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Avatar m tn There are many posts about 'costochondritis', a not-uncommon condition that causes pain and inflammation at the junction of the ribs and sternum, particularly in women. I'm not sure if Lyrica would be my first choice. You are a bit young for 'neuropathy', and unless there is some known reason for pinched nerves, why would you have pinched nerves? I would rather lean toward a 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, or 'NSAID', like aleve or ibuprofen.
1655815 tn?1306934062 Dear lilbit, Let the tears flow. It's natural. Realization of your disease because of side effects is one of the points that I shed tears and/or frustration about. As for Lyrica causing "numb insides" I can't answer. I am not on Lyrica and have experienced what you are going through. You are not alone in this numb feeling. The genital area is supplied with nerves just as the rest of the body is. Therefore , it can be an area of numbness or other parathesias.
Avatar f tn Like you, I had anxiety for several years before the CFS hit and was on Lorazepam (aka Ativan). I have no idea if that's related or not, but I only took it intermittently anyway, so it's unlikely that had any effect on my heart rate. I don't believe any of the drugs in that class (which includes Xanax) have long-term effects on your heart rate, though of course reducing anxiety will have the natural effect of slowing your heart rate during periods where you would otherwise be more anxious.
Avatar f tn Should I just deal with the breakthrough pain and stay on Lyrica? I mean, what are the real chances of a birth defect due to Lyrica anyway? Thanks for any advice.
Avatar n tn He is finishing this tomorrow but is complaining of severe back pain. Back injury was the reason for the oxy to begin with. They are trying Lyrica. I am worried about it's reproductive harm issues, addictive properties, abuse potential, etc... The nurse at the clinic told me that probably nothing would remove his pain as the oxy's did so to be warned that he may go back to them unless he is willing to live with pain.
Avatar f tn So, if you are using Lyrica as a pain killer, and it works for you (it does for me) and you are worried about addiction, don't.
Avatar f tn Some ppl are more prone to this than others. It is difficult to say if the Lyrica will remain effective. What works for one does not always works for another. Your condition may also improve which would play a part in your medications. Our bodies are wonderful machines and can heal even in spite of damage that may appear permanent. And just as importantly every one's system is different. Yes chronic pain (CP) often does become a huge part of our lives.
Avatar f tn Taken all nerve meds normally used for this condition with little relief. Currently take 250 mg of lyrica. Might reduce throbing a little. I only take hydrocodon after PT and extreme pain shuts me down. I had additional surgery to relocate the nerve. Did not help. I sleep an hour or two at a time. Best relief is standing with arm hanging. Normal tasks are difficult and painful. Quality of life went from great to 0.
1221838 tn?1266891448 it can break down and gluten can get to the inflammation receptors in your body. Also, stress causes inflammation. So, stress + inflammation = pain. They feel, if you get your digestive system working properly, eat the right foods and nutrients, control the stress.....then the inflammation will be controlled in your body and the Fibro/Pain will go away. They want me to take something called D-Ribose (Corvalen). It is supposed to give your muscles energy.
Avatar n tn Michael Rosner in NC, has used steroids for her during certain flare ups, and after surgery; but she is not on them long term. She suffers from low cortisol, so sometimes they are just necessary. But, I would not be comfortable with her using them long term unless *absolutely* necessary. I don't know that I've been very helpful, but I hope you find answers to your questions.
Avatar n tn When I stopped taking Lyrica it came back. I have been taking Lyrica again for the past four days and I still have pressure in the top and back of my head. I feel like I need to see a neurologist. I have an appointment Monday with an optometrist. Maybe he can check out my optic nerve anyway. Hope you head is better.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having constant headache pain for over 2 months--the doctor diagnosed him with carotid artery inflammation and we have been searching for more answers for which we're not having a lot of luck. Our primary care physican says he has only seen two cases of this and has prescribed anti inflammatories which haven't helped a lot other than make him nauseus. He has sweating episodes, cold extremeties also and wondering if anyone else is experiencing this at all?
4214530 tn?1351165818 the limbs didn't wake up for two months. I went in for an MRI of the C-Spine and Brain; I am a long time fighter of uveitis (inflammation of the retina) and knew what inflammation on a scan looked like. I saw a spot at the C2 vertebrae that was white; a bad sign. I told my boyfriend "that shouldn't be there." They sent me into the hospital for three infusions of Solumedrol; a steroid, to try and calm the inflammation down.
Avatar n tn lyrica is mostly for nerve pain..I just had fusion...lyrica is of little help..side effects are not great..dizziness, loss of concentration etc..
Avatar m tn An NSAID is good for inflammation, Anti-Seizure (like Lyrica, Neurontin or Topamax) medications are good for nerve pain. If Lyrica made your fiance too drowsy, Topamax might be a better alternative. This is what I take instead. It's in the same class, but has different side effects. Many people do not get as drowsy. Muscle relaxers can help too. Everyone's cocktail is different, because everyone's reacts differently to medications. It's all a matter of working with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I'm currently on Lyrica and Baclofen for symptoms, and the doctor says that's all that's needed. At the time of my appointment, I really didn't have a chance to gather my thoughts enough to ask questions other than "is it degenerative?", to which he answered "no". Thank God. But I don't see him for another six months, and am wondering where I may get more information about this syndrome. Thanks much!!
