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Avatar m tn I was given lyrica for nerve pain in my legs about four years ago. I didn't take a lot of it, only about 50 mgs every other day. My pain got worse, so I asked the doctor if I could double the dose. Doubling just the first couple of times caused swelling in my mouth and around my eyes, so I dropped lyrica altogether. In no time I was hit with xanax type withdrawal symptoms: depersonalization, lack of concentration and dizziness being the most frightening.
Avatar f tn I also suffer from fibro/cfs, chronic migraines, complete loss of taste, tinnitus, abdominable pain, oesphageal spasms, acid reflux, severe pain in back and legs and TMJ. (I have had other additional health probs, see post 14 July). I take lyrica, morphine and omeprazole amongst other medication. The lyrica is driving me a bit nuts - I am sleepy, sick, dizzy and cannot do very much.
5100586 tn?1363648354 I have a question regarding lyrica withdrawal symptoms ................ I am currently suffering with this and am on day 38 with no end in sight from these godawful symptoms ............... in fact, it has gotten worse in the last 48 hrs, which is so depressing, as I thought I would improve as I distanced myself from the drug ...
Avatar m tn I was rear ended by a heavy truck 4 years ago the neurologyst told me I had difuse axonal damage causing impairment in my cognitive functions and headaches . I am taking lyrica and helps some but if I don't take is my headache going to be permanent? and can difuse axonal damage be seeing in a mri?
Avatar f tn Like VaBreeze, tinnitus and balance issues were the first noticeable problems, followed by myalgia and tingling. In retrospect, the heart palpitations and mild asthma that started a couple of months before may also be part of it all as well, as I was one of the "gradual onset" types.
Avatar n tn Other causes could include Menieres disease (increased fliud pressure in the inner ear causing hearing lossm tinnitus and vertigo). Treatment is symptomatic or in severe cases, destruction of the fluid chambers in the inner ear. Also, perhaps brainstem auditory evoked responses, which can be more sensotoive than MRI at picking up an abnormality could provie more information about hearing and the brainstem strucutures.
Avatar n tn morning stiffness, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, dizzyness, mental slowness etc.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. If nerve damage is the cause for your tinnitus, its unlikely that niacin will help. For nerve damage medications like amitriptyline or lyrica may help. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn The first procedure helped me for not quite a year. Because of the lyrica I'm on, urinating is slow, as there isn't much force to it. And now that I am slathering Androgel on my shoulders, I am hoping nothing more will occur. I am completely sterile and have been since birth. For years, I've been wearing pads in order to soak drips that occur throughout my day -- a product of those two prostate operations.
Avatar n tn I am trying to push through my symptoms (as my life been on hold for a year) and now the edge has been taken off the terrible pain/stabbing/throbbing by taking Lyrica (tingling not helped by Lyrica) I will try to take back my life. Not quite sure how as exhausted most of the time. But Hey Ho thats life for you. Just trying not to let it control me anymore!!!!!!!
230625 tn?1216764664 I had a Temporal Bone CT scan a couple of weeks ago to investigate my pulsatile tinnitus. All attempts to get the results over the phone have been futile. They won't give me the results until I see the ENT on Sept 20. Sooooo, being the impatient person that I am, I've been on a wild goose chase all over the city trying to get a copy of the CT report ahead of time. No small task... Ughh... So far, I haven't been that successful.
Avatar f tn -pregabalin (lyrica), co-amoxiclav augmentin, diclofenac Na, daflon, pantoprazole Na, and pentoxipylline for pain Thanks and hoping for your advice
Avatar f tn Been told by a neuro Dr that what made me think I had neuropathy she has never diagnosed me with it and neuropathy cannot come and go. My internal med Dr has had me on Lyrica for a year and it helps allot with the shooting burning stabbing pains at night. But sometimes it gets real bad.
Avatar m tn While serving in the US Navy, I acquired tinnitus due to the destructive decibel levels of artillery and pneumatic tools. The VA awarded me a 10 percent disability with a whopping compensation of $127 monthly for this torment. About five years ago, I developed FMS/CFS, perhaps due to my work as a pest controller for the past 28 years. When the fibro is giving me a hard time, usually the tinnitus takes a leap into high gear as well. This past T episode has been going on for over a month.
Avatar f tn He diagnosed Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia and put me on Lyrica, 50 mg, 3xdaily. I told him a week later that it seems to help, and I told him at that time that it had even made my eye quit hurting and twitching (had been twitching constantly for over 2 weeks). He said to continue medicine for one month, see how I'm doing, and ween me off it asap.
Avatar n tn There is a possibility that your symptoms are due to atypical migraine. Atypical migraine can present as tinnitus, visual symptoms and shooting pains, tingling and numbness without the headache. It is therefore also known as acephalgic migraine. Please discuss this possibility with your doctor as soon as possible. Have you been able to identify a trigger for these attacks?
