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Avatar f tn Hello and welcome, Macrobid which is Nitrofurantoin monohydrate used in urinary tract infections so it is better to avoid alcohol. Alcohol may prevent and reduce the effects of Macrobid.It is best to consult your doctor and get your doubts clarified. I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn You will need to have a urinalysis and culture sensitivity report to identify the organism and the antibiotic it is sensitive to. Both macrobid and ciprofloxacin can be used in UTIs based on whether the bacteria is sensitive to them. You will also need to ensure that you keep fluid intake over 2000 ml, avoid alcohol and caffeine, maintain hygiene and try not to have unprotected intercourse. Do keep us posted on any further doubts in this regard.
Avatar n tn I had a full 5 day cycle of Cipro with no change, and 5 day cycle of Macrobid with no change until 10 days past end of both these cycles. I have lost 11 lbs during the illness so far. (not missed on my part btw) I have evaded the fever finally (dropped below 100 during week 3) and have improved about 50% fatigue wise (I am out of bed and back at work, though noticeably more tired and worn out)but I rested 100% for over two weeks. Now I am back at work.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and positive for phlori,I had treatment and the phlori was reated. But sibce the I have been very ill, i have not drunk any alcohol in 6 months,I had a urine,blood and a ultrasond tests done on my liver and every enzyme was normal except for one,I think it is the SHRT.normal is 0.8 and mine is 250,the docror gave me tablets called legalon,and it has been 6 months and I am still ill.
Avatar f tn I am a bit worried now, because I wasn't expecting this, I drank alcohol last weekend and the weekend before, and now on antibiotics. I am 37 and i know its crucial to take folic acid and prenatals. I know I am high risk because of my age. Anyone come across this?
Avatar n tn I was put on macrobid after sex, didnt work, macrobid everyday, didnt work! and then I started taking cipro and that really worked. But now I am 8 wks pregnant and have had what I thought was a UTI for 2 goin on 3 wks now!! I am going crazy!! I have taken every antibiotic known to man that is safe for a pregnant lady and no relief. i know that i was diagnosed w/ cytolytic vaginosis awhile back so I read up on it, but w/ being prgenant I dont know if it is the right diagnosis.
798555 tn?1292791151 The Dr said they can be tough on some people that was it nauseating , headaches, absolutely no alcohol ect. And what did you do to help cope with any side effects? It would help me to know what might possibly be around the corner for me so I can work thru it. I have to work regardless of how I feel (not an option), so your info will help me prepare getting thru the work day.
Avatar f tn she kicked her alcohol and klonipin habit!!!and yes our mothers lose their youth as do we.....but so sad to see the dementia like things.....but we care for them like they cared for mom was such a good mom...her parents were horrible ppl and she was raised by her granma......but so good to all 6 of us..i was fortunate..i know others r not that haven't had good parenting.
493068 tn?1224768915 I have chronic bladder infections and on long term Macrobid and still get frequent UTIs. I have had 3+ bacteria for the last 2 months despite Cipro and Levaquin. This morning the UTI is back with burning, frequency. They did not do a C&S before Cipro I think because it is always e-coli. What could be wrong with these 2 meds not working?....I am so tired of this pain and burning. I also have had lower back pain and groin pain for the last 2 mos.
Avatar n tn From my symptoms alone I think I still have a uti and as soon as i finish the macrobid it will get much worse. please advise what tests should be done and what meds they should be putting me on?? I am thinking cipro might be the one I need? i have also had right flank pain as well (aching) . About 3 weeks ago, i had a dental implant done, then i became sick. Could this have a bearing on my uti??
Avatar n tn This pain would intensify which would cause me to wince in pain and then release and then repeat all over again every 5-10 seconds for about a minute. This pain did not radiate anywhere but only within a specific point. Then this same stabbing sensation occurred half way up to the first knuckle of my right middle finger about 30 minutes later. Then immediately following this finger pain I felt pain in my right foot at the joint of my middle toe.
Avatar n tn What are the doctors missing? I have had cipro, macrobid, doxycyline, and now on prevacid.. HELP !!! I am 62 and otherwise healthy...
Avatar n tn In hospital care included Protonix, Zofran, Phenergan and Ativan. Her CBC,CH12, Amy, Lip were normal. She has Behcet's Disease and has been in remission for 3 months.Her flare ups include oral ulcers, fatigue, joint pain and malais. Upon release from hospital, she was improving with continuing milder abd. pain events and infrequent emesis. Post release she began oral meds, including all in hospital drugs with the exception of Ativan. This drug was replaced with Ambien.
Avatar f tn I go to the health fair in my town every year. This year I got my tests back, today & am a bit freaked out. ALL my liver enzymes are high. Alkaline Phosphatase, Normal 33-115--- MINE-154 AST, Normal 10-30--- MINE 46 ALT, Normal 6-40--- MINE 134 GGT, Normal 3-55--- MINE 279 I've had a slightly elevated ggt for the past 5/7 years, since I had gallbladder surgery, but not any of the others. I was put on an antibiotic for my first ever UTI the week before my health fair tests...
