Medicine to induce labor

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Avatar n tn I'm so impatient to see my little one I really hope I go into labor real soon.
Avatar n tn Different for everybody I got induce today I stayed in labor 9 hours but that because my body takes a while to dilate I didnt get the epidural cus my pains never got dat bad but I did get sum medicine in my iv which I never gotten dis my 3 baby but it was a lil bit harder then last 2 labors
Avatar f tn The pitocin was horrible and I had back labor. I would not recommend it unless you have to for medical reasons. It's much easier to labor without the medicine making contractions stronger. My Dr also said that they try not to induce with the first so they know that you will dilate.
Avatar f tn Omg yes my son in school now so i have to wake up early take him to school den try to go back to sleep til he get out n i cant so im up all day til he ready to go to sleep
Avatar f tn Sex is a really good way to induce labor. Sperm/Semen has prostaglandins which will help to ripen your cervix. An orgasm will release oxytocin, the body's natural form of pitocin (medicine used to induce labor), which can help you have contractions. Walking also helps, but I have known may women who were able to jumpstart labor with intercourse. Good Luck!
7473580 tn?1398232210 Sex Sex Sex and lots of it. Walking, Stair Climbing. Get ur water to break, and your golden. Have you tried the tub or birthing ball, to help with pain?
Avatar f tn anyone tried cinnamon tea to induce labor? 39 weeks & I'm going crazy, I want to meet my little munchkin!!!!
Avatar f tn Found this online about natural ways to induce labor... Interesting to see how things work! I'm personally just going to wait and see! My obstetrician said she will induce me a wk past my due date so the end is in sight!
Avatar n tn I don't want the doctor or nurses to give me medicine to induce because I'm totally against medicine and like to do things naturally no matter how the pain is. Can you gals give me some tips to induce naturally? And how to get rid of stretch marks after the baby is born?
615281 tn?1344364609 Went to Re and was given Misoprostol to take vaginally. I took it this morning at 6am and still nothing. I am to repeat the dose in 24 hours if nothing happens. I don't feeling anything. I am trying to avoid having to havs a D&C. After my last MC I had a D&C and that's when my lining became an issue. I just need this to work.
Avatar f tn Do you trust that for centuries women have trust their bodies to know when to start labor and it has worked. We have the advantage of modern medicine to help us(if you want) once our bodies have decided our babies are ready. Estimate due dates are not an experation date, and range from 38w to 42w. The current recommendations state higher monitoring after 40w, but not to induce until 42w. What is your Doctor's practice policy in terms of how long they are willing to let you go with monitoring?
Avatar f tn iam 38 if by next week iam not having this baby my doc wants to induce me at 39 weeks but iam telling him iam not in a hurry, i just want it yo happend naturaly and when she is ready
Avatar f tn Once you hit 37 weeks, you can always try natural ways to induce your labor. Hopefully youll just go into labor on your own, but if not dont be afraid of getting induced.
Avatar f tn I been induced 2 times already and I actually prefer to be induced (2inductions and 1 regular labor) the epidural worked almost instantly. Don't worry you will be OK. And there is nothing wrong about asking for an epidural.
Avatar f tn Okay so today is Sunday the 11th and I'm here so I go to the front desk and tell them I'm here to be induce and they tells me That I'm not suppose to he induce intill Tuesday the 12 and start labor wensday the 13 and I was like wtf why did no one tell me or call and I'm here thinking Its my day and wtf it's not cool they keep telling me this and that and nothing is accurate well there was nothing I can do!
Avatar f tn there is no reason to induce unless there's a medical reason. induced labor is unnatural. I've been through natural and induced. not even on the same scale. just my opinion. but at the end of it all it's up to you and what you feel is best for you and your baby. best of luck to you and your baby.
790546 tn?1237053828 While yes babies can and do survive before 36 weeks quite frequently, you do not want to try to induce early labor unless your doctor has indicated a medical need to. You need to be at least 36 weeks before most doctors will allow you to continue delivery; in other words, most doctors will give you medicine to stop contractions even if you manage to start them this early.
Avatar f tn The first takes getting use to because of how the medicine brings on the labor but if u get meds than the level of comfort will b managable. Im 38weeks pregnant with our last and its a boy. I'm hoping to go into labor naturally this time since my body should remember the routine.
Avatar f tn Baby will come when your baby is ready, if your dr felt like you needed to start up labor the dr would induce you their self but if your dr didnt say do anything to start uo labor then dont do it. Your baby is still growing no matter how far you are. Just let your baby come when their ready. Dont be selfish. Be patient.
Avatar f tn The only thing is required form me is a lot of patience because if does take time for each stage and medicine to do its job. The first thing they will need to soften your cervix to get it open. And depending on how your body will react they have different stuff to do so. After that they will break your waters and get you ready for the drip.
Avatar f tn The medicine they give you to induce you makes your contractions stronger. Most women them opt to get an epidural because the pain is so intense. Most women cant respond to their body when they have an epidural because of the numbness and then probably have to have a c section. Doctor gets a nice check from your insurance because operations pay more than natural labor. Thats why doctors push it and most women are so uncomfortable and ready to meet there lil one they fall for the bait.
Avatar f tn I have strep b and am worried about goin into labor n not getting the meds in time so i want to make sure i get them in plenty of time....
8531034 tn?1419097581 I used it but didn't really do anything for me. Good luck also look up pressure points to help induce labor it'll show u where they r also nipple stimulation.
Avatar f tn So I was suppose to be induce 2days before my date. When I got to the hospital I had been having contractions for a week & a half and didn't know it. I had contractions every 10mins but I wouldn't dilate after a 6 hrs of trying to slow down my contractions they finally put a balloon type thing inside to help me dilate and about 5hrs it fell out and I was finally 5cm. After another 12 hrs and them giving me medicine or so I dilated to 9 and stayed there for awhile but had the urge to push.
Avatar n tn They started me on cervidil 2 days before 39w and my son arrived when I was 38+6. It was almost heartbreaking to hear they wanted to induce me. I wanted to experience my water breaking on it's own and my son pick his birthday. I knew it had to be done and, in the end, it was the best decisions. My son weighed 8 pounds and 15 ounces at birth. Could you imagine how big he would have been in another week?! I probably would have had to have a c-section.
Avatar f tn I cant risk having a bunch of kids here and going into labor. Lol. If you have legitament reasons to want to be induced, talk to your dr. Some will induce, some wont. Couldnt hurt to discuss it.
9807151 tn?1406765659 I'm 38+2 and I'm looking to naturaly induce labor.. I'm not high risk or anything I just have a really bad skin condition that's getting worse each day and they can't do anything about it until I have the baby because the medicine they'll give me will harm the baby... What can I do to naturaly induce my labor... Can I get a membrane sweep?