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Avatar f tn What are the long term side effects of taking Gabapentin for long term pain control?
Avatar f tn While I have had several months with far less pain (yippee), I am still evaluating the trade-off between Lyrica's side effects versus pain reduction. Long term I am undecided whether I'll remain on Lyrica permanently or not. Be aware that higher doses may mean stronger or even different side-effects. Keep a pain and side-effect diary, and after a decent period of time (say a couple of months), you and your doctor will have some evidence to go on.
630344 tn?1280108583 I was told that it takes about 2 months to get the full effects of Lyrica and some of the side effects will subside too. Don't give up now and do not stop without proper instructions and does reductions.
Avatar f tn BUT, I have to take it or I am in pain. So try not to worry so much about the long term effects when you are trying to survive today. If you are worried about this I would talk to my doctor and let them know what you are experiencing and there may be something they can do differently. Just dont stop any seizure med without a doctors help. Hope you feel better..
Avatar n tn I will go out on a limb to add that the rare side effects have a greater possibility in older people (post menopause for obvious reasons) an A-type personality and / or weakened immune system, but as well for anyone suffering constipation or decreased urine output (common side effect of Lyrica) since then hour body is not washing the drug from our system and toxicity then becomes the fuel for yet more side effects.
Avatar m tn I also do not want to do the whole take another drug to counter act the side effects and end up taking all these different drugs. Do the side effects subside after a while? Are narcotics the only way to go? I feel sometimes like my doctor is really trying to push them on me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn You are not alone, I too suffer from extreme exhaustion and lots of long term side effects. I agree that it's hard to fight the system but you have to keep trying! Keep checking with different least that's what I'm doing, it just is NOT normal for an HCV SVR to experience this much fatigue (there must be something else wrong). You sound like a very caring man and she is lucky to have you. My best to you and your wife.
Avatar n tn I believe it is a long term side effect from the combination treatment I received and I was wondering if anyone else developed either of these after treatment? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/891091'>Are there long-term neurotoxic effects from Ribavirin??-getting worried here</a>.
456220 tn?1206104795 Without Neurontin, I think I would die. It is a life saver, however, I am wondering about the long term effects of it. I have been on this dose for 5 yrs now and it does wreak havoc with my memory. I have to write EVERYTHING down and my thought process can switch from one thing to another just like that. But I would not think of getting off of it. I have a diabetic insulin pump that is set @ 7am, 12pm, and 5pm everyday to beep so I don't forget my dose.
Avatar f tn 2011, so after almost 2 years the pain is getting worse and I have felt no relief. I have heard some people saying the long term side effects can last up to 7 years, so I can't believe having to wait 5 more!!!! I hope no permanent damage is done. Good luck to your hubby, and best wishes to both. Thanks for the reply.
Avatar n tn HI coming off 2 or 3 T3s is not going to be to bad it is very doable from home there not as strong as most of the meds you see people here detoxing from when the time comes come on here let us know yyou want to detox and will walk you threw the steps....good luck and God bless....
Avatar f tn by taking your needed meds as prescribed. Several years ago there was a study done on the effects of long term opiate therapy. Forest Tennant, MD, who undertook a first-of-its-kind research study evaluating chronic pain patients who had been receiving opioid therapy for 10 to 35 years. I found the results of his study extremely encouraging as should have other patients in need of long-term opioid therapy as well as their doctors, some of whom may have been hesitant about it. Dr.
Avatar n tn For the first month I thought they were brilliant but then my body quickly needed more and more to stop breakthrough pain and then the other side effects set in. I am trying to go off them cold turkey at moment and it is HELL. I realise everyone has different tolerance to drugs so it will be different for everyone. The scariest things for me are the mental state it brings on from being in a trance to being so depressed you want to kill yourself.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced long-term issue with elevated EBV numbers going up and down, but aways elevated numbers? Which, I think, is termed "chronic/active infection." If so, how long did it last? Or, is lasting...
Avatar n tn So I want to ask if all this sounds like the long term effects of ritalin use. If they match the effects of amphetamine use. And more importantly, if I can do something about it.
Avatar n tn He recently lost the long term dis. He does nothing all day but lay around. He is so angry and half the time has no idea what is going on. I tell him I think he has addictions but he yells and says he needs it he is not addicted. I am not even sure if he is as much pain as he says he is or if just a addict now!!!! Whats worse is his parents up hold him and belittle me about not be supportive. However when they come around he puts on a show moaning about his pain.
