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Avatar f tn Your teeth need it to be healthy. Your baby is perfectly fine. There are millions of women that have drank bottled water and babies are fine. Im one of them... im pregnant with number 4. There is always going to be something out there that will "hurt "you,cause cancer, diseases, and whatever else. The stress you are causing can and will cause more harm to your baby than a bit of fluoride. Just remember to take it easy and stop worrying.
Avatar f tn Filtered water isn't necessary. You can definitely use it, but if you'd drink your tap water that's just as good. Boiling water isn't necessary and special "nursery waters" are just a waste of money. Breasts and breast milk arent sterile, bottles and formula don't need to be either.
Avatar f tn I would see a nephrologist if I were you soon. Your GFR is low but not severely low and you need to knnow whats causing this. It could be medications, etc. Right now you need to avoid ibuprofen and all NSAIDS as they are filtered through the kidneys and drink alot of clear fluids. Make sure you tell your doctor or nephro, all meds, including over the counter ones, you are taking. Bring them all with you at your appt.
Avatar m tn You might be eating the right foods or taking the correct supplements, but your body is not absorbing these in the correct balance that your body needs. You would need to experiment which one is making you out of ‘balance’. Try taking an extra potassium tablet. Give it some time for your body to absorb it. Drink lots and lots of water (preferably filtered or bottled water, with or without added electrolytes). If not, then try calcium, and then sodium.
Business woman1 More commonly, patients are instructed to avoid taking too many meds and vitamins that need to be filtered through the kidneys. Certainly avoiding medications such as NSAIDS (advil, naprosyn, aspirin) is important. Good luck--I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I don't know but you need to talk to your dr. that prescribes your blood pressure medications to you before you discontinue them. Blood pressure medication takes a while to go out of your system but they also take a while to get back in your system.
535822 tn?1443976780 maybe I did put this in the wrong place sorry, I have found info anyway ..
Avatar f tn He was also taking IB profen and medication for hypertension .
Avatar f tn The thing is, this could be due to a low-grade kidney infection that you might have, or it could be that something that is going on is impacting your system in a manner it shouldn't, or? It's difficult to know without having all the facts and only your doc has those. However, at the very least, you should call your doc's office and ask if you should be taking anything - if, based on the urine test, you might have a UTI or other low-grade infection.
Avatar f tn To be on that many meds you must have complex issues. You need to see a doctor who practices integrated medicine, or a naturopath who knows enough to work with your physicians. Ayurvedic practitioners are usually physicians as well.
Avatar m tn I agree with Paxiled. It sounds like you need to have some testing done. He mentioned some physical problems that may be causing your anxiety. Do think about having your thyroid, blood sugar, hormone levels and heart checked. I'm not sure of your age and that's why I mentioned having your heart checked. If everything comes back fine then it is most likely anxiety.
Avatar n tn Both of you need to be right weight for height and live a healthy life style - No alcohol, no caffeine, cut out dairy and non organic meats as they contain hormones that can affect sperm production and conception. Drink plenty of filtered water. Exercise. Eat foods that contain vitamin E (avocados are one) to boost fertility. Add maca powder to your diet. Good luck!
Avatar f tn This is critical to your condition and to prevent any further conditions from developing. Only your doctor would be able to tell you if or when you can eliminate certain medications based on your specific medical history. I hope this helps you out. Take care.
Avatar m tn Men can get a yeast infection.You should get tested for stds anyway just to be smell can be a sympton.
Avatar f tn are their any home remedies that I can do that will not interfere with my medications to counter this side effect? Stopping medication is not an option, nor is switching to another medication at this time.
Avatar f tn There are some medications that some are more prone to be allergic to when it occurs in the family. My grandpa is allergic to penicillin and 2 of my aunt's are too and so are their kids. It very much can be in the family. But I doubt that there would be an effect to your unborn baby. But I'd ask for a different family of antibiotics if you our any of your Dr seem concerned.
Avatar f tn Your immune system needs to be re-charged, hormonal functions need to be restored because your mental and physical health will be will be affected. You cannot go on without sleeping days at a time! Our biology cannot support such a situation without a major breakdown. The big question is: Are all your other symptoms you're experiencing because of sleep deprivation? Or is your sleep deprivation a symptom as well?
Avatar f tn Hi, mild gastritis can feel extremely uncomfortable. Technically it's only serious if it continues on to develop ulcers or polyps. Gastritis can be managed through medications like H2 blockers or Proton pump inhibitors (PPI). Your doctor will suggest a course of action. Most of the time PPI's are only meant to be taken a short period of time. The best way to manage any pain and nausea is to change your diet.
Avatar f tn If you have cirrhosis, it is even more important to avoid medications, herbs, or supplements that are filtered through the liver and to avoid vitamins that have iron because it is hard on the cirrhotic liver. In general, people.should limit their sodium intake to the recommended amount, but people.with cirrhosis need to be even more vigilant about limiting sodium to the recommended amount in order to prevent portal hypertension and as cites.
Avatar f tn Everyone reacts differently to different medication. You might need to try some different meds or a combination of meds before you find something that works for you. Just remember to talk to you doctor before doing anything different with your medications. Also to wean on and off medications, it gives your body a chance to get used to the difference.
Avatar f tn I know Syntroid is a hormone, but everything someone put in their bodies has to be filtered through the liver and the kidneys. I am wondering how Synthroid is filtered.