Marinol drug interactions

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Avatar f tn I feared this best-hope-to-date chapter in the battle for sane drug laws was a lost cause. But something has changed in the public's consciousness, and in its resolve. On September 30 the Public Policy Institute of California published the results of its new poll. It shows Proposition 19 winning, by a resounding 52-41 margin. Other polls are similarly encouraging. What do you think? Should pot be legalized?
Avatar f tn People who abuse opioid medications take 5 times the dose I take everyday (many times more than that) to release the euphoria of the medication. Long-acting opioid medications have to be tampered with to release the euphoria. Drug addicts snort or inject the long acting opioid to defeat the time release mechanism as when taken properly, they don't get you "high".
Avatar n tn My endo didn't care and said I was lucky that I wouldn't have to lose weight. My GI doctor disagreed and prescribed Marinol. I never could tolerate it, but no other nausea med worked and Phenergan added to the movement, especially the doses they had me on (150 mg/daily). I settled on a small dose of Marinol (2.5 mg). I even have problem with that. It seems to be related to faster heart beat. I have been weaning off of it.