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Avatar m tn After I took my first sip of my wine, he sipped my wine for tasting. I was quite worried of being infected HIV, but because of matter of courtesy I sipped the wine a few minutes later, probably in the same position of the glass. I did not notice clear blood stain on the glass BUT I felt my mucuos membrane of my upper part of my mouth 'burning', which did not happen for my first sip. The next evening, I got low fever, sore throat and a small pox or nod at the back of my ear.
Avatar f tn No I am not a medical professional just educated on the subject of HIV and STD's. Yes due to the mechanics of where infection takes place it is harder for a male to get HIV from a female then the other way around. But use condoms all the time everytime and you will have no worries.
Avatar m tn Herpes has always been more prevalent than HIV. Less than 1% of the population has HIV, and about 20-25% of the population has hsv2. In recent years, hsv2 infections are actually declining, while genital hsv1 infections are increasing. Your article seems dated - I couldn't find a reference that was less than 10 years old. We also don't get into morality judgments here.
Avatar m tn that the HIV blood tests are among the most accurate diagnostic tests ever developed, for any medical condition; that strains missed by the standard tests are an urban myth; that the symptoms of HIV are very nonspecific (i.e.
Avatar f tn No, it is not at all realistic to believe that your tests missed the infection. The 4th generation test is as close as possible to 100% accuracy, and 3 tests in a row would not have missed the infection. No viral load at week 8 confirms the other negative results. It's time to look for a different cause of your medical symptoms - it isn't HIV.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have been reading a lot of posts in this forum and I'm hoping that those who have knowledge about HIV can help me. I had unprotected sex. My partner was of unknown status. I got tested for HIV at 5w3d and 6w2d. Both were Ag/Ab tests and blood was taken from my arm using a syringe for lab tests. Since the results were going to take days to get, I also decided to get rapid Ab only tests on the same days to at least get an indication of my status. These were finger prick tests.
Avatar f tn 5) Most people with new HIV infection get symptoms. But the vast majority of people with symptoms -- even when symptoms are typical for ARS (which yours are not) -- have other things wrong. The symptoms of ARS are identical to those of a hundred other minor viruses and other medical conditions. See a health care provider. That's what people do when they have symptoms that concern them. Have an HIV test for reassurance; it will be negative. Please return to let me know the result.
1277632 tn?1327594715 Thank you. But when do symptoms of early HIV infection usually appear in most cases?
Avatar m tn t sound like a risk event to me. There are no reported cases of people getting HIV by oral sex, even in presence of small injuries. ARS symptoms are present in many other illnesses, and some times they didn't even show up, that's why they're not used to diagnose a posible HIV infection.When ARS symptoms show up they do it between 2 - 6 weeks after exposure. There is no way you symptoms after 3 days are ARS.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum You are not at risk for HIV. Nobody has ever been known to catch HIV from mutal masturbation, fingering (of any body orifice), and similar contact, and you are not likely to be the first. Second, if you are in the US or other industrialized country, the odds are low that your "strange" female partner has HIV. Third, a point that has been made repeatedly on this forum: symptoms almost never raise the alarm of a new HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Than a lot for the reply. But the symptoms are very typical of an HIV infection, thats the reason for my anxiety.
Avatar m tn My question to you all is what is the likely hood that I contracted HIV? To date, I really have not had any symptoms of ARS (hope that I never do). Do I need to get tested for HIV and or other STD's? Like I said, no symptoms of anything. I do not do drugs nor have multiple partners. Also, I am married to a wonderful lady and I would have never done this to her without being severely under the influence. I am abstaining from sex with her till I know if it is okay.
Avatar m tn After doing some research, I saw that the symptoms I was experiencing may be a sign of a recent HIV infection. I took the oraquick home test and it produced negative results (it has been over 90 days since the encounter). The rash on my upper body looks like pictures of the “hiv rash” I have seen online. This has me very concerned. Should I be confident in the results and could another illnes be causing these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Is my ONE TIME test at 4.5 months conclusive? Should I test again based on my symptoms? Are my symptoms worrisome of HIV? Do you think this neuropathy? And if I test again what are my chances of being negative again? Plz note that I have been going through sever anxity due to the my condition. Could this be a contributing factor.
Avatar f tn Symptoms are never used to diagnose an HIV infection. A combination of risk factor (yours is zero because you had no exposure) and HIV test results (which you've already done multiple times with negative results) are used to diagnose HIV. You're absolutely conclusively HIV negative based on those two factors. Whatever is wrong with you is definitely not HIV. Keep working with your doctor to treat the issue and find a therapy appointment to discuss your irrational HIV phobia.
Avatar n tn do these symptoms sound similar to those of hiv/aids? and would a yeast infection caused by hiv happen within 2 months of exposure?
Avatar m tn Thanks Ricky, Does sore burnt feeling tounge (without burn) and roof of mouth (didnt look ulcered) run consistant with early HIV infection? And I thought ARS comes in the first 2-4 weeks, not at 12-13 weeks! Cheers (PS. Agreed that symptoms are terrible to assess. But I guess we all look for relief from - 'your symptoms are not consistant with HIV ARS!!!).
Avatar f tn t have HIV. Your problem is not HIV - it is the irrational fear of HIV and your inability to trust your results, which are 100% conclusive. There is no medication that could cause a false negative (apart from medications specifically to treat HIV). Please do seek some help for your mental health. Your fears are interfering with your quality of life, and a professional can help you.
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks back I had a lot of frottage and then protected sex with a girl of whose HIV status I am unaware. She scratched me also. After removing the condom I accidentally rubbed my eyes with my hand. Afterwards I went to take a pee where I noticed a little blood on penis, around the foreskin and penis head (not sure if foreskin was rolled up or not at that time).
Avatar n tn and you describe sex protected by a condom, which means there was no HIV risk. 3) Although swollen lymph nodes can be a sign of new HIV infection, they also occur with many other medical conditions, all of which are much more common than HIV. 4) Primary HIV infection symptoms start 10-20 days after exposure, not a coule days later. 5) HIV never causes enlarged lymph nodes as the only symptom; that's only part of a bunch of other things, including fever and often a skin rash.
20817617 tn?1521528428 Hello, well we are not doctors on here but I am a microbiologist. You have quite a medical history. I am not an HIV expert. If you do have HIV were you tested and confirmed positive? If so then I don't know any particular doctors in Los Angeles but these links might help: The CDC has other things on HIV that might help. I personally don't look at links off of MedHelp.
Avatar m tn No, you're 100% HIV negative from that incident. You did not have a risk in the first place. Anyway, a conclusive result is 3 months past exposure with the OraQuick. You tested at 9 months, twice negative. You're fine. Believe your results. YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV.
Avatar n tn Most likely it will be negative, providing further evidence against HIV. Symptoms never give good clues for or against HIV, because the symptoms of HIV are identical to those of many other, mostly minor health problems. It is very unlikely you have HIV. But continue to follow your doctor's advice about follow-up and further tests.
Avatar n tn I had an std test (umberella in urethra /urine sample) and was negative on all minor std,s although because he pushed the umberella thing to deep into my urethra i had a little sample of blood in urine. They said i had white cells in blood which is a sign of infection? i retook test of urine sample and because i had no blood in it it came back negative... do you know any infection that has any of these symptoms or all? i seem to have scratches that look like they could be under the skin..
Avatar n tn Oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission. The fragile nature of the virus makes it unable to remain infectious inside the hostile environment of the human mouth. You had no HIV risk. Your lymph nodes are not HIV related.
Avatar m tn You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV. YOU DON'T NEED TESTING...