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1470596 tn?1286713970 I had this problem and realised thanks to my physio, that I overpronated when running. This can cause knee problems which is why I needed to buy shoes with arch support which stops the foot rolling inwards. For walking you can buy orthotic insoles but I would not recommend running with these. I use Adistar Salvations to run. A good running shop will check you for pronation before you buy. Also this might seem obvious but are you stretching before and after running.
Avatar n tn This may result in cartilage deterioration, which at the knee usually occurs on the medial aspect or inner part of the knee cap. All patello-femoral pain though may not be caused by this mechanism, although uneven stresses across the joint are believed to play an important role in the development of pain in this area. I hope this was of some help to you. Please take care.
Avatar m tn Orthotics may be important in treating shin splints. Excessive pronation is often attributable to medial shin splints. In these cases, orthotic therapy is important to control pronation.
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar m tn Hi, I suffered a fall twisting my leg. MRI showed an undersurface tear in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. The MCL was mildly thickened and edematous. I had an arthroscopy 3 weeks ago and the doctor said there was no tear. I am still having significant pain in the medial knee when standing up. Is it possible the tear was missed ? I'm not sure what to do. I golf quite a bit in the summer and I'm afraid with my knee pain I won't be able to. What do you suggest?
Avatar n tn You likely have bruised meniscus. These are the shock absorbers in the knee (two per knee, medial and lateral, medial inside, lateral outside). Good policy is to give every muscle and joint one day of rest for every day practicing/training. You can work out every day, but work different things. Wait 3 days and if it still hurts see a doctor. Skip your PCP if you can and go to an Ortho. Sounds to me like you'll be fine with rest...
Avatar m tn I have been having knee pain for quite some time now. Initially was taking it light, but recently got the same checked and MRI was performed. Dr.'s conclusion are as follow: 1. Grade 2C tear of medial meniscus. 2. Moderate to severe joint effusion distending the suprapatellar bursa with underlying osteoarthritic changes at knee. 3. Bone marrow edema is noted at the medial tibial condyle. Yet to meet my docter in two days.
Avatar m tn Recently I have also experienced minimal hip pain. While walking, the area along the medial side of the knee also hurts. The entire area feels like it is full of sand to touch. At times it feels like my knee is buzzing or growling and shifting - even while it is stationary. I experience many different kinds of pain in many different areas of the knee, everything from the type of pain that accompanies a bruise to pinching, burning, and stinging.
Avatar m tn the doctor suggested physiothrapy which helped initialy but as i do some physical activity it starts paining now my right knee also pain in same manner from last one year i have stopped completely playing games ,i miss my running a lot n it has become very hard to be in shape without doing any running or some cradio .now plz suggest me should i go for meniscus surgey .what should i do now?
Avatar m tn I was injured in November of Year 2009 at the time of injury i was 21 years old of age and treatment starts in year 2010 of April month. I have pain in my Knee whenever i running.
Avatar f tn Pellegrini-Stieda Syndrome, a condition of pain at the origin of the medial collateral ligament on the end of the thigh bone, usually occurs when there is pain over a calcium deposit seen in this area. It is best that you discus the results with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Additional diagnostic tests such as MRI may indeed help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled. I laid off the knee for the remainder of the week, but when i started lifting the next week, anything that put stress on the knee hurt. Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella.
Avatar n tn Medial knee pain for 6 months following mild direct trauma. Meniscectomy in 3/16. TECHNIQUE: MRI of the knee was performed using the following sequences: axial, sagittal, and coronal proton density weighted with fat saturation; sagittal proton density weighted; sagittal 3D GRE. 194 images were presented for interpretation. Comparison(s): MRI from 3/4/16.
1961313 tn?1326290364 Hi! Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. So on medial side it will be due to medial meniscal tear. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact. Treatment will follow correct diagnosis. Do consult an orthopedic specialist at the earliest.
Avatar m tn Hello, Inadequate warm up before and after exercise is one of the frequent causes of calf and groin pain while running. Apart from that dehydration can also cause these symptoms. One of the other common causes is a condition called over pronation. Over pronation basically means that your feet are rolling over too much as you run which causes excessive pressure on the calf muscle and achilles tendon.
Avatar f tn Now, it still hurts to walk for a long time on it and sometimes while sitting I have an aching pain. The main area of the pain is on the inner part of my left knee. If anyone knows of what could be wrong or what could help, I would grately appreciate it.
Avatar m tn My daughter is a college soccer player and is having knee pain on the inside of her knee/near the medial meniscus. It hurts (dull pain) when she straightens it and puts weight on it. It gets sharp when she goes into tackles and her foot gets turned out. Anyone know what could be causing it?
Avatar n tn I had a bad fall about a year ago where I landed full force onto my knee which resulted in swelling and bruising that went from my knee down to my foot. I had pain on certain movements from then on. When I would get up sometimes my knee felt like it gave out. Also since then I have not been able to kneel down without pain in the kneecap.
Avatar f tn The MCL is intact. LATERAL COMPARTMENT: Allowing for motion artifact, there is fraying to the lateral meniscal posterior horn free edge, and the posterior root is diminutive. Superficial chondral fibrillation is present at the posterior meniscal surface of the tibial plateau without subchondral remodeling. Intact lateral collateral ligament complex and structures of the posterolateral corner. INTERCONDYLAR NOTCH: The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are intact.
Avatar f tn This also causes heel pain, and because of the posture pain is also felt in hip, knee, and lower back. This can explain the pain you feel on and off and also why you fall. Please consult an orthopedic specialist regarding this. Hope this helps. Take care!