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Avatar n tn what is the maximum doseage of marinol that can be prescribed for longterm chronic pain
Avatar m tn A few chronic pain patients have been prescribed Marinol for pain and attest that it is very effective for pain. I have heard it is very psychoactive and the prescription has strict instructions to NOT DRIVE. LOL, unlike opioids as once you are tolerant you can drive just as well as anyone else not on opioid therapy.
Avatar m tn I have been treated for Chronic pain post Cancers and therapies, and I am very tolerant to any Opiates. I would like to try using Marinol (synthetic THC) for pain; it helped my pain as well as my nausea when I went through my Stem-cell Transplant. I am in Athens, GA; does anyone know of a doctor willing to prescribe this medicine for pain (when you have not been diagnosed with a cancer...yet?
Avatar n tn Only pain. Sometimes the food will soothe this for a few hours, but not now. Now the pain stays, and sometimes gets worse after I eat, no matter what I eat. The pain is a rawness pain, like I have eaten a bowling ball that wont move. ONce in a while the pain will get sharp also, but does not stay long. The other heavy pain is there 24/7. PS Is there instant email notification in this forum? thanks.
Avatar m tn they keep me on all these meds and i get more anxiety and she does try but marinol wasnt an option...i just wish that the stigma would be more talked about so that people could get off meds that are not fit for anything and sure as hell dont need to be flushed into the waste cause then its causing your neighbors kids to have a beard at a year old ..unwanted facial hair on a girl isnt pretty..the BIGGEST sideeffect of marinol is overdose might cause you to ?????
Avatar n tn We want to be returned to pre-chronic pain condition. We all want to be pain free and function as we once did. For most of us that is not a reachable or realistic goal. There are no magic pills as you may have discovered. My physicians tells me that some of her patients, if not most are looking for that magic pill. They cannot accept that the best we can hope for is that word "management.
1159737 tn?1286520857 I would rather have the pain than the pressure in my head and try to medicate the pain with clonzapam and vicoden seems to ease it. But whatever works for you to ease this pain!!!
Avatar f tn There are a lot more discussions about pain medications for management of chronic pain. I think you find a lot of support there also.
203342 tn?1328740807 It appears to have less side effects than many harsh prescription drugs and if it can help people who are suffering from chronic pain, cancer, MS and other medical issues, then why not? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it should be allowed strictly for medical reasons? Why or why not?
1162446 tn?1262808503 33 AM Pot, Chronic Pain Relief: New Study Says Marijuana Can Help Originally Posted by Aina Hunter (CBS) Light up, medical marijuana enthusiasts. Canadian researchers say that those who suffer from chronic pain may find relief by smoking pot three times a day. They may also sleep better.
Avatar n tn While opiates have their place as a SHORT term method of treating moderate to severe pain, and in cases where long-term opiate therapy is needed to treat chronic pain indication it is totally inapproriate for is the use of treating mental ilness conditions. It will take a problem and make it 200% worse...and add on a whole host of other new problems.
Avatar n tn Is there any Doctors in Alabama who would consider Marinol pills for chronic pain and/or depression? I know for a fact that it helps better then anything else.
Avatar f tn ) I live in Washington where even recreational usage is de-facto decriminalized. Medical use is legal for most chronic illness. Marinol is now only schedule III, which is less than most opioids (which Dr.s have given me without batting an eye). Part of it is that I see a psychiatrist, and have had to undergo evaluation for transplant. Both assesments have deemed me an exceptionally low risk for addiction. (In addition, there's been no drug abuse, alcoholism, etc.
527890 tn?1263786727 Truvada (HIV meds), Marinol (appetite), Valium (stress from the pain), and Percocet (started for peripheral neuropathy). My percocet use over the past few years has dramatically increased due to the non specific body pain I feel in most of my major joint areas, including in order of pain are: back, neck, knees, shoulders, hips, hands, feet over the past few years. Pain is soothed with heating pad, but at time it feels like I am being stabbed especially in behind my knees.
Avatar m tn What type of doctor prescribes the Marinol for gastroparesis? I am at a loss. I have asked the GP, Pain Management, Gastroenterologist, etc... How is one to get help?
