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Avatar f tn my friend had back surgery and was prescribed to percocet for his back pain. Then he told me they gave him one day lyrica. He hated it. But still keep in mind he and I also were looking for that "buzz". Or just google it and it will tell you all about it.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Lyrica for about 2 years and am now down to a 1/2 dose on it. I have fibro/CFS and was taking OC the equiv of 64 percocet a day, and I'm only 120lbs. The Lyrica has given me my whole life back!! It works for neurological pain, as does Neurontin. For me, just me, it has been nothing short of a miracle as I was looking at taking full disability due to the fibro. The Cymbalta they say helps with the pain and depression, I take that as well.
Avatar n tn I have chronic pain and fibromyalgia and have seen a number of different specialists and tried lyrica, cymbalta and lots of different medications before my pain management doctor put me on Percocet. It is the only thing that helps me function everyday. I am now pregnant. My pain management doctor refused to continue to prescribe it to me even though I have been on it for almost 2 years now. She told me to take tylenol which doesn't come close to helping with the pain.
Avatar f tn I have been on all kinds of meds like neurontin, lyrica, etc. The only thing that relieves the pain is percocet. I take 6-8 10/325's a day. I called yesterday to get my refil and my doctor's office called back saying no script until Feb. 11 and then when I pick it up, she wants me to get a urine drug test. Didn't think I was addicted, but certainly a wake-up call. I am now down to only 24 pills and can't get a script for 8 days. Bleck. I started tapering yesterday.
374225 tn?1269902862 I just had a PM chat with someone else and they said to watch out for it (Ultram, Toramadol) as well. I got their point and think I'll taper down the Percocet to nothing and walk away at least for a month. I want to see if my body will take over and moderate the pain on it's own. The first time I had this problem (1992) nobody gave me a thing for pain and nothing worked. I took 4 advil every 6 hours and I destroyed my stomach but didn't take any stricly narcotic medications.
Avatar f tn Surprisingly after they got all the narcotics out of me I'm back on percocet and it seems to be working ok. I wonder if all the oxcy and methadone was making me hurt! I have read they do that??
Avatar m tn So when my new pain Dr. suggested lyrica I said let me think about it and I called Eli Lilly explaining my allergies and they said they wouldn't be any. I'm only on three Percocets day, I have no addiction, I despise them! But my second day on lyrica I was completely pain free, I thought it was a wonder drug, I took no Percocets that day. I thought oh my God my suffering is over.
Avatar f tn I still feel like I am 90 somedays, I am 49, but I am not bedridden on Percocet and muscle relaxers like I was before the Lyrica! Good luck and God bless!!
Avatar f tn so don't give advice if you don't know you will only be harming somebody for gosh sake! lyrica has the same warnings as oxycontin, percocet, and vicodin the least of the strengths of opiates. lyrica helps with nerve pain associated with nerve impingement such as a disk sitting on a nerve in your spine, and only an mri will prove this one.
Avatar n tn I don't know if Lyrica would cause you to lose a crown. I would read the side effects again and see if it says anything bout it and if not call your dr and ask him if it does. Is it helping you? My problem started out as a root canal and then I had to get the tooth pulled cause the dentist did it wrong then another dentist pulled the tooth and left a big hole from my mouth to my sinus so it has been a very very long road.
779797 tn?1263621835 If you had been taking the percs for a while and it did what you needed it to do and then youstarted Lyrica and got real dizzy, I would say the Lyrica made you dizzy. I took Lyrica for a while and it always made me dizzy for 3-5 days until my system got used to it and then I was fine. Just something to think about...good luck!
5100586 tn?1363648354 I THOUGHT I'd weaned down and off the MS Contin and very little Percocet, but I was still taking the !@@#$$ Lyrica! No wonder it was an easy detox!! The Lyrica was keeping me addicted! Now, I've had to go back to the Percocet so I could wean off the Lyrica! Even though I'm taking 3-4 Percocet/day, I am still having the sweaty hands & feet, no appetite, and if I cut the Percs in half, the withdrawals come on in 2-3 hrs! I still have a long way to go, and I am working w/ my doc.
Avatar f tn i have been on percocet 10/325 for nearly 4 yrs and my ortho added 2/20 mg oxycontin 2 months ago because the percocets don't last very long anymore. i've got bone fragments in my neck & a lower back injury which caused total paralysis twice (temporarily) a few years ago & am on disability for such among other illnesses, which may or may not include scleroderma and/or R.A.
1161075 tn?1262992028 I've been a pain patient for 10 years now and been on so much stuff and this is actually the first time I've been on Percocet. He told he to take the Percocet and Xanax together and its actually brought my pain down A LOT but not enough so Ill probably end up with a pain pump.
Avatar n tn I have a lot of other issues that cause pain (ddd, spinal stenosis, severe arthritis) and I've taken a lot of pain meds and gone through withdrawl for things like Hydrocodone, Percocet, and even Methadone. Second only to Methadone, Lyrica was the worst to withdraw from! Having said that, I'm am back on Lyrica because it does help my pain. I think the trick with Lyrica is to start out at a low dose and step it up gradually. I started with 25mg and did not get any relief until I got up to 125mg.
