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Avatar n tn Other than that, it's relatively new and has a host of side effects including severe depression and increased risk of suicide. Does not sound like a good time to me. I would steer clear. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn My wrist aches and my fingers are very stiff and the pain and tigling are unreal. I ngnwas reluctant to start because I researched the med and all the potential complications. He started me on 75mg twice a day. It was such a blessing.
193953 tn?1272078626 My friend abuses lyrica and gets stoned out of her gourd off of those things...i took one and my fingers were numb and i felt yucky the next day from it...i take neurontin and will stick to that...some get an euphoria from lyrica similar to narcotics....I spoke with my pain mgt doc about the drug...i have the feeling that drug may have some more guidelines soon.
630344 tn?1280108583 I also nearly died from Anaphalaxic shock bought on by this drug....i kept saying ''Its the Lyrica, and the Opiates.......... AND NO ONE LISTENED!!! And then tried to say i was getting ever MORE illnesses then half of what could be plainly seen physically WAS IN MY HEAD? I then saw a Neurologist after year's of hell and believing i actually HAD all these terrible illnesses after being a super fit supreme athlete form a very fit and youthful looking family?
Avatar m tn Hey ppl i joined this site to get some advice on kicking this nightmare addiction to opiates.My gf and I are on day one and my father for just happend to give me Lyrica today my withdrawls have kicked in and the sweats and muscle cramping are brutal but the Lyrica is amazingly eliminating my withdrawls and im high as fk feels kinda strange but no withdrawls now no pain.
Avatar n tn I am almost 7 years clean and sober from alcohol, prescription opiates and benzos. I am diabetic and have been prescribed Lyrica for nerve pain. I am hearing contradictory opinions about the safety of Lyrica in a recovering addict. I would rather live with the pain than relapse. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Avatar f tn for me there are no side effects with opiates... the usual meds like lyrica, nonstreriod ect. give me stomach problems.. and other side they really dont work all that well. Opiates are easy to predict and no bad suprises down the road. So how many others use opiates???
Avatar f tn I was put on lyrica and only in the last month and a half started abusing it. I was taking up to 9-10 150mg pills a day. So I stopped cold turkey. My last pill was Saturday morning. Since yesterday I have been having this sensation all over my body that feels like I am being poked by a needle or like a pin prick sensation. Has anyone come off lyrica before and had this happen?
216046 tn?1193947004 You can take Lyrica with Methadone and be fine BUT you should not take the Lyrica within 4 hrs after the Methadone because of resp distress.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I think you let your Lyrica levels fall and it may take a bit to get them back up and the pain under control. 2. Not really. Lyrica is one of the GABA drugs and is similar to some of the antiseizure medications. It is specific to neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain doesn't respond well to opiates and typical pain control. 3. It can always be a flare, but are there any new symptoms? If not, it could be just "breakthrough pain" and you wil have to get it under control.
Avatar m tn I take Remeron for depression and Lyrica for the fibro pain. I could not sleep at night until I started the Lyrica and now I sleep right through. I wonder if it is the Cymbalta affecting your sleep.
Avatar m tn By the way, I felt relief OVERNIGHT from sharp back pain I'd had for years, it hurt so much it used to take me quite a while just to get out of bed, and for me, the day after I took my first Lyrica pill, I felt no pain and got out of bed easily! Let us know what happens, if you have time.
Avatar f tn I stopped the Lyrica and went back to my doctor and reported these symptoms. Of course, she was dismayed and did not know what to offer except morphine. At any rate, I went to a new pain management doctor. My results are posted on the pain management couch website. For me, that is what worked.
Avatar m tn I just don't want to be taken lyrica and then when the opiate withdrawals are better/gone and I decide to quit taking the lyrica the opiate withdrawals come back and it's like opiate withdrawals all over again (like day 1). I know lyrica isn't a narcotic and isn't a big habit former unless it's really abused, but I just want to know that lyrica and hydrocodien have none of the same ingredients or substances and it won't be like me still taking the hydrocodien??
