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Avatar f tn I have always had great teeth and gums, but here lately it has been rough. I have swapped to a soft brush and toothpaste with gum protection. My gums are so sore. Any advice?
Avatar f tn In fact, I have heard that the longer they stay under those gums, the better, They end up being stronger teeth for having more time developing under there. Jameson didn't get any teeth until he was 8 months, but I had others whose teeth came in at 4 months.I actually like it much better when they get them later. Don't be upset about it; it's completely normal for teeth to come in at all different ages.
Avatar f tn Has anyone have problems with their teeth during pregnancy. . I mean my teeth and gums are freaking sensitive. .
Avatar f tn m 25 I have no insurance and just the last 6 months my teeth have been breaking off and acting up i did go see a dentist to get 2 teeth removed, But now my the gum on my lower teeth i can actually move and pull away from the teeth. Am I worrying to much? because remind you I bleach my teeth and i have calcium deposits on the gums.
Avatar f tn I'm 21+4 and my teeth hurt so bad and my gums .
Avatar n tn So the dentist we went to suggested deep cleaning the two teeth (upper front) on either side of the one that fell out (by making an incision in the gum, cleaning, then suturing), to make them stronger and prevent them from falling. Then in the near future taking them both out as well and replacing all three spots with artificial teeth. Does this really have to be done? Can't just the one that fell out be replaced?
Avatar f tn Completely normal. Just make sure that you CONTINUE flossing and brushing, because some women don't because it hurts them so bad and their teeth end up rotting out.
Avatar m tn The bleeding is a sign there is bacteria present and this bacteria is bad for the teeth and gums and needs to be removed.
Avatar f tn Buy some floss and floss in between your teeth every day, preferably twice a day. The gums will bleed, but with continued flossing, the gums will get healthier and much stronger. Find a dentistry college near you. They are always look for volunteers to train on and are supervised. I do not know if they charge or if the work is done for free, but enquire. This will be your cheapest option. Don't drink fruit juices and sugary drinks, they will cause more damage to your teeth.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! I'm having an issue with my teeth. I read that pregnancy really takes a toll on your teeth but my teeth have always been very strong & super white without teeth whiteners but they look kinda like a dull now & more of a stained look to them. Has Anybody else experienced any major teeth changes & if so what were they & what did u do about it? I scheduled a dentist appointment but until then any advice or info. on this problem? Thank you ladies!!!
Avatar m tn After 2nd day of stronger antibiotic he is growing stronger rapidly now and beginning to take bites of food.Can jump up on couch and chair with us.. There was no real DX and I can understand..but what was it?? Could slight gingivitis cause a sudden illness like this?
Avatar f tn I am having teeth issues with the teeth underneath my two crowns hurting. And they are a bit more sensitive but I've always had sensitive teeth. Very well could be the pregnancy. Who knows.
Avatar n tn Your rabbit likely has a severe bacterial infection/abcess in her mouth and gums. This may be related to the teeth not being trimmed regularly, or to a sharp piece of hay or wood that penetrated her gums. This is a very serious problem, and you should see a veterinarian ASAP, because if she is untreated the infection can spread and cause her death. She will likely need antibiotics and possibly surgery to remove the infected area.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks pregnant an my gums are swollen an red an they bleed an I brush every morning an night. It hard for me to eat cause they hurt ???
Avatar n tn You cannot stop your gingivitis without first going for a thorough cleaning by your dentist. Then proceed with good, thorough oral hygiene. Always use a mouthwash specifically Listerine, it is excellent for your gums. You need to make time to care for your teeth, it's a max of 5 min., you can do that.
Avatar n tn I'm a 28 year old female and last week while I was brushing my teeth, i saw blood on my toothbrush and saw blood on my gums. Today i was sitting outside and tasted blood in my mouth and saw that my gums were bleeding near my molars. This has happened once before. Should I go tot he docotor or wait for it to happen again? I have a history of cancer and leukemia in my family, every web site I looked at said that it is a sign of leukemia. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn t know what are holding in the 2 teeth. 32 years ago I was told that I would lose these tooth teeth within months, and that I needed to do something about them. I did nothing and still have the teeth today, 32 years later!
6792460 tn?1385368411 Buy some dental floss and floss in between the teeth and right down into the gum line. This will make it bleed, but if you keep doing this, the bleeding will eventually stop. You may try and find a web site that shows you the correct way to floss. After brushing your teeth and flossing, you can rinse your mouth with salty water and then spit it out. You can buy medicated mouth washes, but salty water is just as good.
620222 tn?1294430726 Rachael is now over 9 months old ans still has no sign of any teeth--which is fine--but my question is with others did their gums look different? Rachaels gums seem normal? in some spots and have other spots where they go very very narrow/thin and other spots have some "dips" (gaps?--I'm not sure what word to use to describe it) in them. What have othes noticed with their children as far as the appearance of their gums? thanks!
Avatar f tn When ypur pregnant you can get gingivitis which is a form of gum disease. This can happen as your hormones are every where. When ypu brush your teeth make sure you brush the gum line. Place your tooth brush as close to the gum and gentle brush the gums as well as the teeth. In the areas that bleed most are the areas that need more attention. When the baby is born they should start to calm down. Floss regually and use mouth wash before u brush your teeth with a medium size brush.
3166043 tn?1514260018 rinisin is great to help get some bacteria outta ur mouth..and jusy make sure u get ur cleanin 2x a yr if u dr didnt say more..the way to keep ur teeth healthly if to care for yor gingivitis dont want it to turn into perio dontal disease. just like a house neeeds a good foundation so does ur teeth.hope i helped...
Avatar m tn My girlfriend had 4 teeth pulled to make way for some new dentures about 3 wks ago. The teeth were in the upper gums. One tooth was very close to the sinus cavity we found out after the dentist pulled it. The root had gone into the sinus cavity and left a open hole which got infected and caused a bad sinus infection. The dentist said that sometimes this happens and if the socket does not heal, then we will have to see an Oral Surgeon. Great! More money!.....
1500294 tn?1290272209 Yes dogs can and often do -get gum disease. It does usually affect older dogs though. But it could be that you are brushing too hard? I don't know.
Avatar m tn My teeth are a bit yellow, I would like to ask how to make teeth so white, I don't want to do teeth whitening, because I am afraid that it might hurt my tooth. Are there other ways to get my teeth white?
Avatar m tn This is because you say you normally bleed whilst brushing teeth, and that is NOT normal. Bleeding gums means the beginnings of gingivitis, which is a condition where the gums get infected from bacteria, which comes from bits of food getting caught between the teeth. I know, you weren't brushing when you had the bleeding, but the gums can get so fragile that they'll bleed for no reason.
Avatar f tn Is this just curiosity? How do you know for certain the instruments were non-sterile?