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Avatar m tn I took 1 2.5 mg Marinol cap about 2 weeks ago. I don't do drugs. The pill was taken by mistake. Am I positive for THC?
Avatar n tn I recently added marinol and provigil, and feel optimistic for the first time in years, until the drug test. It's assumed I'm lying, but I need someone to help figure out where the phenobarbital came from. I'm certain I took it at some time, but not in several years. I'm ready to give up, so this is my final plea for help? I've got no more fight left in me. Thanks.
535089 tn?1400677119 This document, leaked by a disillusioned company employee, lists more than 250 over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false positives.
Avatar m tn My doctor for my liver has ordered me a "serum drug test" I am not sure why she has done this because I told her that I feel some doc treat me like a drug addict because I have hep c, and now she thinks I am one?!? or because she is seeing if my liver is clearing certain drugs or what? But, I use marijuana sometimes for Nausea. At most a couple hits, and most of the time I just live through it but it can be very frustrating.
Avatar n tn I have a follow up scheduled later this week (i assume for hep screen and re-evaluation). In the days before the test (including the night before) I used marijuana excessively. Over the past 3 months i have used it regularly. I have recently gained approx 15 pounds due to inactivity and poor eating habits.
Avatar n tn why are you asking about what would show up in a urine test? If you are getting the Xanax Rx'ed, then it shouldn't be a concern. Even for a job drug screen...unless you perform a job where use of that kind of med is absolutely prohibited....if you test + and have a valid current prescription, it isn't a problem. Just a sneaking suspicion, but if you are planning on seeking less than "honest" ways of obtaining this med (ie online, etc) VERY careful.
Avatar f tn it scares me that in this day in age of doctors just passing out drugs like candy yet there has been no extra efforts in the failed drug test depo..... I have seen alot of this failed drug test stuff...On the pain managment side you see it like once a week.....Really freaks me out......
Avatar f tn I don't know why your levels would go up before they went down, I don't even get why they would continue testing you like that, I don't remember my OB testing me for drugs, or at least he didn't say anything to me about it but I was also supposed to be taking Marinol (which is the legal pharmacological version of marijuana) because of stomach disorders I suffer from that cause me tons of severe chronic nausea/vomiting, extreme weight loss, and even severe to debilitating chronic pain but my ins.
Avatar f tn Nausea,low grade fever,pain in right side under ribs, tired, no appetite and when I do eat, I have loss bowls. I have been to the doctor but test results are not back yet. We thought perhaps I had come out of remission, but I read on the forum this rare. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with me? I also have not been able to shake the depression caused by the Rebatron treatment I received 5 years ago and am still on high doses of antidepressents.
527890 tn?1263786727 If straight Percocet, (Oxycodone) for years then I hope you are not suffering from drug addiction. There is a specific test in determining if someone has RA, so there should be no confusion whether one has RA or not. Same with HIV. Unless there are exceptions and based off what you describe, there are. I wish you to find healthy solutions in ridding the pains and be able to live a wholesome life.
Avatar f tn The back pain is back and the surgean referred me to PM and gave me the same meds gabapentin and hydrocodone, so I started smoking again otherwise I get sick dont eat, puke bile. PM did a drug test, which I told them about the pot and they said no injections without it but would put me on tramadol due to FDA law.
1162446 tn?1262808503 In a three-month study which followed 23 patients, researchers tested three strengths of marijuana and a placebo to test the effects of the drug on those with chronic pain who had not responded well to traditional medications. They found that those who smoked the strongest cannabis - that with the highest levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, often called THC - experienced the greatest benefit. Nevertheless, although there was a clear reduction in pain, it was very modest.
917763 tn?1311632496 I check into it as I have smoked before. We don't drug test at work but if the doctors prescribed it would that be a issue and was thought that any drug prescribed could not be used against you. Last night was some thing else I can't remember ever shaking so hard. I thought I would freeze to death than my head and body started hurting temp went to 102. I hope that does not happen every night.
224049 tn?1204594715 Wait can I ask you a question you always hear that pot is the gateway drug lets put it to a test..... My first drug I ever messed with was pot it was my first high..... What was your first drug of choice that you got high on?
Avatar f tn He and other doctors have said that it's a very difficult case to treat. It is unusual as it is marked by very few remissions and has become drug resistant. On a typical day I will wake up with severe nausea, and it sometimes lessens after 3-4 hours. I can feel perfectly fine and am able to eat and drink. However, that period of time is always short lived and may only be 30 to 40 minutes.
