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Avatar n tn had my massage therapy but didn't help much. how many sessions should it take to feel some results.
571042 tn?1271450741 I know that the majority of us now know what we are having...and I personally would love to hear the names everyone has come up with! I know some people don't want to tell their name until the baby is born...but for everyone else I thought this would be fun. :) Please give a pronunciation guide if you think we might not get it by reading it...or if you just want to. I will go first: We are having a girl and we are naming her Blake Elizabeth!
Avatar n tn Baclofen is the most prescribed drug for spasticity - the dosage amount can be adjusted until you find the right balance. If that doesn't help, there are other drugs that can be tried. I find regular massage helps to keep my leg muscles happier. Exercise and stretching can be of some use, as well what are you trying now?
522415 tn?1242941355 MS is a possibly we have to look at...(great)...also I he thinks I have a severe sleep disorder, can't recall the names he called the two, even if I did I couldn't spell them. He said no medication will work properly on me if I have either of these two and they need to be under control before anything can be done. So, I need a sleep study that will cost me $1000. An MRI that am I clueless of the cost. Some other M something test,-$$ ?
Avatar f tn Craniosacral Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot stone, Myofacial release, Physical Therapy: sub-category: (specific activities) like Hold positions, stretching, traction Surgeries for disc problems: (add names of different surgeries) Decompression, laser disc reduction surgery Depression Therapies: shock therapy, hypnosis therapy, meditation therapy, therapist, counselor, group therapy, friend therapy, socialization therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (very important), Prayer, Confession, church worsh
316994 tn?1259007038 Have you tried to massage your belly to get her to move? I can already feel mine at 14 weeks. Of course it's no were near the movement you can now feel. =) When I had my ultrasound my baby moved every time my midwife moved the vaginal doppler (I guess thats what you call it). She thought it was funny. Why don't you try that.
11535797 tn?1419120987 If it makes you uncomfortable, tell him not to call you those names any longer (it's easier to push him away on the names than to call him on vague physical actions) and pull away when he touches you. I'd go with your intuition and keep your door locked.
1132574 tn?1271676066 Dont sound far fetched at all! I went to massage school and was a massage therapist for awhile and does exactly what say.... I couldnt touch alot of people with multiple of things because its would progress there symptoms or disease alot. our main objective in class was to break and release toxins from your body and then flush them out by massage. If you had a cold and was just in begining stage and got a massage then your cold would be in full blast because of the massage but end faster.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the info. What are mild steroid cream names? Zinc oxide paste names? Or just look in a CVS for over the counter with those listed in the creams?
182493 tn?1348056515 Wow.. holy new people.. I go off for one night to relax and I hardly recognize any names.. Welcome to the site everyone.. and to all my old friends I hope you had a good night of sleep.. I woke up stiff and sore from my massage yesterday..gonna attempt some stretching .
Avatar f tn What hospital are you going in? How many are getting c sections?Do you have names for your babies?what are you feeling?what's your birth plans? And who getting induced?
Avatar n tn 1% Ointment locally He told me to apply the first cream on that portion and massage it for 1-2 mins and then wait for ~30mins and then apply the second cream and massage it for 1-2 mins. I have to continue this twice a day , after my bath and at the bed time for a month. Please advice me doctor , is it curable and what all precautions I should take . I am staying alone , so I am not able to maintain my good diet as I have shifted to some other place one year back.
Avatar f tn MY STORY -- please help me ive been in real hell for 68 days now since my exposure, i had an unprotected anal exposure for 7 seconds without cuming in me, hes a massage therapist, he gave me oral so he sucked my penis and gave me uti idk what the doctor called it but its not gonnorhea for sure i think its microplasma so 2 days after the exposure i began feeling a burning sensation in my penis with a white sticky thing, i got scared and went to hospital and took antibiotics for 10 days and rea
Avatar n tn I visited an asian massage parlor 3 1/2 weeks ago. The masseuse gave me a table shower and while naked, sat on my leg. She licked my rectum and she then gave me oral sex using a condom (but I don't know when she put it on). I don't have any discharge or pain when urinating. I have a couple of pimples on the top of my my leg where she sat, but they seem like standard acne. I don't have any bumps or redness around my groin.
