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307897 tn?1242422860 But seriously, after reading about Lyrica problems, I wonder...if the back pain and bladder issues are connected, and if I add that to the edema and weight gain, is it worth it to be on Lyrica. My greater fear is trying to get off of Lyrica.
358486 tn?1294779988 Typing can be a problem, too. What I need to know is if anyone is having urinary and/or kidney problems from the Lyrica? My lower back has been hurting something terrible for the last few days. May have to submit this as a new question.
329495 tn?1212427782 What I want to know is if there is anyone out there on Lyrica that is having a urinary/kidney problem? My lower back have really hurt now for a few days and nothing is helping. It hurts to walk. I try to drink a lot of water daily as I don't drink soda. It has been increasingly difficult to urinate. The urge is there but I have to push on the bladder to achieve any results - sounds fun-huh? Somewhere I read that Lyrica does this to some people.
Avatar f tn ' I had an mri in jan clear brain and c spine and two neuro exams jan and feb all normal. I'm terrified at how quickly the symptoms have come on including the spasticity whijc I was told should be later in disease, does this sound like a relapse? Or very aggressive ppms or something entirely different!
Avatar f tn It's possibly just coincidence because hypermobility syndrome is a damn strange condition which can manifest in endless ways, but having suffered urinary urgency and frequency my entire life and having not lost control of my bladder since I was in primary school, to lose control three times in the week I upped the dose - as instructed by my psychiatrist - that in itself is enough to make me stop taking it.
988870 tn?1284810404 I'll be happy to list them all if you wish as I'm always glad for any input. The doctors' input so far is that my pain medication and the Lyrica could complicate things and my Lyrica was recently reduced from 150 BID to 75 BID. I can't decrease my pain medication right now as I feel I'm taking the minimum amount that I can function well on.
Avatar f tn 2 of those conditions, you have mentioned, inner ear problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. Inner ear problems can cause room spinning, loss of balance, ringing in the ears and hearing loss. When these type symptoms are encountered then an ENG (electro-nystagnogram) can help differentiate between and ear problem or a central problem (brain problem).
420469 tn?1217650963 We'd be all washed up, discussing and beating up the same things over, and over, and over....What would we be w/out our unique and sometimes similiar problems? We'd be cookie cutters or something! Yuck! Where is the creativity in that??? It really IS what makes us so diverse! No 2 people with this disease, are the same. Other diseases and syndromes also overlap w/what we have going on too. It's just not textbook no matter how you shake it up.
Avatar m tn This was attributed to peripheral neuropathy and he was given Lyrica to help with the pain. As the pain continued to worsen, and it became more and more difficult for him to walk, we continued to seek medical advice, only to be told that this was due his diabetes. Different doctors ordered MRI's of his brain and his lower back, which showed nothing.
Avatar m tn I still believe that mycoplasma has played a role in her condition, but there is not a lot of research to prove it 100%. She just started taking Lyrica and her joint pain is better, but I wish that she was not so reliant on medicine. I understand what you are going through. Don't stop searching for a cure. I won't give up.
Avatar n tn In addition, I have sinus problems and both ears feel clogged. I have had blood work done, CAT of the head and chest xray. These all came back normal. I have been to my Neurolist who has scheduled me for a nerve test. He thinks I have a pinched nerve somewhere. Can a pinched nerve cause all of these sensations? I am really concerned about MS! Please help!! My axiety level is high! Thanks.
Avatar f tn im only 15 and im having the same problems. my clitoris is swollen and irratated, and some what dry. it hurts to cross my legs and even walk. ive been just wearing sweat pants. some people have said it may be an STD but i've never had sex, or done anything sexual. i dont know what to do, please help! thanks, :) .
Avatar n tn The most it ever lasted (a few years ago) was 4-5 seconds, but it felt more like 4-5 minutes, ouch!!! Over the last 7 years I've seen my internist and urologist for other urinary symptoms. Burning with urination, waking several times to urinate, feeling as if I have to urinate almost immediately after urinating. After several tests that included an IVP, cystoscopy, blood tests, DRE, etc., I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis.
Avatar n tn I have been to two urologists so far and nothing has changed. Most of them seem to refer people to neurologists when they fail to diagnose these problems. And i have just been refered to one last week, however, i am not going there as I don't think my problems have got anything to do with nerves. It's either an allergic reaction or underlying infection that cannot be easily detected.
Avatar n tn I also do not like pills, Lyrica got rid of some of the stabbing but made me feel drunk and clumsy and stupid all the time, and neurontin wasnt much better. The pains got worse when something tragic in my life happened and worse still when i did no physical activity at all. I try to stay positive and have good hobbies which amuse myself, and I try to stay active but I do find if i work my body too much I'm sore for days.
Avatar n tn I suffer the same shooting pains like electric shocks through the vagina and anus and into my stomach.I do suffer with intestinal problems and thought that it may be related to that ,as mine normally occurs when i have cramps in my lower left intestine .but on reading your comments im thinking it may be something to do with ovaluation ?
