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Avatar f tn Hi Tonya, Good to see your interesting post. When I was dx in 1970, my gastro said that some people with Crohn's only get one or two flares, and the disease "burns itself out". Guess he was trying to give me "hope for the future". I am pleased your daughter is in remission without drugs, as the drugs themselves can cause serious side effects, but for those of us with intractable Crohn's, severe rectal haemorrhages requiring blood transfusions, IV steroids etc.
Avatar n tn is it possible to have crohn's disease while having none of the symptoms and being on no medications for almost 10 years.
Avatar n tn I was not familiar with "Perianal Abscesses" so I checked out a couple of sights. On one sight it did say that some people are more susceptible to perianal abscesses such as those that have: Diabetes, Aids or HIV, Crohn's or persons on medications that suppress the body's immune system, such as steroids (prednisone, methylprednisolone), or those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer I do not think that it is indictive of having Crohn's.
Avatar n tn I just read something the other day, but I don't remember what site, about crohn's disease patients also having celiac disease together with the crohn's more often than not. So maybe try a gluten free diet and see if that is contributing to your symptoms. Who knows! It might make things alot better. It can't hurt to try the diet. Just make sure you are 100% gluten free - the smallest amount can trigger an autoimmune response. Give it a few months and see if it helps.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was prescribed Entocort. I have been on the drug for a week and a half and I am still having symptoms. Has anyone else tried this drug? How do you control the diarrhea? I keep taking Immodium but I still keep having issues and I still keep losing weight. I am having a hard time staying about 100 ibs and I'm 35 yrs old! All foods in the grocery stores are designed to help people lose weight.
357992 tn?1212258327 I am researching Crohn's Disease what it is about so can anyone tell me about the disease ? like stmptons, cure if any, treatments, how you can get the disease, and e.t.c.
Avatar n tn I have been a type 1 diabetic since age 10--53 years now. Approximately 30 yrs. ago I started having a lot of bloody diarrhea, etc. It took 2 yrs.+ to clear it up and I went for approximately 20 yrs. without any symptoms. When it started up again I was diagnosed with Crohn's and have been on various treatments since then. I have been taking Asacol for years. I have also used enemas--sometimes daily and sometimes twice a day.
3242115 tn?1447004766 I was told I may have Crohn's Disease due to my symptoms and am waiting to hear back from a specialist as to when I can have a scope done. I also have suffered with Bulimia and know of a few cases where the eating disorder has in fact caused the disease due to the unhealthy ways of eating and then regurgitating the food back up.
246139 tn?1424371973 // Do keep in mind though that Crohn's Disease is in essence chronic immflamation of the colon. The good news is if you do have Crohn's is that there are many medications available to treat it. Also, simple colitis is also immflamation so that could be the culprit as well. Also, inflammatory bowel disease.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with "possible" Crohn's disease. My doctor saw inflammation of the ileum during my colonoscopy and I have chronic anal fissures which keep turning into fistulae. I had 6 treatments of Remicaid and did not get any kind of relief. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to try to get rid of these fissures and fistulae. Please help. This is very painful for the past six years.
Avatar f tn s is incurable, but eminently treatable - - it is often a question of finding the right medications that keep the disease in remission, or at least, under control without debilitating symptoms. Personally, I would be be very wary of using Chinese herbs, since they are not subject to the normal protocols prescribed allopathic drugs are, and could be harmful. I am not quite sure what you mean by "holistic doctor" - what kind of treatments/medications are you thinking of?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Crohn's 3 years ago. So, I can only tell you from personal experience since I'm not a doctor. Chest pain could be heartburn because Crohn's can affect any part of your GI could be ulcerations also...have you had a gastroscopy? Other reasons: anxiety...either from the disease or medications you might be taking, or GB problems...which can be associated with Crohn's. My your diet and see your doctor.
1483944 tn?1288100910 IBS and Crohn's are extremely different. There really shouldn't be any confusion in diagnosing between the two. The problem at times is diagnosing between Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis as they are parts of a continuous spectrum of the disease. Crohn's is an auto-immune disorder that can occur anywhere from your esophagus to your anus. The location and extent of inflammation and ulcers often are what lead to one diagnosis or another.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the Crohn's Community, where posts are answered by other Crohn's patients. I don't think any of us can answer your question regarding stopping prescribed medications as this must really be addressed by your gastroenterologist in light of your current symptoms.
Avatar n tn My daughter (14) has Crohn's disease, and it's treated with Pentasa (8 pills a day). Right now she is an a flare, and is on tube feeding every night where she is getting 80% of her nutrition for the day. She gets extremely tired when she is in a flare, and has an extremely hard time to get up in the morning. Is there any kind of supplements or vitamins which can help? She is also having joint and bone pain in her right foot and knee. Anything that can be done there? Thank you!
501944 tn?1224056021 I have had Crohn's disease for about 3 years and I am having problems with vomiting and I don't know what to do!! If you have any advice please help, I feel lost! I have some problems swallowing and I frequently feel like there is something in my throat ready to come up. I was vomiting almost every night for about two weeks I then felt a little better and it only occurred every couple of days. Well right now I can't hold anything down. I'm afraid to eat, but I am hungry.
5924464 tn?1376785207 Colitis involves the colon, not the small intestine or the stomach. Have you thought of the idea of Crohn's disease ? These are all symptoms of crohn's and other that stomach lesions UC has the same symptoms. You could look into symptom management via medications. Probiotics and Metamucil help, as well a magnesium, potassium, curcumin, wobenzym, and boswellia.
48668 tn?1201543083 This is the response from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America on whether there is a connection between Crohn's Disease and Type 1 Diabetes: We don't know of any research that has indicated a connection between diabetes and Crohn's.
Avatar n tn Marijuana is just not going to ease or help Crohn's disease. While we are approved to use medical marijuana in some states, I really think its a bit of an exaggeration to argue for its usage for Crohn's disease. If nausea is your issue, there are several medications out there that can alleviate this. Also, nausea is a sign that your disease is active, in which case marijuana will do nothing to cure it.
Avatar f tn Hi - I do beg to differ with some respects. Ulcerative Colitis cannot be ameliorated by dietary changes, nor cured - it is a serious, sometimes life threatening auto-immune inflammatory bowel disease. Your sister should be guided by her gastroenterologist and a qualified IBD nutritionist before she changes her diet. If she has been diagnosed with UC, I would hope thyroid problems have been ruled out.
Avatar f tn For several years now I have been suffering from abdominal pain on my right side as well as acid reflux, nauseau, vomitting, constipation and diarhea. Since 2001 I have had several surgeries to try and fix the problem. They include: having my gall bladder removed, two surgeries for endometriosis, a total hysterectomy and my appendix removed. The doctors that I see have done several tests including a pill cam, several ct's, xrays and blood work.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? While there is no definite cure for chron's disease and the condition is marked by periods of improvement followed by flare-ups of symptoms, it is very important to stay on medications long-term to try to keep the disease symptoms from returning. No specific diet has been shown to improve or worsen symptoms in Crohn's disease and specific food problems may vary from person to person.