Avatar n tn I have hesitated to go ahead on this because almost a year after my surgery, I began to experience some swelling of the upper arm, primarily in the triceps area. It is not extreme, I have massage on the area which helps, and I wear a compression sleeve occasionally if it is uncomfortable, so it is under control. I am afraid of exacerbating the lymphedema by having surgery on the affected area.
Avatar n tn However, I have had a prostate exam and even, while at a massage parlor (one of THOSE massage parlors) had my anus stimulated, and in both cases found the experience not only emotionally uncomfortable, but so physically painful that, in the first case, my eyes were actually bulging out of my head, and in the second case, I jumped and wouldn't let the woman penetrate beyond the first knuckle of her index finger (and yes, in both cases, both were well lubricated). Anyway, here is my question?
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia is more common in women than in men. Previously, fibromyalgia was known by other names such as fibrositis, chronic muscle pain syndrome, psychogenic rheumatism and tension myalgias. Although the intensity of your symptoms may vary, they'll probably never disappear completely. It may be reassuring to know, however, that fibromyalgia isn't progressive or life-threatening. Treatments and self-care steps can improve fibromyalgia symptoms and your general health.
Avatar f tn Please provide me the names of surgeons in U.S. who had perform TOS surgery at least 100 times on patients. This discussion is related to <a href=''>TOS Probles/questions</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello, My names sean ghazazani, 15 year old teenager. About one month ago after going to the gym i started noticing a very very minimal pain in my back, i thought i had simply overworked myself at the gym and i was sore. I continued going to the gym with this pain untill it eventually grew to become unbearable.
296738 tn?1236000003 choose names, wash baby clothes, unbox new car seat, make freezer meals, pack hospital bag, wrap up as many work projects as possible, have at least one more prenatal massage, etc. etc. etc. Yikes! Best wishes to everyone due soon!
1122824 tn?1274110614 same with Dr H, he has a wonderful video that was posted at a walk....and Dr O writes many books and articles.....I think if u start with the Drs names instead of just looking for Chiari info u may find more of what u r looking for...
Avatar f tn You could read some books, do knitting, paint, get a massage and/or a pedicure (I don't know if there are people who come to your home to do it but maybe friends?), make a list of baby names, etc.
Avatar f tn We have not had any members from the middle east share names of Drs there to start a the only thing you can do is educate yourself and research Drs to find one that understands ALL related conditions....even one willing to chat with a specialist here in the states....that would be the best route to take.....sorry I don't have more info.
Avatar m tn Some one has suggested, anal peripheral prostate massage for erectile dysfunction. Google, prostate massage,. You will find 4 types of prostate massage. Select anal massage. understand the method. and do it with oil or any lubricant. Prostate is involved with sexual system. This will indirectly help you to strengthen your sexual system.Abdominal breathing and this massage will help you.Be positive.
572651 tn?1333939396 My worst nightmare in a neuro exam almost came true - falling over in public without someone to catch me. And then we got moving. Forget the kindly names of the cat, lion, and dog poses and go straight to hideous images such as boa constrictor, laughing baboon, and 3-ton elephant. The instructor, feeling generous, kept the class an extra 5 minutes and it was 60 minutes of pure torture for my body and mind. So much for the peaceful, restorative nature of yoga.
483733 tn?1326802046 I was at the doctor's for my annual last week and finally got him to take my shoulder and neck pain seriously. I've been spending oodles of dollars on massage and acupuncture for many years and it is getting worse. He also ran more tests for my thyroid problems. I got the results today and I have tendonosis of my right rotator cuff and my thyroid is still way off even though he had raised my meds.
Avatar f tn I'ma lso have some lower back pain. He's an active boy, moves around alot. we are stuck on names we want Ivan(his deceased father and my other deceased brother) as a middle name but we like Mason (Mine), Dayton(his) and Christopher(name of my deceased brother) not to sure about my brothers name as both names tho, is that weird? H says I will call him all the nicknames I called my brother and he wants him to be his own guy. Hmmm.
Avatar f tn The more knowledge you have the better chance you have to win it. Look up the many many names for msg on the internet. Food manufacturers know that the public shy away from the name msg, so now they use many other names for it on their labels. Msg in any way you call it will cause a migraine for many.