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Avatar f tn Yoga exercises are low impact and mostly resistance training so when your doing it, it doesn't even feel like a workout until your an hour into it and your sweating! Lol Look for a yoga prenatal video that you can do at home because those kinds of classes aren't offered everywhere, just normally larger cities. Look into hypnobabies. Hypnobabies is a 5 week course that teaches you relaxation techniques to use during pregnancy and labor to help reduce the pains.
Avatar f tn Just rub sunflower, olive oil, vitamin E oil or coconut oil into the skin between your vagina and anus once or twice a day, starting from around 34 weeks onwards. Place your (or your partner's) thumbs shallowly into your vagina (no more than three to four centimetres) and press the perineal floor down towards the bowel and to both sides until you feel a slight burning or stretching sensation. Maintain the pressure for about a minute before resting.
Avatar f tn I am going to. Your suppose to start at 36 weeks. I'm also having a water birth, that helps with tearing too.
Avatar f tn Im still confused myself.but my paper said its where like your boyfriend uses two finger and like massages in a circular motion on the inside of the vagina opening. I think it's towards the aides.its to help stretch so when you give birth it helps from ripping as bad and it said that some women who do it dont rip at said to do it starting at 34 weeks for 10 minutes each day.
7001988 tn?1392138397 I recommend all my mommies do perineal massage either by yourself or you can make it apart of your sexy time. I had a client who was a size 1 give birth to a healthy almost 9 pound baby, vaginally, without any tearing! It's never too late to start but the sooner, the better!
Avatar f tn Girl your bringing him a new life into this world part of him... he.couldnt do that and that is an amazing thing he probably feels that he isnt good enough.compared to what.your.doing for him!
Avatar f tn What are your opinions on getting massages while pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hello, Last night my boyfriend gave me a back massage and was sitting on my legs. We both had underwear and shorts on, however, he was rubbing the bare skin on my back. I do not know his HSV status, but he has had quite a few past relationships with questionable people, so it is possible he does. We have never had sex or touched each other's genitals. First, is it possible to transmit HSV by rubbing my back if he has HSV virus on his hands? He tends to rub very hard.
4093350 tn?1358099754 I know that in the foot and in between your thumbs if you massage you can his a pressure point and go into labor. Now the bck I'm not to sure bc I make my boyfriend massage my lower back.
Avatar f tn You would not contract it through your hand if your skin was intact. If you moved your hand directly from his penis to your own penis, AND he was shedding virus, theoretically you could have passed it to yourself, but the virus is very fragile, and doesn't live outside the body for more than a few seconds. I wouldn't worry until there was something to be worried about.
Avatar f tn i just now researched this! i'd never heard of it, but now i just emailed df, and told him in a couple months, i want daily massages nails are long, so it's not something i can do myself, but hey at least he'll have fun haha......
Avatar m tn I went to a massage parlor about 9 days ago and the women there gave me a shower, using probably a re-used wash cloth. Afterwards she have me a massage and a happy ending. A day later, I started feeling some tingling on the tip of my penis. Didnt think any thing of it at first. 5 days later, I had a broke out with about 10-12 pimples on my buttocks area. This is when i freaked out.
Avatar n tn Partner 3 was a one night thing when I was very drunk - he performed oral sex (unprotected). Partner 4 is my current boyfriend and my *concern*. About 5 months ago, I found out he may have cheated, with a very promiscuous girl - friend of his.
Avatar m tn ) However, if you indeed have fairly frequent extramarital events, even if usually condom protected, then you should have regular HIV testing, perhaps once a year -- regardless of the recent specific events. HIV is quite uncommon in Korea, so it is statistically unlikely your massage parlor partner is infected. Even if she is, the chance of catching HIV during any single episode of unprotected vaginal sex has been estimated at somewhere around once for every 2,000 exposures.
Avatar n tn Hi, Well I got a body to body massage. The girl was massaging me on my back and at certain times was lying on the backside of my body naked so that I could feel her vagina touching certain parts of the back of my body. I was not comfortable with this so after a while told her to stop. She did and I told her I was worried about STD's. She said "I know how you feel my boyfriend gave me an STD once when he went down on me with a colesore".