202665 tn?1248810333 Lunesta can be used long term. Rozerem is another good sleep aide and specifically better than either of those two because it being derived from melatonin adjusts the sleep cycle. Anti-depressents can sometimes set off mania in a person with bipolar so I'd be concerned that's what might be going on but they are sometimes needed. Seroquel has a mood stabilization effect in addition to being an antipsychotic so that would stabilize things in that area.
217229 tn?1192766004 ---Long term effect(s) ---Long term side effects ---Temporary side effects ---WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY DO? ---Is there a noticeable difference in pain --- if so, how much? Is it worth it to me to try out the LYRICA - Cymbalta combo she's prescribed? If so - what should I expect? And TRULY --- how bad is the weight gain? (Because I'm already pretty chunky... LOL!) I'm pretty funny about medicines and I'm a bit "scared" to try anything "new".
Avatar n tn I have tried Lyrica and the side effects were so near the symptoms of Fibro, I did not realize it was the Lyrica causing them until I came off of it and actually got better, pain wise. I cannot take anything that even hints at mood, such as suicidal thoughts I have not tried the new one even though my dr keeps pushing it at me. I have some amount of quality of life with what I am on right now and I don't want to mess with it.
293157 tn?1285877039 Now the gabapentine twice a day makes me tired? does gabapentin have a side effect that effects you teeth, gums.. etc..get so sore everyday for the past few days, not sure why. I though maybe one tooth, but the other parts of my mouth get sore as well? plus I'm so out of it, that I can't go outside... I'm so tired and can't seem to sit for long. I don't know if its the meds...cause the amount isn't that high... if not the meds...why is this happening?
1088430 tn?1259163373 I have never tried Lyrica before and the only person that I know of personally that took it had to stop due to unwanted side-effects BUT side-effects are usually rare and don't effect all people. So, if you are not experiencing side-effects and this medication is working well for you, then I wouldn't let other people's bad experiences with the medication make you worry about taking the medication.
Avatar f tn The side effects I had from the steroids was hot flashes, facial flushing, increased night sweats and weight gain. I sweat a lot normally. I'm on Wellbutrin and it's one of the side effects but while I was getting the injections it was horrible. I'd sweat for no reason just sitting in my office chair. My night sweats got 10x worse. Everything has finally calmed down now 2 months after my last injection. I gained 10lbs in a month and I'm still trying to get rid of it.6 to go.
Avatar f tn If you do get back on it, Please do lots of research and know that without a doubt, long term use will lead to dependence and you will require a slow taper to get off this stuff - even then though I don't think anybody knows the long term effects this has on gaba production and processing in the brain. Personally, I think that the way this suff is marketed and prescribed is criminal. I hope serious justice eventually comes to those responsible.
217229 tn?1192766004 ---Long term effect(s) ---Long term side effects ---Temporary side effects ---WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY DO? ---Is there a noticeable difference in pain --- if so, how much? Is it worth it to me to try out the LYRICA - Cymbalta combo she's prescribed? If so - what should I expect? And TRULY --- how bad is the weight gain? (Because I'm already pretty chunky... LOL!) I'm pretty funny about medicines and I'm a bit "scared" to try anything "new". Especially New to the market.
712802 tn?1274649085 This can sneak up on you before you know it. Be very cautious. I do not take Lyrica. It has some nasty side effects that I don't want such as suicide idealization. I do not have Fibro and I understand it is a great drug for that and often nerve pain. So I guess you weight the good with the bad. Others will post with more direct experience than I have with Lyrica.
Avatar f tn I have taken Lyrica this year and just weaned myself off of it. I had too many of the listed side effects from it. I was going to do a study but afterwards was told that I was ineligible because I was already taking the med.
Avatar f tn It is said in the Pfizer literature that Lyrica doesn't suffer from tolerance build up in patients on it for the long term. I would like to know if anyone else has felt like they are developing tolerance to Lyrica, and particularly useful would be any links to articles discussing this issue. A bit of background: I have been on Lyrica for about 5-6 months (at 600mg/day for around 4 months) for chronic pain in the upper back - T5. Lyrica is my only prescription pain relief.
372680 tn?1228165210 Alot of doctor's don't take their time raising the doses of Lyrica (as my PCP did) and I had side-effects that I couldn't deal with. Lyrica can be a good drug, as long as you can tolerate some of the beginning symptoms. Sleepiness is one of them. In my humble opinion, it's best to stay on a low dose for a least 2-3 weeks, before going up on the dosage. Another 2-3 weeks on that schedule, before another increase in dosage.