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Avatar f tn Hi there, Muscle related side effects are listed for Lyrica, muscle twitching or jerking and muscle weakness, muscle spasms have been reported as a rare side effect see....... Cheers.......
Avatar n tn will most likely increase as I still have a great deal of pain. I also take baclophen for muscle spasms. Also on a time released morphine and it doesn't seem to be working that well. I need to contact my dr. in the morning. I feel the same way you do. I can't get out of bed some mornings and when I do I can only sit in my chair for an hour before it begins to hurt. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I just take it one day at a time.
Avatar f tn Hi i usually post on the ms site iv been on lyrica for two months and it has made a huge difference to my nerve and muscle pain ( i came down with bad muscle spasm in May for two weeks could not feed myself or walk) i was already under a neuro when that happened as had been having memory probs word recall bladder and bowel problems balance muscle weakness and nerve pain.
193953 tn?1272078626 I have been taking Lyrica for about six months now for the treatment of fibromyalgia which is a terrificly painful condition. Unfortunately I am also a drug addict. It began with my diagnosis and all the pain medication that was prescribed for me. I have never met a pain pill I didn`t like. It got to the point where I was ransacking every medicine cabinet that I came in contact with for labels that read "may cause drowsiness".
Avatar f tn Neurontin, Lyrica for the nerve pain, and Baclophen or Flexeril for the muscle spasms. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn However I too have Spasticity,spasms every where including my face.My left calf cramped for 6 weeks or so felt like the worst charlie horse EVER... Wnet to the ER along with other pain at that time they gave me a anti siezsure meds that took it away. My GEN PRAC.took me off that and put me on Lyrica 150 all i can take more made me to sleepy. I do take flexaril at night.Feels like im trying to jump out of my body at night when i lay down to sleep,yeah sleep whole other issue !!
372680 tn?1228165210 she said if it went away with the med it was viral and if it didn't it could be Lyrica. Seeing as Lyrica is the only drug I've had that has helped me and been my "miracle drug," I'm going to stay on it regardless. I'm actually doing so well, I'm starting to feel temperature on my feet again and haven't had crazy burning in them for a while! On another subject: I have crazy random muscle cramps.
Avatar n tn Should this take place multiple times a day, it creates the perfect conditions for muscle spasms. Add emotional distress-caused by all the physical suffering plus everything else that goes with mentally dealing with chronic disease- and you have enough causative factors to explain the severe muscle spasms.
Avatar n tn My rheumy happened to notice my hand spasms recently, so he sent me for blood tests ( I dont know yet if they showed anything) CBC, CMP, ESR, and Magnesium. But I have a muscle relaxer (Soma) and Lyrica (for nerve pain in my outer hip areas that stem from my spine). None of this seems to be helping all these cramps & spasms though. I think I drink enough, take a multi vitamin every day, I even tried taking calcium & magnesium supplements, ate more bananas. NOthing seems to help.
Avatar n tn My cholesterol levels are slightly elevated and just at the point he says he usually prescribes statins but with a dx of MS and taking Klonopin for muscle spasms already, he said he wouldn't even consider statins until he had tried other methods, i.e. lifestyle changes, exercise, niacin, etc.
Avatar n tn For almost 1 year now I have had horrible muscle spasms in my abs when I do sit ups. I do a lot of running and other exercise and my abs never tighten up like that any other time other than doing sit ups. Everytime I try to do sit ups I can get through about 10 then the upper right abdominal area completely tightens and feels like a really really bad charlie horse. I'm just looking for any advice or experience with this that anyone can give me.
Avatar n tn Tizanidine also helps for the muscle spasms of fibro. Good luck....
5485096 tn?1375577835 Spasms and Pain are different and require different meds most of the time. I take Baclofen for spasms and it works great and neurontin (gabapentin) for pain and find the combination works for me. The only thing that makes me hungry is steroids! So the week I am on steroids, I usually gain a few pounds.
Avatar f tn Every since then, I have had intense muscle spasms. I get muscle cramps all over my body constantly!!! Neurologists have done everything, "within their power" to figure this out, I have no insurance, I am self pay, I am only 27, (( it first started when I was 24)) I have had a catscan, ekg, you name it, seems as if I have done it! My diagnosis is "Chorea"(( I have involuntery muscle movements frequently daily my toes move all by themself as well as my fingers.
Avatar n tn Can lesions on the cervical and thoracic spine cause muscle spasms in the upper thoracic back?I have lesions on C4,C6-7.This is from a 2009 MRI (no symptoms were present at the time of the scan)My 2011 MRI(April) showed several increased areas of T2 signal in the thoracic cord.Largest lesion was present at T1 posteriorly on the left,T2 on the right,centrally at T3-4,and posteriorily left on T6-7.
