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21064 tn?1309308733 Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers who filled prescriptions at The Medicine Shoppe pharmacies located at 8035A Liberty Road and 5900 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore that they may have received drugs that were either expired or suspected counterfeit. The FDA is particularly concerned because a number of the drugs are for serious diseases and could have an adverse effect on treatment.
Avatar f tn Oh I have a vitamin shoppe right down the road, I might have to get some tomorrow..has anyone had it yet, is it nasty?
Avatar n tn I had horrible muscle spasms prior to starting thyroid medicine. That is one aspect of this disease that has fortunately has stopped.
Avatar f tn s craziness! Check out online domains like the vitamin shoppe, great produces and good prices. Or walmart/target it would be enter then nothing and inexpensive!
Avatar n tn L-Arginine is easy to find, but you may need to go to a health food store (like Vit Shoppe) for L-Citrulline. Also can prbly find it online for a decent price - it’s not cheap, but not out of range for most ppl, and worth a try...
8171031 tn?1399327634 I heard you can get it at the vitamin shoppe or health food stores. I havent got mine yet though.
163322 tn?1458676408 Coconut Oil. My brand of choice is Nutiva, which can be purchased online at Vitacost or The Vitamin Shoppe. (I think shipping is free from the Vitamin Shoppe) Compared to butter, coconut oil is more expensive, but it is better for you. 29 ounces will cost around $17. I use it on bread, crackers, popcorn, baking and some cooking. Try it---the taste is delicious!
7878456 tn?1395003341 s what I was taking b4 I got my prenatal vitamins. I went online and looked up vitamin amounts for pregnant women. I compared the amounts suggested online to what was in the one a day vitamins. I did find that some of the quantities were low so I eventually switched over 2 the prenatal vitamins. But yes still check with ur doc.
Avatar m tn Now it is not as bad as it used to be. I never used any medicine for this problem since to me it is not such a big problem. I want to cure, eliminate, or reduce my acne. I want to buy a cream that I can put on my face to help my acne problem. Can you suggest me a cream that i can buy possibly from wal-mart or any other stores which are easy to find....
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone knew of a fertility medicine that I can get online that'll help boost my chances of concieveing faster every month. I also had one tube taken out on 2011 due to am ectopic pregnancy and the other one is blocked is there anything else I can do besides going to the doctor? That I can get from online?
Avatar n tn I have started taking a new over the counter medicine called thyroid complex by Vitamin Shoppe. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 15 years ago and was on medication for about 3 years. I was told it was very borderline and was given levoxyl 0.05. I was told I didn't really need it so I stopped taking it. I have always struggled with my weight, I am currently obese, but I am fitter than I have ever been and have been trying to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I purchased mine from Vitamin Shoppe. It also comes in Capsule form. The best way to drink it is in high quantity. You will have the best results making it before hand and sweetening it with Honey. Whenever you start feeling contractions try to drink a pint of the Tea. The capsules can be taken 2 every 2 hours.
1459503 tn?1285697232 I purchased mine from the Vitamin Shoppe in my local area and you can also order it online. I still take my Prenatal (nature made brand) daily. The Maca can also be found in Horny goat weed or super goat weed. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I am very stressed out about not being able to afford this medicine. As an alternative, I am really considering ordering from canada online pharmacy. Has anyone ordered any kind of prescriptions thru the internet? Please shed some light. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Thankfully I haven't started vomiting but I came across pregie pops. They sell them at Walgreen's, vitamin shoppe, or online. If you can get the drops version better, they taste a lot better plus they work wonders for morning sickness and the queasiness. Good luck .
Avatar f tn You can only take benedryl, nothing else.
Avatar n tn are there any free kid medicine that are for their tonsils and can be sent to my door in a day or mabye two days?
Avatar n tn Red Raspberry Leaf tea is only sold at Health food stores. I always purchase mine from Vitamin Shoppe. Its definitely not the same as regular Raspberry flavored tea. Vitamin Shoppe is about $8.
Avatar f tn I picked mine up at the vitamin shoppe. It' s suppose to give you contractions. Its workig but my contractions arnt that strong.
Avatar m tn I thought this medicine would work. I came online and found out this is the wrong medicine. I called the doc and told him what I knew, his atitude was I'am the doctor and I guarantee this will work. He said take the medicine for 3-weeks and then get retested and you'll see. I'am really pissed at his atitude.
Avatar f tn I got mines from the Vitamin Shoppe, it wad only $9
Avatar f tn If there is a vitamin shoppe near you they are having a buy one get one free red raspberry leaf tea the month of July.