Avatar n tn It would depend on whether or not your boyfriend is using a condom. Your question as to how much sex does a man really need? If you have ever said "no" to his wants or needs for sex, then he will supplement it from someone else. Cold hard fact. If you started a conversation with your boyfriend and he said he wasn't in the mood to talk to you, then walked away, then YOU as a woman will no what it's like for a man to be turned down by his significant other for sex.
Avatar f tn Just take a chance. Google prostate massage. You will find 4 types of massage. You can do at least 3 types without any problem. It may stimulate his penis.
Avatar n tn Maybe a nice massage...Think about what you might like and talk to your boyfriend about it. It's important to talk about it if you're having problems. He needs to know your needs so that he can meet them and then you both will start enjoying sex again.
Avatar f tn I would always get girly gifts, I think valentines day is hard to get a guy. I like the things you got your boyfriend, you're very creative. I'm not as creative as you, but i would say take him out to dinner even if its the day before or after, or a small vacation somewhere even if its just 1 night. Sorry i'm not much help but remember the best gift you can give him is your heart.
Avatar f tn Chiropractor! Or you can do your own "heat" and then pop your own.
Avatar m tn It doesn't sound like you and your boyfriend have had a hard time keeping it spicy w/your sex life in the past, yet it sounds like maybe you both are at a crossroad in your relationship when it comes to intimacy. Having kinky sex and trying different things does make for great orgasms and it's great fun, but to make love with your partner really does help keep both of you more deeply connected emotionally.
Avatar n tn It will hurt more and your muscles will tighten up if you are anxious or worried, if you relax your muscles will relax. If you aren't ready for this don't do it! Your boyfriend should make you feel as relaxed as possible too, he could give you a massage, a great way to show affection and its a great way to relax you before sex!
Avatar f tn Act like no biggie and focus sex attention else where. Talk dirty and do some fore play. Massage his body run your tongue down him his chest. Anything to divert his attention away from his problem back to you and back to sex. When his mind relaxes and pressure is off his performance and on how good this is gonna be, his erection will come back. May take a few times but just make it fun sexy and tantalizing. Then his erection will override his head and do what comes natural.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend lives a few states away. We have been together over a year, but we didn't start sleeping with one another until this past summer. At first our relationship inolved a lot of phone sex which he talked a good game. However, once we were both ready to sleep together I was disappointed. Sex is always the same. Theres no foreplay, it seems almost mechanical, lay down, insert, orgasm, and shower.
Avatar n tn I'm only 18, and so is my boyfriend and we have the exact same problem. Like your situation, his has only been happening within the last few months and it seemed to go downhill pretty quickly for no apparent reason. we're still trying to figure it out, and he says he's going to go to the doctor about it, maybe your boyfriend should do the same.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I was living with my boyfriend for the past year. He would use Percocets recreationally but even then I suspected a problem. This past summer he broke his leg and now is a full blown oxy addict. His leg has fully recovered but he says it still hurts and needs the pain meds daily. He buys them illegally and spends about 800 weekly on 20mg buying them 30 a piece.
Avatar f tn Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly a year now. When we first met, I didn't mind him smoking. Well, I did mind, I wanted him to quit so he can be healthy, and so I don't have to kiss Marlboro's instead of him.... He really respected my feelings about it and he took the challenge for me. He went to acupuncture and massage therapy, and was smoke free eventually. Then he started having an occasional cigarette in social situations.
Avatar f tn Is your boyfriend in college? What kind of job does he have? I'm asking because I'm wondering if it could be stress related. I was also thinking low T when I was reading your post, which you mentioned. Even though he's only 21 it is a possibility. He would need to have his levels checked though and you said he has no insurance. I really have no idea what the test would cost out of pocket. It could also be that he has a low sex drive and this is normal for him.
Avatar f tn I lay on on my left side with my left leg straight and my right leg bent at 90° angle (knee tucked up to tummy) and have my boyfriend gently push on my right hip. Flip and repeat. Works for me but not for him. Don't let him push to hard and if it doesn't work maybe a chiropractor isn't a bad idea.