Avatar f tn If the pain is entirely related to the UTI, all you will need to do is to take the antibiotics you were prescribed, drink plenty of fluids including citrus juices, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and rest until you are comfortable enough to do your daily activities without discomfort. It would be better if you could go back to the ER and have an Xray or ultrasound done to check for an obstructive stone.
Avatar f tn ( and soft drinks and no alcohol at all. I have had blood tests, renal ultrasound, Irine workup and will be having a cystoscopy soon. I am seing a physio and do pelvic floor exercises, I am so depressed by this whole situation. Can anybody give me any hope that this will one day get a bit better? I'd be happy with 90 minutes between voids - at least i'd be able to go to the movies!
Avatar n tn Hi Dr I had DRE and left Prostrate seem to be enlarged ,Macrobid is continued and Dcotor asked me to have PSA after that.will this antibacterial will improve the infection - which is yet to be doctor suspect Prostatits ?
Avatar f tn I wipe front to back, I void after sex, I shower daily, I keep dry down there, I drink nothing but water (no caffeine, no alcohol, nothing), I'm taking cranberry pills, and I am on nitrofurantoin daily but the stupid things keep on coming back. What else could it be? Is there some other test I should ask for? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had a UTI for a few weeks and I've been on macrobid, then they switched me to cipro after 3 days of that. I have three days of pills left (of ten) and I've been having a hell of a time with it. I had my gallbladder removed years ago, but I'm having pain where it used to be if I bend over or move the wrong way. Could this just be the cipro, or my kidneys being ornery? Thanks!
593944 tn?1219134379 the thing is that since having the stone i have had white blood cells frequently in my urine and im treated with macrobid and pyridium. am allergic to penicillian, nexium, contrast iodine, floxin, flagyll, indomethacin, and promethazine. so i prefer to not take medicines if not needed being that im allergic to so many. so i was wandering could these stone be causing all the problems or do i have something else going on?
Avatar n tn They did, I started feeling a burning sensation after urinating ( but it was not consistent). He put me on macrobid and it did not work. He switched me to levaquin 500 for 10 days. That worked after 48h. I felt 100% normal after 3 days. When I reached day #8 of my treatment, I mowed again and, guess what, same thing happened ( burning and the frequency). This time, I believe that there is no coincidence. I went to the ER because my doc. was away. The doc.
Avatar n tn and it was a little red and *****. A couple of times that day, I put some rubbing alcohol on it (THAT stung... and was probably not the smartest choice). On Sunday, I had no discomfort at all when I went to the bathroom... but a couple of times, used the rubbing alcohol. DH and I had sex Sunday night. Monday, the stinging while urinating came back... and I grabbed a mirror. It looked to me like a pimple too...
Avatar m tn Common causes causing erection problem are stress and anxiety, poor communication with your partner, unrealistic sexual expectations, which make sex a task rather than a pleasure, negative feelings about non performance, smoking, alcohol and sometimes illicit drugs. Talk to your partner openly about any fears or apprehensions, eat nutritious healthy food, exercise regularly and cut down on smoking or alcohol if you are taking it. If still a problem then get it evaluated from a urologist.
Avatar n tn Several days later I received the results saying that I do not have an infection. I finished off the Macrobid and went to my Gyno where they did a pap and a pelvic exam along with another urinalysis. This one came back with no white blood cells but still had blood. I went back to my GP and had yet another urinalysis done, same thing, blood in urine but no white blood cells. I spoke with a Urologist who said it may be Urethritis and to mention that to my GP. My GP but me on Augmentin.
Avatar m tn My dr, primary phy would not give me hydrocodone with the stuff that tylenol had in it, but did give me vicodine with the stuff advil has as primary pain reliver..did gave up alcohol the day I was told I had HVC, thats been about three 12 weeks ago. I have read in this forum that the accetametophin (hope I spelled it correctly) is not harmful as long as alcohol is not involved...any ideas?
Avatar f tn I went to him and he took urine for a urine analysis and culture and also did a bladder sonogram which he said looked good as well. Also I should mention I had a CT scan a few months back and all was well; no stones. He told me to continue levaquin for five days and he also gave me pyridium.
Avatar n tn Mine was all caused by an Adverse Drug Reaction to Macrobid (which can cause neuropathies and such) and possibly Trovan (a quinolone antibiotic). The quinolones include: Cipro, Tequin, Floxin, Levaquin,,,you can check out the Quinolone Adverse Reaction site. I was just wondering if you ever took a strange drug for an infection which may have set off your nervous system? Thanks.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends, Welcome! Please make yourself at home ... snuggle down by the fire and hang on. It's a bumpy ride.
233616 tn?1312790796 Tylenol become toxic with any alcohol, and grapefruit juice cancels out SOC and many other drugs as examples. Even though I get my SOC drugs from a specialty pharmacy, I told my LOCAL pharmacist I was on SOC, and ask her to research each new med for possible drug interactions. It never hurts to have more eyes on your medication regime. Pharmacist, BTW have 6 years of drug only training.