Avatar n tn Two 1000mg tabs of Vit C with each meal (Linus Paulings study) with help with inflamation urinary problems and aging. EDTA is a compably inexpensive way to clear the blood vessels throughout the body of plaque and heavy metals by tying them up and excreting them from the body. They claim it only takes a few weeks with the liquid and a few months with the oral pills. Do an internet search on EDTA and read about it.
2047278 tn?1330159900 Also around this time I began to have vision problems accompanied by dizziness and vertigo which I was told was caused by being orthostatic but it didn't only happen when I went from a sitting to standing position so that can't be the reason. So I lived with these symptoms and coped the best I could until about a year or so ago when everything got more severe and was having more symptoms.
755322 tn?1330272714 Instead of doubling the gabapentin, I will substitute a Lyrica and see if it helps with neuropathy and pain. I call it my stupid drug, but perhaps second time around will be different. gotta gain 10 lbs and that's a Lyrica side effect. Will tell Neuro tomorrow.
1064552 tn?1322583358 Still having intermittant cognitive problems, intermittant muscle weakness and muscle fatigue, skin sensory and temperature anomalies, and urinary problems, the odd fever. I'm also having a huge problem with my appetite for the last few months.. in that it's abnormally huge. This has become a big struggle for me every day and has me a bit bummed out.
Avatar n tn and bad bacteria in the body, and this can upset the flora of the intestines and elsewhere. In fact, it can sometimes actually allow repeat urinary tract infections. One way around that is to introduce the "good" bacteria back to the body by consuming Activia yogurt or Acidophilus milk from the grocery store for two weeks. This should help the urinary tract infection situation.
2064920 tn?1331194105 I do not have MS, but I do have a tore-up back from a car wreck, and I hurt in so many places, and they give me Lyrica to help with it. Once they thought maybe I have fibromyalgia, which Lyrica is one of the meds for that, widespread pain being the characteristic of that, but with the pictures of my spine, there's really no question but that I'm hurting from the accident.
307874 tn?1242759398 I got outside early this morning and pulled some weeds in my flowerbeds. I came in and went to go pee and I peed on myself and didnt know it until it felt wet on my underwear! I have mentioned to the pa that I think I had better go and urinate and almost pee on myself before I can get my pants down. It will just pop into my head to go pee and I almost pee on myself. I got up last night and ran into the dresser last night. I go to one side evertime. It seems like I go to the left.
Avatar n tn I have an incomplete SCI at the C5 vertebrae, 20 years post. Been taking medications to treat neuropathy for the past 9 years. A few months ago I began experiencing Autonomic Dysreflexia symptoms, can't seem to find the trigger. Pain Management Specialist suggested the medications I've been taking for neuropathy (Lyrica & Elavil) may be affecting seretonin levels. Is there a test for seretonin levels and what can be done if the levels are too high or too low?
Avatar n tn Ok, like im only 14 years old and ive been having really bad vaginal pains right inside the uretha and ive been reseaching it and all thats come up are STDs but im still a virgin so i know thats not it and ive been to my doctor once and he perscribed me something and it went away for a while and its back and i start high school in 3 DAYS and im still gonna have this pain and if anyone has expericed this or just know what the heck might be going on please tell me, i just want it too go away, plus
382218 tn?1341185087 I'm now experimenting with Lyrica; coming off the Neurontin slowly and going up on the Lyrica. GP prescripted up to a max. of 150mg per day of Lyrica. Right now I'm at 100mg Lyrica, 1800mg Neurontin, and 50mg Elavil. All list drowsiness as a side effect, and this combo is not affecting me negatively (except a tad of urinary hesitancy which is improving, and occasional ravenous appetite). I take all these meds for neuropathic pain, and none of it seems to be doing much for me.
951196 tn?1246761429 Do not lose hope and every individual is different and with MS you have myriad of symptoms and problems which you know. Just ask someone close to you to reappeal for your case as there might be a way out for the insurance etc. Take care and do your best!
Avatar n tn well i had period problems and i am only 31 had 2 miscarrages over a 2 year period and was devistated i was not preg. i finally went to a gyno who was familiar,, skipped period, headaches, bloating, hair loss, feeling tired,,, i had blood work ..harmones were low.. had something called polycystic ovarian syndrome...
Avatar f tn Then I started having pain in my arms and my heart felt like it was palpitating and I was checked out for that and no heart attack, they thought I was having tennis elbow in my arm and put me in a brace. Then I started having headaches one after another and still having the nausea from time to time along with the pain and numbness in my left arm. They gave me shots for my headaches. Then I started having hot flashes and my cycles were off and sometimes didn't come.
Avatar m tn Dear Ben, I take Lyrica (pregabalin) and I don't have problems like you're describing. In fact, your side effects don't coincide with those published with Lyrica; rather it sounds like you may actually have a stomach flu perhaps. Muscle and joint aches and pain, plus throwing up, goes with a bacterial infection, you'll get a fever where it makes your body ache, and if it's a stomach flu, it'll upset your tummy.