Avatar n tn sister has had lupus for 35 years,and I have had hypothyroid for 20.3 years ago I thought I was having a stroke.Turns out that I have fibro and cfs.Was on lyrica which made me gain 50 pounds in 3 months among other nasty side effects...gabapentin,cymbalta,amtriphaline,and tramadol.None of which helped,or I had bad side effects.I was a trainer so I know I should exercise...I do alot of housework..have lots of stairs.Ive seen 3 rhumies,all of them deaf to my symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, My mom has been suffering for over a year with severe episodes of nausea and dry heaving. There is a LONG history, but basically she woke up sick one morning and nothing has been the same since. Here a history, there's many things that have occurred in the past few years, the stomach symptoms have only been for the past year or so.....
288187 tn?1191084318 Have your doctor check your feet for inflammation. I also have tremendous pain in my feet and can't walk more than a few feet without pain. I'm seeing a foot doctor this month for plantar fasciitis. That is what my rheumatologist thinks it is. I'm hoping for pain relief which may require cortizone shots or surgery to remove the large lumps on the arches of my feet. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Gabapentin was originally prescribed, but did not work as well for the neuropathy, made me feel like a zombie and depressed. Lyrica is similar to gabapentin and is also used for neuropathic pain as is amitriptyline which is very similar chemically to Nortriptyline. I tried all of these when I had shingles and post herpetic neuralgia two years ago. Pain was worse I have ever experienced even worse than childbirth. Nortriptyline worked best for me. Sorry for any misunderstanding HVAC.
1059594 tn?1261327566 I have degenerative spinal conditions and osteoarthritis as well as fibro, so I have to make sure I have a medication to cover each problem. So for the arthritis inflammation I take a strong NSAID. If you do not have any inflammation, the NSAID may not help you at all. Gabapentin and Lyrica can be very effective non narcotic pain relievers, except they can make you gain weight. There are other anti seizure meds that don't make you chubby like Topamax, that I take that are very helpful.
464044 tn?1343705643 I read online that gabapentin is good for opiate w/d and rls. Has anyone taken this and does it also have w/d's? Im asking because my ex said that it would help, and I wanna use it if it works. On the other hand, Im already on day 3, and I dont want it to set me back. I'd really appreciate any advice from anyone who has used it.
Avatar f tn she said we could try neurontin or Lyrica for the twitching/spasms but I'm a little hesitant. She doesn't have any patients with Lupus and she said that is a rhuematology thing. So, the waiting game... I just wonder how likely a false positive dsDNA is? Guess we'll find out it September.
Avatar f tn An upper respiratory tract infection (cold) can cause the inflammation. You might need oral steroids or nerve medications like Lyrica to quiet down the inflammation. It can take up to 3 months for the inflammation to subside, but sometimes the problem is permanent. The best way for evaluation is to see a speech pathologist who specializes in voice and who can perform a videostroboscopy which is a special camera to look at the movement of the vocal cords.
Avatar m tn These exercise’s however seem to aggravate the nerve down the length of my right arm. I have been taking 75mg Lyrica, once a day at night, for at least four months, yet the nerve pain is still present although the Osteopath has indicated that the disc spacing is now back to normal after numerous treatments. How long is the nerve pain likely to persist and what are your recommendations regarding the continued use of Lyrica.
Avatar f tn My doctor just put me on medication for fibromyalgia today- It is Vicodins for pain. Does Effexor XR and Zoloft help these since he put me on all three?
Avatar m tn I take a lot of medication, though I couldn't tolerate Lyrica or Neurontin for different reasons. Lately I've been having stellate ganglion blocks and they do help. Doesn't get rid of all of it or forever, but it takes a lot of pain away and I get relief from that pain for a couple of months. What kind of doctor are you seeing? I'm glad you found this forum; it's a terrific resource. But you should know there are NO doctors here.
Avatar f tn Hi... I was diagnosed with ostearthritis & fibromyalgia a few years ago...and have been taking mobic since then, which has worked. About a month ago, the mobic didn't seem to be working as well.. my hands were hurting a lot at work... so I went back to my dr & he changed my medicine to relafen for the osteoarthritis & lyrica for the fibromyalgia. Although the lyrica seems to work, I'm not liking the side effects, puffy hands & feet & eye twitching...
439539 tn?1233469415 I visit here everyday and I think this is a wonderful resource and forum for people who are battling this together. Big ups to you all and thank you very much for all for your much appreciated advice, opinions, and thoughts.
Avatar f tn He too did a wick, but this time giving me morphine for the pain for the duration of the wick. (the morphine cut the sharpness of the pain, but did not control it) After a week of the ear wick, the ENT removed it, and asked that I come back after 2 weeks. I did, and after two weeks the ear canal was again closed. At this time he opted to do a biopsy. It came back as Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma.