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Mcdonalds nutrition information

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Avatar f tn s, and 1/4 of the menu items are listed, but then there are dozens of items with no information, just the name. Is this just because people are too lazy or ignorant to actually put what an item is when they add it?
Avatar n tn He should eat 3 meals a day with snacks between meals. Sorry, I really did not have too much information. Hope this helped you.
417564 tn?1287982827 If you have a local health and nutrition store,,,they should be able to help you alot. I am going to post some information on herbal remedies today. That is great that you recognized the need to stop, this forum helps alot in that journey, Are you considering coming off the sub soon as well?
4476664 tn?1361632949 I was starved earlier in wal mart so I grabbed a combo from mcdonalds, got three bites into the burger and a small.handful of fries and that was all I could manage. I started using a desert plate for my dinners because the dinner plates are waaay to big now.
Avatar f tn I am looking for information on nutritional guidelines that could be of great benefit to folks living with MS and information on foods that would help us fight ms fatigue. Any and all information you can point me too would be greatly appreciated Best regards and be well, Alex Bermúdez M.
Avatar f tn Mcdonalds isnt healthy but i dont see a problem with it..
Avatar f tn Lol i just had mcdonalds i was craving a double cheeseburger with extra onions n pickles
Avatar m tn Keeping up with good nutrition and exercise helps. Attitude means everything. I found that by keeping a daily diary of how I felt after chemo and adjusting the drugs I was given to prevent side effects was a definite help.
Avatar f tn I'll be 9 weeks Sunday. I just ate a whole bag of cool ranch Doritos. I feel horrible, not in a sick way, but because I just ate a whole bag of Doritos and basically my baby gets that. These last few days I've had mcdonalds and terrible food. I'm really concerned what it will do to my baby. I know I'm probably being extreme. Just concerned.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you are looking at the nutrition reports, is that correct? Those are goals for the day that are based on information provided by the US Food and Nutrition. Those are not customized for each person, but are general recommendations. To make sure that you are getting the nutrition that you should, you may want to consult your doctor on what they recommend as well.
184342 tn?1282588750 Please see our post about the upcoming food/nutrition tracker. http://www.medhelp.
400099 tn?1282954864 If you go to his website and read the information, this very strict regimen or diet, exercise, meditation, etc. has been shown to reduce artherolsclerosis (hardening of the arteries) . That said, most of these diets do have you eating in a healthy way, and our bodies naturally respond to eliminating sugars, white flours, refined foods, animal byproducts, etc. You do have to be cautious of adding supplements to your diet.
Avatar f tn Your baby needs those prenatal vitamins just like you need them...because whatever u don't eat the prenatals fill in for the nutrition that you are not getting...prenatals have all your folic acid which is so important for the development of your growing baby..& iron & calcium..vitamin d...vitamin c..on top of all the other supplements..please don't stop them just because u don't want to take them anymore..
Avatar n tn It would also help to consult an allergy specialist about your symptoms, and discuss whether an allergy testing should be done in your case. You should consult a nutrition specialist or dietecian to chart out a diet plan for you that avoids these substances. Also, talk to the doctor about prescribing an epi-pen that you can carry with you and use in case of an emergency. Let us now about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
2000931 tn?1401563007 My two cents worth I think once dx with ms you have it for life, sort of like an alcoholic. But I think that there is more than enough credible evidence of people who have stopped the progress of disease and even experienced improvement through diet. I have personally met 3 people and know of several hundred from research who have experienced benefit. Prof George Jelinek is ONE living miracle.
9663463 tn?1407525554 If every pregnant girl refrained from eating mcdonalds I think they would be out a lot of money! Lolol I certainly don't watch what I eat. My precious 2 year old is smart and amazing and I never watched what I ate while pregnant with him. I think it just depends on how serious you want to take your pregnancy. Salad is probably the healthiest thing you can get from there so if you're gonna get something that's probably the best thing and ok!
Avatar f tn I read a thing that a mcdonalds employee said in a magazine article that they do not properly clean the frap machines and none of the employees are properly trained on keeping them sanitary. That they're full of left over crud from weeks of not being cleaned at a time!
Avatar m tn Thank you respirate for this information I do use herbs a lot in my cooking I was glad to read what you have put here, I use a lot of turmeric and cayenne aswell and flax seeds,I would be glad to hear more about the benefits ..
Avatar f tn Everyone and their McDonalds haha I have seen 4post about McDonalds and now that sounds so darn good... Even tho I know its not (used to work there for 4 1/2 yrs...
Avatar f tn Im 24 wks pregnants and all i do is eat mcdonalds but my nutritionist told me i can eat whatever i like as long as i have something healthy on the side...
Avatar f tn Have any of you ladies ate mcdonalds during your pregnancy and your baby came out fine? I'm hearing about mcdonalds having ingredients in their food that can give your baby birth defects /: and I loveee mcdonalds especially their Mcdoubles Fries & egg Mcmuffins. Is this truee?
Avatar f tn Me too I have loss of cravings before I was pregnant I was always infrint of the fridge of food pantry trying to see what I could eat next and now I don't want to eat even if my stomach is growling my body just doesn't want food I lost weight and I'm also scared my child isn't getting the right food nutrition it needs during its first months