Avatar f tn I can't go cold turkey though as no one in my family knows and I can't take time off work. I have read online that lyrica helps with withdrawals. I was wondering if anyone has used/tried it? What symptoms does it help with? Do you just stop taking narcotics and start using the lyrica?
Avatar m tn I'm on day 8 of w/d from hydrocodien/Vicodin but i don't want to be detoxing from opiates and then be taking lyrica and triazolam and it have the same substances to where it's like I'm not really detoxing from opiates at all. I just want to know that lyrica,triazolam and opiates are all completly diffrent drugs and by me taken lyrica and triazolam isn't affecting my detoxing from opiates. Please someone answer this with some facts/truth.
Avatar f tn org/posts/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/Concerned-for-my-health-need-advice-/show/2075101#post_9829663 lyrica or or gabapentin is a strange drug and is becoming more and more common as well as more and more people are starting to go through the hell of withdrawals unknowingly.
Avatar n tn I was looking for an alternative and discovered Lyrica, but then I saw the warning about addictive behavior. I don't want anything that will cause that feeling to return ever again. Are there any fellow addicts out there who have had experience with Lyrica?
Avatar n tn My husband has a very addictive personality and I do not want him on any narcotics again. Please advise me on if this Lyrica will work and/or be harmful.
Avatar n tn In order to try and deal with side effects while still gaining some benefit I've recently been cycling on and then off of lyrica. If you have pain which is neuropathic - and a lot of chronic pain sufferers are in this camp - then a trial of lyrica is worth it, so long as you and your doctor pay heed to any warning signs. If you can cope on it then it beats using strong opiates with all of the restrictive practices and general hassle of S8 medications. All the best.
Avatar m tn with no end in site, I slowly decreased opiates and took me 9 months to go off lyrica completely....I am glad you are getting relief....just realize if for some reason you must go off or decrease is a hellish drug to get out of the system...but it can be done if one goes slowly..I had to stay on 1/2 a 25mg cap for 2 weeks before I finally jumped off, then after a week or two, felt I had kicked it...
Avatar m tn Personally I think they just started you too high on the Lyrica. Also, many people take Lyrica with benzo's and narcotics and it helps them so I don't know where you got that it wasn't good to take together, they are usually prescribed together in most practices that i know about. Good luck to you.
432223 tn?1206552625 Lyrica is so new and dangerous (per my neurologist). I just lost my job, car, driver's license etc because of Lyrica causing narcolepsy symptoms. I wish I had never heard of it and had stuck with Neurontin.
324184 tn?1308079803 sometimes SOME sort of antidepressent is better than nothing, and I find my Zoloft to be unobjectionable, I don't have your symptoms, and it lessens the depressive effects of all the opiates and tranquilizers I'm on. Best wishes, feel free to keep posting.
Avatar f tn So, if you are using Lyrica as a pain killer, and it works for you (it does for me) and you are worried about addiction, don't.
Avatar m tn day four and im out of lyrica its about to wear getting kinda scared of the reality of the withdrawl thats about to hit me wish me luck!!!!!!
Avatar f tn eat lots of bananas and use a heating pad. there is the thomas receipe on here for lot os vitamins and aminos and just some good ideas. it is in goingtomakeit's profile. congrats on your 2 days. you can do this and be free of those demons. you are well on your way.
Avatar f tn Well she weighed 125lbs when she started and 15 months later she weighs 197lb and likes the Lyrica for her pain but is now having severe joint pain , etc from the weight gain. I already have a metabolic disorder and cannot gain weight. Its very, very hard for me to lose weight. Anyway, I know it can cause vision problems, can make you high at times, bad headaches, etc.
Avatar f tn I had sharp pain in lumbar spine, wrecked up my whole back in a car wreck, and opiates didn't touch it, but Lyrica at 75mg bedtime stopped the pain overnight. But the way that drug works is, it has to be increased about four-fold in the first several months, your doc should already know this, until you reach a plateau of comfort in your dose and schedule. So, my suggestion, before you drop the medication, is to ask the doc to increase your Lyrica dose.
216046 tn?1193947004 I know that's what they said about ultram but that drug is addicting and does cause a high and energy much like hydro. And its a b*tch to come off of. Have you joined yet.