Avatar f tn But my problem is I have not been well for two weeks now. Nausea,low grade fever,pain in right side under ribs, tired, no appetite and when I do eat, I have loss bowls. I have been to the doctor but test results are not back yet. We thought perhaps I had come out of remission, but I read on the forum this rare. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with me?
620048 tn?1358021835 The US is not yet ready for that. Marinol isn't even close. All THC and no CBN, and there have been overdoses with Marinol. I hold a great job with a fortune 20 company that knows I augment the treatment my disease with MMJ. They are not worried about it. They have a bigger issue with alcohol and prescription drug use in other employees.
233488 tn?1310696703 The number of states permitting medical marijuana (23) and recreational cannabis for adults (Washington and Colorado) continues to increase. Short summary—bad idea! As research physicians we present the known adverse health implications of marijuana use. While generally mellow, marijuana users only seem to become angry and agitated when any suggestion is made that their pot use might have adverse consequences.
535089 tn?1400677119 Ronald Siegel, a psychopharmacologist at UCLA said 'The widespread testing and reliance on tell-tale traces of drugs in the urine is simply a panic reaction invoked because the normal techniques for controlling drug use haven't worked very well. The next epidemic will be testing abuse." Byrd Labs has in its possession an internal document from the Syva Company, makers of the widely used EMIT test.
Avatar f tn I don't know why your levels would go up before they went down, I don't even get why they would continue testing you like that, I don't remember my OB testing me for drugs, or at least he didn't say anything to me about it but I was also supposed to be taking Marinol (which is the legal pharmacological version of marijuana) because of stomach disorders I suffer from that cause me tons of severe chronic nausea/vomiting, extreme weight loss, and even severe to debilitating chronic pain but my ins.
177275 tn?1511758844 The number of states permitting medical marijuana (23) and recreational cannabis for adults (Washington and Colorado) continues to increase. Short summary—bad idea! As research physicians we present the known adverse health implications of marijuana use. While generally mellow, marijuana users only seem to become angry and agitated when any suggestion is made that their pot use might have adverse consequences.
Avatar m tn I also suffer from chronic back pain and use .25mg of Oxycodone when needed. I also use a drug called Acyclovir 200mg daily to control herpes virus. My concern is that these drugs may effect the treatment with Sovaldi/Olysio. I want to beat this virus this time! My Dr. knows of the drugs I take but doesn't seem concerned about their use while on treatment. I know a side effect of the treatment can be insomnia and am concerned my insomnia will worsen without use of the Xanax/Ambien.
Avatar f tn But we don't really know that. And if you are looking for justification for providing him with the drug you were morally and legally wrong to do so. Not a little bit wrong. One hundred percent wrong. You are operating above your pay grade. I do not have access to this individuals records and have no idea what kind of a "brain injury" he has.
335728 tn?1331418012 In August 2007, Health Canada approved Sativex® as adjunctive analgesic treatment in patients with advanced cancer who experience moderate to severe pain during the highest tolerated dose of strong opioid therapy for persistent background pain. Both approvals were secured under the Notice of Compliance with Conditions (NOC/c) policy. LATW - I would not wish the narcotic Oxycodone on my worst enemy to be honest with you. I have taken my last dose this a.m.
680775 tn?1234875422 So you are scheduled to start suboxone for pain management? Ive heard it helps very little for pain and also heard it controls moderate pain pretty well. It would be hard to guage for me as I did not take it for pain. Some of the benefits are: once a day dosing (it stays in the system a long time). One of the purposes of sub is to break the every few hour dosing behavior. Once a day should do it..
Avatar f tn She also has been on pain med for almost a year for pain from damaged tailbone from childbirth....which won't seem to heal. The gallbladder didn't show to be diseased or have gallstones according to an ultrasound....but Hida scan showed that it was only functioning at 10%. We think now that the problem with the tailbone not healing normally and the gallbladder not functioning may have been caused by limited blood flow due to the MALS. She is going to see a vascular surgeon today.
Avatar m tn What they did during my procedure was put this cap on your head lined with sensors in a dark room and have you close your eyes. They read the activity for about 5 minutes or so then, they switch to the stimulation part of the testing. There were two parts, nothing too terrible. The first part is where they had me breathe at a rapid panting pace for about 5 minutes. Basically what that does is hyperventilate you.