491030 tn?1242428366 I was put on Lyrica for Fibromyalgia pain, and it helped with the pain, but it caused me to be out of it and tired and dizzy all the time. I finally had to quit it. But, I have heard it helps a lot of people. So, at least give it a try. A lady I work with takes it and it works for her! Good luck!!
Avatar n tn I had hernia surgery and was prescribed percocet 10mg.. It been 2 months and have stopped them but feeling really depressed and anxious. How long will this take to subside??? I usually half the 10mg and take half at a time. at most take 5 halfs a day..???
Avatar n tn 40mg of oxycotin 2x daily + 2 percocet every 6 hrs! and still stuck in bed? mri scheduled for 5/2/07. been in pain since jan. 1,2007, finally got pain meds on 4/4/07(percocet,flexril). on 4/6/07 woke up walked 10ft and had to be taken to E.R. by ambulance, in the worst pain ever imaginable!!!! had to have 5mg morphine before being moved into ambulance? got to ER was givin 3mg of dilated(?) every 2 hours or pain would be unbearable!!!
779797 tn?1263621835 ( my digestive system would hate anything i put into my stomach, race through a 'digestion' and what it to quickly exit my body) and the percs slowed down my mobility to a point where I could eat comfortably. About 5 weeks ago, I was taking Lyrica and percocet. I started gettin dizzy and out of it all the time so I decided that I didnt want to take an perscripts anymore, thinking that once I got it out of my system, the dizziness would go away.....wrong.
527890 tn?1263786727 My last rheumatologist treating was treating me for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylarthritis with Lyrica, Celebrex, Sulfasalazine for 3 years, and the pain has totally escalated out of control as Dallas heats up. I saw a new rheumatologist today who discussed Fibromyalgia with me today for first time by any doctor. She stated that she has never dealt with an HIV+ person, POSSIBLY misdiagnosed with RA/AS, and she is going to have to research.
Avatar f tn Thanks! I've been diagnosed for 6 years now, and think I'm on about all I can be for spasms & nerve pain & pain in general (Lyrica max dose so I can still walk, Baclofen near max & Oxycontin and then there is the backup Percocet for the bad pain. Not to mention the meds for my intestinal non-working well issues & severe fatigue at time....just to name some.
Avatar m tn On my next visit he dropped to hydrocone 10's as needed 3-4 times daily they have also tryed neurontin and lyrica which doesnt help just contributes to mood swings and severe depression . I should also mention that I have 3 compressed discs at l4 l5 and s1 with arthritis in the s1 region which I have lived with ......... My problem right now is the hydrocodone 10's are helping the back pain but barely taking the edge off the nerve damage pain .
Avatar f tn My drug therapy includes cymbalta, ultram, skelexin, percocet, cardizem, and benecar. Has anyone with my symptons been diagnosed similarly? If so, do you ever get long term relief? I try to accept my lot in life, but this is very new and very daunting for me. Sometimes I feel sad. Thank you all in advance for caring.
1627868 tn?1333889942 I take Neurontin and Klonopin which seem to be a good combination for the pain and spasms. Many people have switched to Lyrica which is a very similar drug to Neurontin, just not a drug originally prescribed for seizures. Lyrica has been very successful for Fibro patients as well as MS patients. I am currently taking Tysabri, another hot topic, but it definitely helping me with my pain and balance.
Avatar f tn He also had some disc problems in his back and has been taking percocet for a few years. Recently his Dr. retired and he has been trying to get off the percoets but the with draws and the MS are making it tough. He has burning pains in his hands and feet. I don't know what to do for him and last week he went to the hospital but they didn't do anything. I'm at a loss here.
Avatar m tn Same story as always, but today I had more nausea from the baclofen and decided to take 1/2 pill instead of 1 when needed. Taking the Mobic, Lyrica and Percocet seems to help with the pain of the spasms,for the migraine Excedrin Migraine and in last resort Imitrex.
Avatar f tn I still take it at 5mg qhs. Down from 30mg qd. I was placed back on the percocet at 5mg per day and just didnt like it stopped and started having diarrhea chills etc. Went back to my dr a week later and told him no more opiates. He decided/convinced me to try a low dose subutex .5 for pain management. After 30 days again couldnt stand it anymore tapered to .25mg and stopped. Withdrawals lasted a week though not as severe sickness wise severe mentally.
Avatar f tn My doctor a year later completely took me off the Tramadol and replaced it with Morphine ER with Percocet for break through pain and I had no withdrawal symptoms from stopping the Tramadol at all!!! By the way, when I stopped the Tramadol completely, I was taking the same amount as you per day. The amount of Fentanyl you are on is stronger than the starting dose of Morphine that I was on when I stopped taking Tramadol.
1548147 tn?1293819505 My back doctor said it sounded like arthritis to him and he prescribed Relafen twice a day and so far it isn't helping one bit. He upped my Lyrica to 75mg twice a day now and I am still taking the percocet as well. I have looked online and my symptoms seem to be just like the ones listed as fibromyalgia symptoms so I am going to make an appointment with my regular doctor on Monday and see if she can maybe run some tests to see what can be found and ruled out and go from there.