Avatar f tn I'm on 60 mg Cymbalta for pain, 100 mg Lyrica, 30 mg Remeron for sleep but also take a sleeping pill. The ringing is so bad in the night and in the morning think it makes the pain worse. Also on 2 1/2 mg Ativan but have been trying to come off it as the anxiety is much less. I did quit smoking and have started again but not very much. None of the Dr's can explain.
Avatar n tn Tinnitus, fogginess. The loud ringing is driving me crazy! I have had body wide twitching for 3 years. I am a horrible sleeper, but when I do sleep its just more hours to clench my teeth. I have had 3 clean emgs, 5 ncv’s, 2 clear mri’s, TONS of blood work, a muscle biopsy(showed mild myopathy), cardio tests, food allergy teats, sleep studies, negative for Lyme, Thyroid ok, no rheumo conditions either………….. All basically clear.
Avatar n tn I had a ringing in my right ear about two years ago, and went to a GP who gave me Sturgeron Forte for the Tinnitus and also a wrong diagnosis initially. By the time they did tests etc it was a two month interval and not being satisfied I went to another ENT Specialist. He put me on steroids but by that time it was too late so I have lost all hearing in my right ear. A cochlea implant was mentioned.
Avatar n tn Tinnitus, fogginess. The loud ringing is driving me crazy! Skin: Burning and itchy. Esp when nervous. then it is unbearable I have had body wide twitching for 3 years. I am a horrible sleeper, but when I do sleep its just more hours to clench my teeth. ANY muscle I use burns and fatigues. I try to exercise but pay for it later.
Avatar f tn I have jabbing trigeminal neuralgia, roaring tinnitus, and jabbing pain all on left side of times ..yet at most time I have just throbbing. I take opiates which I am trying to get off of because I hate side effects..don't we all..All I need is a med that makes things worse.. .I have non diabetic peripheral tingling.....jabbing, burning pains lingering throbbing type pains.. I take lyrica...ssri's have been no help..
Avatar m tn Ocular side effects include visual field changes, reduced visual acuity, blurred vision, otitis media and tinnitus, angioedema with respiratory compromise has been reported, dyspnea, urinary incontinence, myasthenia, arthralgia, myalgia, etc. You could consult your neurologist if the symptoms are distressing for you. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn I had a drink after dinner, and the tremors got better (I test them by placing my hand on a flat surface and lifting each finger individually), but since I had had a Lyrica before dinner it also seemed to knock me for a loop. My boyfriend (we use that term VERY loosely in our 40's & 50's) asked once if I was ok, because I fell asleep sitting up...HaHa, gave us a good laugh...but the tremors were better!
378497 tn?1232147185 This will happen for a couple of nights in a row, and then stop. I also have pulsing tinnitus (a whooshing in the ear with your pulse). Add to that that in the last three weeks, I've developed an occipital neuralgia of some kind...a shock that starts at the base of my skull and travels to behind my right eye...takes about a second or two, and the pain is so intense that I have to stop what I'm doing and just bear it. It comes at all and any times--sitting, standing, eating, yawning.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc I have had facial pain since I was a little kid, with cold sores at the end of my nose & lips. I am now 47 and the pain intensity has increased greatly. The pain is on my nose face, in & around ears and around my eyes.I have much tinnitus as well. My Neurologist gave me 1200 mg tegretol with no relief. Now she started Lyrica with much relief noted. Is there a test for facial herpes neuralgia? I can not afford oral prosthetics, and TN treatment not covered by insurance.
773755 tn?1328123377 had nasty separation and all the stress and buIIshi+ that follows, physical burnout --> f.s., anxiety, thyroid problem, tinnitus, leaky gut.
953806 tn?1295464536 I had been taking many medication for long years like motrin, ubeprufen, naproxen, lyrica, tramadol, neurotin, and gabapentina, taking physical terapy, ciropractic, acupunture, natural doctor fon many years, and still have many neck pain, shoulder pain, arms pain, back and leg pain, arms, and leg cramp, slepping hand, i have neck weakness, vertigo, tinnitus, blured vision, some times nauseas, cold arms. thank you for you answer dr.
Avatar f tn (Topomax, Lyrica, Depakote, Nortiptyline) over a 4-year period, under the care of a neurologist. Since stopping the medicine, I have had various visual disturbances (spots, flickering vision, strobe-like vision upon opening my eyes at night). I went to an ophthalmologist recently who said that my eyes were fine, and that it was in my brain. I had an MRI 4 yrs. ago which was fine. I also had spinal fusion in August of my thoracic spine and lumbar fusion in 2001.