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Avatar n tn , who told me that i could have liver problems with no symptoms, but that because i have major depression,there is no treatment available so he won't bother with a liver biopsy. i wonder if this is common, i would kind of like to know if i have cirrosis but he said there is no treatment, so why bother with the biopsy, and to come back in a couple of years, maybe there will be. i feel like a time bomb now!
5864500 tn?1380893197 From PubMed Rapid recovery from major depression using magnesium treatment. Major depression is a mood disorder characterized by a sense of inadequacy, despondency, decreased activity, pessimism, anhedonia and sadness where these symptoms severely disrupt and adversely affect the person's life, sometimes to such an extent that suicide is attempted or results.
Avatar f tn I suffer from very severe Refractory depression that is treatment resistant. Not a cake walk either. I'm sure we both suffer in our own way. Just know that for you there are treatments and there is hope. Just make sure you have a good Psychiatrist and follow his plan of action for you.
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed with major depression 2 years ago & responded well to medications primarily Zoloft. A year into treatment all her medications were tapered & discontinued. She then had a relapse after 4 weeks, since then she has been started on different medications each time & her symptoms continue to persist. Currently she is on Zoloft 100 mg BID, Elavil 75 mg BID & Bupropion 150mg QD.
6660969 tn?1384144976 She was diagnosed and she fought and won depression a few times in the past and I have been there in person to support her all the way and she beat it all the times before.
1442059 tn?1340244552 I have 2 much on my plate boyfriend very abusive i cant take it anymore seeing phyc on mon for my depression meds for treatment he was supposed to drive me now he says he wont i live out of town now what?
Avatar f tn The conculsion is the key element in the treatment. Without that there is to treatment and no help for depression. I want to let people know that ECT treatments are not like they are depicted on movies. They are very relaxing before and after. The patient is not awake for the procedure. After the procedure was done, often times patients ask if they are next. The nurse will tell them that they have already had their treatment and they can just lay there and relax.
2011699 tn?1328936953 I had major depression for decades and was able to do hepatitis C treatment with the help of an antidepressant and a psychiatrist monitoring me throughout my treatment. I had many other side effects but I never became depressed. From the Pegasys (peg-interferon) label "5.
Avatar n tn this was before i found this fourm. along with the depression the other major problem was lack of energy, another problem i could not get over on my own. when i found this fourm i started to learn what was going on with me, for i was truely in the dark about the withdrawls symptoms of opiate withdrawl. when i got here a year and a half ago, it was suggested to me to try to taper down wich i had no sucess with.
Avatar m tn First thing...stop the Chantix. Yes, in many people even those with no history of major depression Chantix is proven to have the potential to cause depression. There are better ways to stop smoking than to alter your brain chemistry.
Avatar m tn I was first diagnosed with Hep C in 2001 after probably contracting virus in 1969. Genotype 1. As my health was generally good I have waiting for improvements in SOC treatment success. Levels generally around 400,000, ALT 55. at I have taken the leap and am now 12 weeks into SOC & Filibuvir/placebo clinical trial. I had >2.09 log reduction at week 4 and < 15 at week 8. Undetectable. No RVR but EVR which is quite the difference in treatment duration.
Avatar n tn SSRIs do have major dependancy issues. I know because I went off Cipramil cold turkey under the instruction of a doctor (who obviously knew nothing). I experianced MAJOR withdrawal symptoms, so dizzy I couldn't walk around, manic episodes of wanting to kill myself at night, depression. I think you probably came down to quickly, your suppose to go down by maybe a quarter of a tablet each week. Its slow but it turns out better.
Avatar m tn I have heard a couple to be fair.. I am personally going to try the suboxone treatment due to my major abuse and long term abuse of oxycodone 300-400mg per day! and anything else pain pill related! I have went cold turkey so many times I would have to guess a number to count. Im sure it is close to 30-40 times though.. I have had this addiction for many years, and have decided I personally cant fix this overnight, and have came to terms to actually accept long term help..