233488 tn?1310696703 The FDA and physicians rightfully consider cannabis a drug and subject to federally stipulated rigorous study protocols. The legislative route being used to introduce medical and recreational marijuana illegally and dangerously circumvents this FDA drug testing process. Federal law also mandates that marijuana use and possession is illegal but Presidents and the Justice Department have chosen to ignore the laws they swore to defend.
Avatar n tn He was recently been prescribed Marinol. His weight has steadily increased since he started the drug. Yes it is made from marijuana. It is expensive but I know it works. Ive never seen him eat 4 meals a day, until now. God, that looks good. If you can get your weight up to a tolerable level the sx isnt as bad. Its still bad but better bad. Keep us up to speed on his condition. Perhaps we can help.
1461073 tn?1308681148 I too questioned the Zofran/Phenergan protocol, along with the Marinol, as being too aggressive. The Oncologist just put him on the Zofran and Marinol on 10/2/18. He said he wanted to try it for a week to see if it helped. The CBD oil was recommended by a friend whose child is battling cancer and has helped his N/V and appetite a lot so my hubby wanted to try it.
Avatar n tn of course he wasn't and he had brain cancer but...I would never have known people willingly give themself this drug cause it's so powerful without needing it you know?
765439 tn?1292964014 No, every drug has risks. You have to research each drug and decide if the possible risks are worth the possible benefits.
Avatar f tn CMF Chemo is supossed to be mild, but I guess, is up to the dosis. I heard Marinol works, but I do not know if they can prescribe here in New York, I will go thru the 6 remaining treatments, I am not a quitter, besides, I can not wait to go Home. I will prevail, not without complaining. This wednesday , I will have the Port placement, (the last pinching in my vein) I wish you all the best! MERRY CHRISTMAS ! and Thanks !!!
Avatar n tn I've heard stories about how it helped with arthritis, chemotherapy symptoms, glaucoma, alcohol abuse and the list goes on. I don't understand why it should even be a Schedule I drug. I can understand cocaine and heroine, but marijuana? Must be the politicians attitudes. I'd vote for legalizing and taxing it like tobacco.
1056851 tn?1318724578 The thing to do would be to take those people who have never used cannabis and have MS. Test their cognitive abilities, then administer cannabis and test them again. As far as I know, none of these studies have done that.
203342 tn?1328740807 It's not like they are going into a back alley somewhere and buying this from drug dealers. They also appear to monitor the amount and usage. I don't think people can just go to a doctor and ask for it, either. They appear to have to have a legitimate medical reason. I see a lot of fear out there on this and am wondering why.
Avatar m tn Marijuana Not Medicine, Addiction Experts Say Kathleen Louden Apr 29, 2013 CHICAGO — Illinois should not legalize cannabis, and physicians should not write recommendations for patients to use marijuana for medical purposes, because it is a dangerous, addictive drug and is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a group of addiction medicine physicians said during a press conference here.
149675 tn?1416676733 i'm 6 months out after stopping tx and waiting for some courage to go in for that 6 month pcr... any day now, very nerve wracking thought... my earlier test came out clear and i hardly can believe that so i'm very nervous to get the 6 month done... YIKES!!!!!!!! scott, how is it now with your liver and that autoimmune stuff??? any encouraging news? does that auto immune stuff go away after awhile or not really?
163305 tn?1333672171 I miss Susan. She had very good info on supplements. And rev, i grow my own organically. I even use well water. As to marijuanna, it was outlawed in the 30's, not b/c it was bad, b/ b/c it was used as a tool to the wholesale deportation of the SW Hispanic population. In the famous movie "Reefer Madness", marijuanna was vilified and linked to racial hatred againsst the blacks. How can a drug be powerful b/have no medical use?
Avatar n tn I dont understanad what u mean by "makina has sinus/allergies and cant understand your suffering" I see a neuromuscular especialist for my problems. i wouldnt see him for sinus roblems. i have sleepless night from my pain. i do have sinus problems but i also suffer from neurologocal sysmptoms. i might not no cipd but can offer nice words..!
Avatar f tn >Subject: Info About Hep C and Cannabis (letter for your Doc) >To: ***@**** > >The Lifevine Foundation >2442 NW Market St. #508 >Seattle, WA 98107 >206-551-5559 > >Practicing Physicians >Medical Professionals >State of Washington > >Dear Concerned Physician, > >The patient presenting this letter to you has been diagnosed with >Hepatitis C.