up smoking. She considered his chemical dependency not only to be deadly but also wasteful and expensive.