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Avatar f tn Without sounding like a broken record here's another thread on the topic. lyrica or or gabapentin is a strange drug and is becoming more and more common as well as more and more people are starting to go through the hell of withdrawals unknowingly.
Avatar f tn I've been taking 50 to 150mg of lyrica a day for the past week I know it's only been a week not much but I was going to do lyrica for one more week for a total of 2 weeks of 150mg a day. It's not prescribed my mother gave it to me because I have RLS and it helps I just want to take 150mg a day for 14 day and 14 days only!!! It's been 7 days I've been taking it so 7 more days. I'm wondering will I have withdrawals from this if I take 150mg a day for 2 weeks?
Avatar m tn t want to be taken lyrica and then when the opiate withdrawals are better/gone and I decide to quit taking the lyrica the opiate withdrawals come back and it's like opiate withdrawals all over again (like day 1). I know lyrica isn't a narcotic and isn't a big habit former unless it's really abused, but I just want to know that lyrica and hydrocodien have none of the same ingredients or substances and it won't be like me still taking the hydrocodien??
Avatar m tn ve stopped using doloxene with no problems, and similarly for panadeine forte. My most recent foray into stopping is lyrica - a range of symptoms including the night sweats and great difficulty getting comfortable when lying on my side, and several days of a really creepy feeling under the skin, probably just nerves rebounding from the inhibition effect of lyrica.
Avatar f tn Got some neurotin quit everything cold turkey amd been perfectly fine for the past month. So yes it works for withdrawal symptoms!
Avatar m tn I am not a Dr or anything and I have never taken my medication other then how prescribed but when I first started taking the Lyrica it made me very VERY tired and sluggish. I didnt take any of my other pain pills that day so maybe it is good for withdrawal it makes you not need anything else? I dunno.. only Drs know what is going on with meds, sometimes not even them lol But I think you will do fine if you just take small amounts. I hope these things are prescribed to only you...
216046 tn?1193943404 I was just prescribed Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain and take 100mgs of methadone daily for pain as well. Hopefully i can come off the methadone soon. My question is, has anyone heard of lyrica causing withdrawal symptoms when taken w/methadone? I was given Tramadol(Ultram) w/ methadone and thought I was going to die with the interaction it caused!!!
17365575 tn?1456040685 I've been on Lyrica for several years do to nerve pain, and the withdrawal when I've gone off is brutal.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Requip for RLS, which I had so bad with my Tramadol withdrawal, I would rock and bounce for hours during both the day and night. I had RLS for at least 6 hours or more a day for almost a month. I took the Requip for the first 40 days, now I take it 2x a week. My doc said after I hit 2 months or more off the opiates, we can talk about me jumping off the Requip all together.
478403 tn?1266546009 i tried lyrica for 5 days for fibrmyalgia...laid out is not the word for it..i was also tongue friend gets euphoria from it and now it is her DOC...trams coming in at a close second...but no lortabs or oxy anymore! Is this good..NO...i switched to cymbalta after i did not tolerate the lyrica....stopped it 2 days ago aftyer 5 hair is falling out and i have a quarter size bald spot i the back of my head ..i never have tolerated ADs well...
Avatar f tn Due to my health insurance being canceled I can't afford to purchase multiple medications I've been on for several years. Gabapentin , fentanyl 75 mcg patch and ocyocodone 15 mg 4 a day. I have been decreasing my amount of each medication as slowly as possible but don't have much left. The side effects of decreasing these medications over a week has had some really bad effects.
Avatar f tn Has anyone been prescribed lyrica? I have, and have had great results with it for nerve pain in my right arm and hand. Opinions, please. My two other posts with more description vanished, so I will leave with this lol.
Avatar m tn As some of you know I'm withdrawaling from opiates (hydrocodien/Vicodin) and I'm diagnosed with something that causes restless legs syndrome (RLS) which is why I'm prescribed lyrica.. I've been going through all the opiate withdrawals and insomnia was a big factor,so my mom gave me something called triazolam also known as (halcium) it's for insomnia.
Avatar m tn When switching to the new med, does the body experience w/d from the other opiate, even though a new opiate is replacing the old opiate. In other words, let's say you "rotate" your meds once every 6 months. At those 6 month intervals, when your physician places you on a different medication, do you experience withdrawals for a few days? I have a theory that different opiates attach to diff opiate receptors.
Avatar m tn My dr just gave me Lyrica. I have been taking 4 hydros 10/500 a day for several years. I very seldom use more, I took the first Lyrica last night and feel pretty sluggish today. Has anyone on here taken this and had any luck with it? I have read some bad things about it which I guess all of these pain killers have bad side effects. I just want to know has it helped anyone cut back on the other pain killers.
901222 tn?1399142874 I was in the same boat and I don't know if this will work for you but it did for me. I got on lyrica 100mg. It's non narcotic and helps withdrawal. I think it's actually for fibromyalgia or nerve pain not really sure but I got shot in the face and jumped a year later and they hit me in the jaw with a sledge hammer and it works good for me.
1689696 tn?1305819097 Much of it depends on how long you were on the opiate, how much was prescribed and of course which opiate plus your particular systems reaction. So remember any opiate (narcotic) will produce withdrawal when you cease taking them. If you've only been on them a few months your withdrawal should be moderate and only last several days. A few muscle relaxants or anti-anxiety meds may help you through that time but talk to your PMP. Don't trade one for the other....
Avatar n tn Lyrica and LDN are fine to take together. It worked for me! Its only the narcotics, opiate based drugs, immunosuppressant DMDs, and steroids in higher than physiologic doses that are out.
Avatar f tn It's amazing how the Lyrica stops the opiate withdrawal sweats. I had no idea how much it helped with opiate withdrawal. It's not the answer though because the withdrawal from Lyrica is worse lol. Well it was for me and still is. I wish I could have done a much slower taper. It's been too hard on me but I am a wimp.
Avatar m tn please help me. withdrawls from morphine. feeling terrible. i have a script for Lyrica i never tried. Can it help me now???/ i read it takes 3 days to work??? i've been taking my valium script but it's not enough help. in pain.
5549258 tn?1449083082 Hi & Welcome, A couple of things I will suggest: get rid of the Kratom. It is addictive and you don't need a substitution now. Lyrica is also known to be addictive for those who have the disease of addiction. If it were me, I would get rid of that. Cough syrup? Is there any opiate in it? If so, lose that. The reason I say this none of that suff will probably help with your withdrawal and in fact may prolong it.
Avatar f tn My question is can someone with opiate dependence take the fentanyl patch? Has anyone been in this situation! Someone had mentioned using Suboxone in opiate withdrawal and I always say it is a wonder drug!! I have tried getting off pills cold turkey and it never worked. I have now been pill free since January 2011 and I know that I have the Suboxone to thank for that. I was in detox for 12 days while on, but felt Fantasic about an hour after starting.