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Avatar f tn If you go to you can get a free discount drug card that can help save you money on Lyrica. They also have coupons for all types of medications (unfortunately there is not a lyrica coupon at this time). This site has saved me alot of money over the past 6 months.
Avatar n tn Lyrica is a VERY expensive prescription but it works well for nerve pain. When I was taking Lyrica my dr had given me a discount card. it allowed me to get the prescription for $25.00 instead of almost paying $300.00 a month. I would ask your dr if they had samples that they get from the drug reps too. Looking at Pfizers website like suggested by the above poster is a great idea too! Good luck to you!
Avatar m tn I want the discount card for lyrica
1491186 tn?1288409503 The only bummer is that the my insurance co doesn't pay for Opana. My dr. gave me a discount card for $300 off, though I'm not sure exactly how it works, I bought 20 pills ($170) and got $60 off. The pharmasist, who is now my new best advocate even gave me the card back for next time. It's so awesome to be back on track. We also talked about deep brain stimulation. A little scary. Thanks again to those who took the time to reach out in my time of great pain and distress.
Avatar f tn You could try Neurontin, which is cheaper. Sometimes the Lyrica website will run coupons or a discount drug card you can use. You could google and see if they have anything available. Your physician placed you on all these medications before dx'ing you with an illness? I'm glad you are seeing a rheumatologist to get proper testing and some form of treatment plan. Mottled skin would be indicative of improper blood flow...that would be my first impression.
Avatar m tn Can you pay for your meds? Maybe use a discount card. I found a local pharmacy that works with me on pricing as long as I go there each month. Are you not going to be working at all? I guess I didn't understand if you are being let go or are you leaving or just loosing insurance?
740593 tn?1232491904 My doctor then strongly suggested Lyrica 150 mcg twice daily. Even with a discount card the cost was 131.00. I cannot afford that again (I am currently unemployed), and I am not experiencing any marked change in my pain level. I have patient assistance with Jennsen Ortho for the Duragesic patch, and am thinking of having my doctor put me on the lowest dosage, which I believe is 25 mcg. Has anyone here had a similar experience?
620048 tn?1358021835 I don't pay a thing and I have never even had to show them my insurance card. As long as I didn't live in a certain state (I don't remember which one) and as long as I wasn't receiving medicare, you qualify. I would call them. All I had to do was fill out a really easy form that they faxed to me. I had my paperwork that I qualified within a couple of days. My medicine gets sent to me from Walgreens Medmark in the mail. A paper inside says I owe a $25 copay, but we don't have to pay it.
Avatar f tn I have had toradol and took ultram tramadol didn't work. I use a discount pharmacy card called familywize that is how I can afford some meds. Yeah texas hasn't implemented there database yet but it is coming. I have nothing tofear as I don't have insurance or the money to doctor shop. It is scary though you mentioned that I take high doses of norco lol 2 a day isn't nothing.but I thank you for helping me with your insight. If anyone can help me with more input I would appreciate it.
199882 tn?1310188142 it is a discount card that I have and you can print it out on your computer and use it until they send the permanant on to you. I priced it for you and with the card it drops it down to $119.57 I know it not much but as it was said above you can get a weeks supply and still get a discount. You can use the print out card right then. I know its not much but everything helps. I am sorry your going through all of this ****!!!! I hope I helped even if it is only in a small way.
Avatar n tn I take clonazepam for panic disorder/anxiety, I take Zoloft for depression, I take Tylenol-Codeine#3 (generic kind, tho), and was on Lyrica for a while until it got too expensive and had to switch to Neurontin (big mistake). ANYway, do you know that when I started taking this new generic clonazepam, ALL the things my other three medicines are supposed to help, they STOPPED helping me!
1047234 tn?1253547296 The Vyvanse and Lyrica are expensive, but I have a discount card for both and the insurance pays too, my co-pay is $25.00 and well worth it. I also use Elavil, an old cheap antidepressant to help me sleep.Keep pushing for some help, don't give up that someone will hear you. I will post a good article I found that describes how you feel exactly. Keep us posted, take care.
Avatar f tn One of my doctors described Gabapentin as a child of Lyrica. So I guess that means, not as strong as Lyrica. I can't take Lyrica. It makes me too dizzy and blurs my vision far too much. I plan to stop using Gabapentin as soon as I can. I'll have to drop the usage to once a day for a week or so and then stop cold turkey. But, not yet.
Avatar n tn We have been trying to call and cancel but the numbers on the bottle and on my credit card will not let you speak to a customer service rep . it tells you to leave your name and number and they will call back . Load of ****!! they never called back .They charged my cc bill before I got the order !! Now my only recourse is close my cc account and open another one . Buyer beware for sure!!!!