Avatar n tn My surgeon recommended lyrica for the spasms, but the reason I opted for the surgery was to resolve the problem permanently, and address the root cause, rather than have to rely indefinitely on drugs. The spasms have affected my sleep patterns, and I have not had a decent nights sleep since the surgery. It is also affecting my abiltiy to perform on-the-job. Is it possible that the surgery has permanently made this particular symptom worse? If so, what would I do next?
667923 tn?1421466324 I do have an attorney on that. I took it for my face bc the Lyrica that I take caused me to have blisters or small ...well one of them turned out to be a cyst on my chin. It was so big that my whole chin swoll up.I even have a lump uder my chin like it's my thyroid or something, but test turned out negative. My lymph nodes stay swolen too.
Avatar n tn It got to the point where it was actually painful and it gradually got worse, but the tingling was not bad compared to the muscle spasms or twitches. Just under my eye, I had a muscle twitch for 2 months. During that time, I also had muscle twitches on my face, all over my cheeks, jaws and around my mouth. It would even paralyze my mouth for hours. I was on Topamax for 5 months. The muscle spasms and twitches gradually became worse and more often. The were in my abdomen and legs.
372680 tn?1228165210 I do notice since i've been off lyrica more jerking of my limbs foggy head again and muscle spasms but although my nerve pain was awfull for 3 weeks after stopping i have to say its almost gone now.
Avatar f tn I recenly had a stroke, I now having spasm in my brain and they go down to my right side of neck ,arm , shoulder. The muscle do not contract , you can even see it,it feels like my head is on fire and wants to explode.
Avatar f tn I take Baclophen for muscle spasms. At first when I changed over from Trazadone, the Baclophen made me a little sleepy. But after about a week I am fine with it during the day.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I also needed to get on medication for spasticity the muscle pain. I got on Baclofen. I had to get off Lyrica for financial reasons. They put me on the generic Trileptal. It does not work as well as the Lyrica did for me. I sometimes have to take a small amount of opiate on top of the baclofen to get my muscles to relax. I also take depakote and seroquel at night so I can fall asleep with the pain. Everyone is different and different things work for different people.
251222 tn?1270939717 All the symptoms that began after the coma have stayed and I haven't developed anything new that I can think of right off. Muscle spasms, muscle pain and great weakness, no strength in any of the body (walking up stairs is a nightmare), buzzing, tingling, 'wet' feeling legs, arms going numb, extended length headaches, falling down or things falling out of my hands for no reason ( a real embarassing one was a cup of coffee right at the front door of a building in town, good grief ).
572651 tn?1333939396 I was prescibed Cymbalta for nerve pain (I think the Dr. was thinking fibromyalgia to be honest) & it did help some with the pain but not with the spasms or my other mobility issues or bowel & bladder sx but I guess it wasn't supposed to help with those. I took it for a little over a month, I was told it takes a month to get in your system properly. The side effects were: nervousness & felt shaky. it made my insomnia way worse even though I took it 1st thing in the morning.
325405 tn?1262293778 The Rheumatologist started me on 50 mg of Lyrica last week. I had been on 25 mg. of amitriptyline for 10 years for RLS. He told me to discontinue that. I gained 30 lbs over the 10 years on amitrip. and had just recently lost 10 lbs. I haven't had any side effects from the Lyrica in the 6 days of taking it, but wondered how many weeks it took you to get to the 300 mg. dose? Did they increase it 50 mg a week or something? When did you start to feel that it was helping.
329994 tn?1301666848 I am currently being tested for all kind of muscle disorders and autoimmune disorders so am pretty sure that soon, I will be told to take one of these medications (I already have CFS). I am just wanting some feedback as to how they affected you and the mg that you take. My primary wanted me to try Savella w/o my test results back yet - waiting on the tests from the rheumatologist, but after reading that other post about Savella, that scares me.
Avatar f tn I now have headaches all the time, fatigue (I have caught myself falling asleep at work), muscle spasms, IBS, depression, pain all over, and now (for the last 6 months) I have had SEVERE muscle tensing in my legs and arms. I have to actually mentally relax them much of the time. they are not twitches I have them as well, these muscles will be tense for several seconds or longer. I am scared. Not sure if it is MS, Lupus, ALS, or nothing.
1318483 tn?1318350782 Sertraline 25mg at night and Doxepin 40mg at night for pain. Baclofen, 20mg 3x a day for muscle spasms and spasticity. Hello!! I just fell asleep right in the middle of the Baclofen sentence. lol. A little 3 hour nap. :) I have been doing that for the last couple of days. It is like unbearable fatigue hits me in the middle of my day. I woke up this morning at about 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. As far as do the narcos do me any good...yes, they do.
755322 tn?1330272714 Weaned off the Lyrica, finally, about middle of July and started on baclofen, August 1 for muscle spasms. What a wonderful difference! Baclofen even at 15 mg day has reduced the nerve pain to nothing and spasms are so very much better! I am so glad to be off the Lyrica. My legs don't swell in the afternoon anymore. :) Working my way up to 30 mg over time. Walked half mile 3 days in a row after sunset, with no residual pain.