2030686 tn?1351692148 "I'm wondering why depression is such a big deal on tx. Is it the usual risks associated with depression or is there something else they're worried about?" It's well documented that Interferon can cause depression. This is from the Pegasys website: Side effects, " Mental health problems and suicide.
Avatar n tn My depression has gotton so bad that I'm drinking to help stop this feeling but then it' just makes it worst My family just seems to had enough with me. I'm om 60mg of celexa my husband can't deal with it and my mother in law said she would help me I no she doesn't have to soo things moved on and she forgot and when I I had a nother breakdown she got mad at me it really help.
Avatar n tn Given the procedures that have been done and the medical situation, depression is certainly a likely possibility. Regarding the treatment of depression and chronic illness, I am not aware of treating this differently than depression alone. You mentioned various medications that have been tried - of those, only Prozac is an appropriate antidepressant.
Avatar n tn I feel like I have some form or kind of depression obviously in my life, everyone does. I just want some help advice on what to do about it, or even I should. I find I keep going through these continuous cycles almost daily where I just get angry or irritated at people I love and care about to the point I want to hurt them, usually over stupid, petty things.
Avatar n tn And I realize you can't do anything while on treatment, it is not gonna last forever. Get you a plan in place for AFTER treatment that will make you happier. When you have the rough days, think about the LilMomma special plan. Talk to your doctor if you don't feel better after the procrit kicks in. Knocking back the anemia will make you feel a whole lot better You are in my prayers!
572651 tn?1531002957 It's only been a couple of months that I've thought about MS as a possibility, but I've had a couple of nasty bouts of major depression in years gone by, and wondered if those could be related.
Avatar m tn I hope by now you are feeling better and are sticking with your treatment plan your dr. has determined is best for you right now. Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing on the Fetzima. What else did you say you are taking?
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
Avatar n tn And if he's still using do you think he can be properly treated for the depression ??? I don't because I think for him the heroin IS the treatment right now. Thanks for the balance.
Avatar n tn I finally got to post!! I have been experiencing severe withdrawal/depression the last few days, so much that I have found myself crying on a few occasions, I have been feeling like there is no way out of this awful life style, and if I get close to being clean, I get scared when I think of leading a sober life..... I can't handle it anymore, I lie to everyone, I hurt everyone and I waste all my godamn money on drugs, what the hell is the point?
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
Avatar f tn I am researching safe depression medication to take when I go on the treatment for hepatitis C. I am on Wellbutrin now and I am finding myself crying now and I have not even started treatment because I already suffer from depression but not badly (normally). Life will change now as I do not know how I will respond to the effects. I would love some input on what effects others are having with the treatment and I am really happy to have found this site to have people to talk to.
431685 tn?1324341198 he shows so many major signs of depression. We plan to have him continue counseling bi-monthly and hopefully to check into different treatment options instead of xanax once school is out. He makes very good grades at school and worries about doing poorly (high self-expectations, feels he's never good enought and is afraid to disappoint us I think). I'm curious to know at what age you were diagnosed with GAD and if you've used other medications outside of xanax?
3867523 tn?1348953285 Even with the side effects, I would not hesitate to do treatment again if indicated. Hep C treatment is not as problematic if compared to end stage liver disease, so that puts treatment in perspective. You will most likely do fine. Keep us posted. Best of luck.
498132 tn?1217465082 To make matters worse, they ignore the fact that my diet could be causing this because I have told them about how lacking my diet is in many nutrients and minerals and I think that a nutritional plan etc would eliminate the depression, but do they help? no.
Avatar f tn I have a history of major depression and I was already on antidepressants. By the time I started treatment I was no longer depressed and I never got depressed at all during treatment. I continued the antidepressants during treatment and will go off of them soon. I had side effects, but not those 3. If you are on only 2 drugs, Interferon and Ribavirin, you may do very well on treatment. Interferon is what causes the depression so that needs to be addressed.
Avatar n tn I have been on Anafranil (Clomipramine) 150 mg for the last 10 years for major depression (unipolar). My depression is worse in the winter and spring. It seems to have a rapid cycling course: I am very depressed one day, and then wake up the next day feeling fine and energetic. So in one week there are about 3 or 4 bad days alternating with good days.