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Avatar m tn Hello Everyone, I recently visited a female "massage therapist," who gives foot fetish services (I'm a guy). Here's a quick description of what happened: - Sucking on her toes. - Slight contact between my mouth and her panties (while she was wearing them) for about 10 seconds.
Avatar m tn About a month ago i visited a massage therpist for a massage and ended up getting a happy ending (hand job). During the massage and hand job the therapist touched my anus and scotum area. I didnt think it was a risk for STD's or HIV but at that time i had some rash (from sweating) near my anus that definitely was touched a lot during the massage. The rash was also sensitive and a little irritated.
Avatar n tn I had a massage, which lead to a blowjob. The massage therapist used a condom and used her mouth to suck my penis. Should I worry about catching a STD ?
Avatar f tn I'm a massage therapist an actually u shouldn't get a massage in the first trimester but it is fine to get a prenatal massage
Avatar n tn Hi ! I am a massage therapist and I have a diploma for pregnant women massage. How far are you ? Normally you should have a pregnant women massage.
Avatar f tn Yes! I worked at a massage place but the massage therapist has to, has to know how to do prenatal massage. It's very important!
Avatar n tn Do yourself a favor and see a legitimate massage therapist if you actually want a MASSAGE.
Avatar f tn Prenatal massage is kind of a specialty massage because of all the care required so I think you would have to go to a massage therapist who knows specifically how to perform prenatal massages and has the appropriate equipment. Can you ask your insurance people if they know anyone who can provide a massage for you?
2065676 tn?1331426040 I also am a Massage Therapist, Bodyworker and have recieved Massage all through my treatment. No Problem. I have seen a handful of clients who were going through treatment and they loved getting their massages. Actually, it was the first person I saw going through treatment that made me think I should get tested for Hep C. So I did. Low and behold....God works in mysteries ways... Get your massage...PS, I get Deep work done on me because that is what works for me.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering about something that happened to me last week and would appreciate your comments. I went for a massage one week ago which was done with my underwear on and the therapist was wearing her clothes during all the time. She massaged my entire body with a sort of lotion - that I do not know what it was. At the end, she asked me if I would like to be give a body massage (naked) and a hand job. I accepted both and them started my worries.
6867745 tn?1398952587 Yes do it the massage therapist should know where to avoid and how much yuhr body could take which is actually all up to you I go to massage school so I had one atleast once a week and I loooved it my body was always in needof it 39 weeks now and now everyone is doing acupressure on me to help get this baby out !
Avatar f tn And what about a massage therapist. Can those people help me with what I'm dealing with. Which one is better?
Avatar n tn I agree with Soggymoggy--what a couple allows within the confines of their own relationship after communicating with each other their relationship boundaries, then that's their business. But for me personally, any type of "massage" like you describe would be cheating AND prostitution, since someone is getting paid to provide a sexual service.
10125929 tn?1408036260 Hello. I have a question. Been a first time mom , I am a massage therapist, I have heard people saying I need to stay away from doing aromatherapy massage and hot stones in your first trimester, been a massage therapist I'm a bit worried. Is there anyone who can give me some feed back about this. Many thanks.
Avatar f tn Now I have small red bumps on my back and a few on my arms only. Is it possible that the massage therapist had syphilis. Could she have rubbed herself then rubbed my back. Maybe I’m just paraniod.
Avatar f tn I'm a massage therapist. They do. if we're allowed to make you go into labor. We have to have a drs notice. If you're in labor, there's certain points we massage to induce.
Avatar f tn I'm a part time massage therapist. I do them often but not since I've been pregnant. I will not do them on anyone who is less than 35 weeks. Only being that during a massage of any kind there are trigger point or pressure points t that can start labor. Also if someone has hbp I won't. But other than that they are very enjoyable if done right.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor. I had an erotic massage last week and the therapist was all over me. There was no sex at all involved only a hand job. However she sat ontop of me during the massage and now I am freaking out. What if any vaginal fluid touched my penis or so on? Please advise and help , what risk is there with regards to this. Could my penis have slipped into her vagina without me knowing?
Avatar f tn My friend is a massage therapist and she said that after your first tri its ok...
Avatar f tn Just make sure the massage therapist is trained for pre natal massage cause there are certain points they shouldn't massage.
Avatar f tn I used to be a massage therapist with an dvanced certification in prenatal and yes they can be so great for your pregnant body!
Avatar f tn Im a massage therapist and the only type of massage u should get is a prenatal massage and tht can be somewhat dangerous if the therapists doesn't do it right
Avatar f tn Hi guys, I had a prostate massage a month ago by a massage therapist. She did have vinyl glove on for that I have been having sore throat for past week as well as pimples on my chest I am at risk from this encounter.
Avatar m tn I am a male, who one week ago, I visited a female "massage therapist," during which the following UNPROTECTED acts were performed: Fellatio (BJ) Rigorous Rubbing/grinding of genitals (girl on top), NO INSERTION INVOLVED Some additional points: the girl's vagina was very wet when she was grinding my penis, as she had an orgasm shortly before via fingering, so vaginal fluids were definitely present. Questions: Could I have contracted HIV as a result of the aforementioned acts?
Avatar n tn I got a massage one week ago in the USA. The chinese massage therapist very vigurously massaged my ear. She also put her fingers in the ear canal briefly for some time. As far as i saw she had no cuts nor was she bleeding from her hands. Also she did not have long nails. I was kinda taken back by this massage but and did not stop her. Later on my questioning she told me that this was commonly done by her as there were lot of presurre points in the ear.
Avatar f tn Yesterday went to massage palour and got a massage by a 40yr Asian. Started off with just massage but after 30min she flipped me over. Then she rubbed my penis She finished me off via handjob and cleaned me off with a hot towel from her heated towel cube. Am I at risk, I am married and want to have sex with my wife.