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Avatar m tn Test after 12 weeks is 100% conclusive for everybody regardless of what medicine he/she is taking because I am taking medicine for depression/anxiety from last 1 month.
Avatar m tn The doctor didnt do a swab or blood test and just gave a quick look and said yeah might be it and gave me antiviral medicine.
1150573 tn?1261964987 Hello everyone, I have a Q . My DH has a Sinus Infection, and a fever .. Would that be a bad idea to BD until his fever goes away .. Would that make the sperm contaminated... I should be O'ing here soon.. He is being very stuborn , and will not go to the Dr. yet.... Mary..
Avatar m tn If i took herpes medicine all last week how long should it take to clear up? Or how long does a breakout last when taking medication?
Avatar f tn i am 18 years old but since 5 months a white smelly discharge flow from my vagina regularly due to which i am feeling weakness, fever, inching around vagina, bad smell, for that i have taken homeopathic medicine sepia 200c and hydrosis Q but in vain. plz suggest me most appropriate treatment and medicin for this disease plz i wills be highly thankful to you.
432779 tn?1364494875 Do I need gas relief , fever reducer etc for emergency as soon as he comes home and what products should I get?( I do have a thermometer to check his temp).
Avatar f tn I'm a pinoy also 27 years of age may doctor k b n pwede nating mapagtanungan about hvb dna pcr in iu, fibroscan.. yung magaling h kc i've been looking for a year pero wala parin ako mahanap n my alam sa step by step ways para ma reach ang zero conversion at maging really ok tau..
Avatar m tn hi,,,tanong ko po if ano alternative medicine for hepa B, ngpatest po kasi aq pero ang mamahal ng med.(inj.) sana po matulungan niyo ko.
535822 tn?1443976780 I took ibuprofen and the fever broke that night. I went to the beach the next day and seemed ok, but the fever again spiked that night back to 102.8. It did this over the weekend so I went back to urgent care on Monday. That doctor said the same thing about my urine and put me back on cipro for 5 days. I had the CT scan and it showed the normal stones on both sides, but no blockages. Of course I never had a fever when going to the doctor because of the ibuprofen.
6753624 tn?1389386267 Pure lemon juice for congestion. Steam. Honey for cough. Lots of green tea and oj. Medicine just puts you to sleep. Cold lasts just as long,.so why take it?
Avatar m tn You would need expert help here, such as a naturopath or a practitioner of integrated medicine to determine whether your condition is even amenable to natural medicine without risk since we have no idea the seriousness of your stroke or how clogged your blood vessels are.
Avatar f tn I have been sick for the past four days now and nothing I am doing is helping me get better! I have some type of nasal infection (stuffy/runny nose, headache/preasure, sneezing and slight sore throat.) I've tried drinking lots of fluids, soup, vitamin c and taking Tylenol reg. Strength for fever. I'm 36 weeks and I don't feel like feeling like complete crap my last few weeks of pregnancy. Please someone help! What can I take??
454221 tn?1259445739 Don't worry...Fever's the body's natural way to fight off infection. The only cause for worry is if the medicine isn't affecting a high fever. Then it's time to go in... btw, mine actually did the same thing just today...woke up running 102.7, tylenol and motrin all day helped drop it some. Fever just broke.
Avatar n tn 21 negative, a fast 26 negative days test, then did not feel maletares to month denuevo comense with discomfort throat, note the gangliis behind the inflamed ears and neck swollen lymph but three are small, and febriculas continue at 5 weeks had a terrible swollen tonsils, I could not pass, fever not very high moments, and green mucus, step a week, and some discomfort, itching ne noodle went out and would disappear while, a few grains as water and my chest whenever I see red, I went to the epide
Avatar f tn It sounds like an ibuprophen made for children. I do not know whether it is safe for toddlers. I am curious as to why the doctor did not want to examine her or send her for a consultation to a specialist. Simply giving something to reduce muscle inflammation does not sound like it would diagnose the underlying problem.
5975291 tn?1430718287 I have the same question I also just came down with a cold
Avatar m tn the tests revealed that i am slightly anemic,with trichinellosis,brucellosis n q fever,giardiasis.i was given medication except for brucellosis and after 3 months i got cured of giardiasis,trichinellosis.after about 1 month i again started having low grade fever,neck stiffnes,muscle pain and fatigue which subsided by taking ibuprofen during the episodes.test was done again n my q fever igg titre was still increasing and brucellosis was positive too.
Avatar f tn He diagnosed me with a past infection of Q fever and said because I did extensive travel in areas noted for Q fever he felt the titers were correct. I now know that the EBV can mimick Q fever so I believe that was the problem all along as does my current doctor. There is not a medication I have been able to take that has not put me in the hospital. I was finally diagnosed with Anti-convulsant hypersensitivty syndrome related directly to the EBV.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a safe .medicine I can take for a cold. I'm getting really sick despite doing home remedies. I still have appetiteaand staying hydrated but I think I'm starting to run a low fever. I'm 19w 2 days and getting sick is not what I need right now. I know Tylenol is safe but is the Tylenol Cold okay? I wasn't trying to take anything but I think it's time.
Avatar m tn sex and not safe sex ? for me that shows a level of incompetence within condoms and there was a study that 2 woman out off 100 people whom used condoms correctly and consistently actually contracted HIV through condom use. Another thing which is confusing is a dry cough and chest infection with fever a sign of hiv? i have seen this posted so many times on this website but it was never been answered once.
1754037 tn?1327886811 What kind of allergy medicIne can a pregnant person take when sick? I already took Tylenol for my fever. I have running nose & keep sneezing! Ugh!!! Pls. help me! I feel so miserable! I am 34 weeks pregnant & my baby shower is tommorow! I want to feel semi better by then!