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Avatar m tn I very seldom use more, I took the first Lyrica last night and feel pretty sluggish today. Has anyone on here taken this and had any luck with it? I have read some bad things about it which I guess all of these pain killers have bad side effects. I just want to know has it helped anyone cut back on the other pain killers.
874521 tn?1424120397 I simply can't wait to be done with this Lyrica!!! Before the Lyrica I was on Cymbalta and only stayed in that for about a year and had to quit it bc it was making me feel bi-polar, my moods were all over the place and so much crying!! I was definately suicidal, and suffered from bad "zaps" like sticking your finger in a socket except it would zap and jerk me all over especially I'm my head/brain leading to migraines.
216278 tn?1308864682 I just read the comments on lyrica and its side effects of sleepiness. I am on 300mg per day and other meds. I too felt sort of drunk in the a.m. walking funny, BUT I felt soo much better painwise. And I also felt sleepy at nite for the first time in 10 years. I have come to appreciate the difference between feeling exhausted and sleep-deprived and feeling sleepy. I have even been able to drink regular coffee again, another thing I have not done in 10 years, to fight the sleepiness.
1961084 tn?1325282627 Went to Chiropractor on Friday Dec 30. A little better. Took second Lyrica and Excedrin migraine and a nap.
Avatar f tn I live with chronic pain and other serious medical issues and Im not even addicted or dependent on lyrica and Im having horrible w/ds! You can do it! You just need to come to us for support! We are here for you!!!
329994 tn?1301666848 Gabapentin and Neurontin are the same med- you are correct. Neurontin is the brand name. I found Gabapentin and Lyrica to be very similar, but Lyrica is stronger at lower doses. I have tried Cymbalta as well and didn't like it. I had trouble with my GI system. I had diarrhea the whole time I was on it and I became incredibly depressed.
553995 tn?1332022440 The neuralgia aspects of my symptoms are rampant and since Lyrica focuses on calming the nerve endings, I was hoping when I was flaring, I could take it then. I recently used one of those rubberband exercisers to tighten my chest muscles and shoulders. Ten reps 3 times a day. Not much, easy going. Three days after doing it for two days I have had for a whole week of an excruciating cluster migraine turning into neuralgia along both sides of my head and face from my neck and collar bone.
Avatar n tn I am on Duragesic pain patch, Ultram, Lortab 10 mg, and Lyrica 200mg. I noticed weight gain and swelling in my legs and feet with Lyrica and wanted to know if Topamax could replace Lyrica.
Avatar n tn I also swear I can smell like a dog, I get very senitive to light and sound and nasal congestion. Sometimes I vomit and will have loose bowels not to mention the the severe pain. Sometimes I feel like I have been on a severe drinking binge meaning its hard to talk, walk and the weakness. These symptoms last for hours and have lasted for days. My migraines are contolled by atenolol. It is a blood pressure med. Do you get auruas before you have these symptoms?
Avatar f tn Ihave had a number of severe and life threatening symptoms and illnesses. I also suffer from fibro/cfs, chronic migraines, complete loss of taste, tinnitus, abdominable pain, oesphageal spasms, acid reflux, severe pain in back and legs and TMJ. (I have had other additional health probs, see post 14 July). I take lyrica, morphine and omeprazole amongst other medication. The lyrica is driving me a bit nuts - I am sleepy, sick, dizzy and cannot do very much.
Avatar n tn She is currently taking Topamax. Please give opinion/information. I also have migraines, I am on lyrica, cymbalta, and Relpax.
1088430 tn?1259163373 I have never tried Lyrica before and the only person that I know of personally that took it had to stop due to unwanted side-effects BUT side-effects are usually rare and don't effect all people. So, if you are not experiencing side-effects and this medication is working well for you, then I wouldn't let other people's bad experiences with the medication make you worry about taking the medication.
Avatar f tn So, if you are using Lyrica as a pain killer, and it works for you (it does for me) and you are worried about addiction, don't.
Avatar f tn I'll encounter nasty side effects which so far I have not noticed; I also have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety and Migraines. I am taking in addition to Lyrica every other day, Levothyroxine 25mcg, Lexapro 20mg and Ativan(as needed only-1 mg to help me sleep, or if I get anxious/panicky. Good luck to you.
648910 tn?1290666683 I took Lyrica and had great results with the pain. I did not gain weight while taking it. The Lyrica worked great until my most recent relapse and then it increased the cog fog. Pain wise it worked like a charm after we adjusted it to the correct dose. Good luck with it and my advice is to start it a very low dose to prevent the "woozy" side effects many complain about. Mine initial dose was 50 mg at night and was finally at 100mg three times a day when I had to stop taking it.
Avatar f tn I read on another FM group that someone was on Topamax which you can also check there. I asked my Dr. and went on it and Voila' migraines have been gone now for 5 years. I have heard other success stories with TOPAMAX. Fentanyl, is that the pain patch? I have heard many good things about that, if I have the name right. I hope I have helped you with your question. If you have any more questions put your cursor on my name and click send message. I will answer any you may have.
Avatar f tn Thanks lynn but I have already tried neurontin and lyrica and cymbala,zoloft,prozac,celexa.lexapro,amitriptyline,trazodone,effexor,paxil,nortipyline,lamicital,and ,etc...I know there is more just cant think of them right now but I have tried them all....sometimes I just dont know if its the thing for my body and maybe I am doing it more harm than good by staying on it....but I will continue on for a biggest thiing right now is the dizziness,headaches and not wantig to go outside...
Avatar n tn I don't know if Lyrica would cause you to lose a crown. I would read the side effects again and see if it says anything bout it and if not call your dr and ask him if it does. Is it helping you? My problem started out as a root canal and then I had to get the tooth pulled cause the dentist did it wrong then another dentist pulled the tooth and left a big hole from my mouth to my sinus so it has been a very very long road.
506846 tn?1217269561 As well as developed migraines that were consistent and on going for about a month on the left side of my head. 6 months from the start and 3 Neuro's, I have been dx with Complex Migraines w/ possible mini stroke. I still get sever muscle spasms throughout my body, Migraines come and go. I have kept a Diary but still have yet to find a trigger as to what is setting them off. I have on many occasions waked with a migraine in the morning.
Avatar f tn Well she weighed 125lbs when she started and 15 months later she weighs 197lb and likes the Lyrica for her pain but is now having severe joint pain , etc from the weight gain. I already have a metabolic disorder and cannot gain weight. Its very, very hard for me to lose weight. Anyway, I know it can cause vision problems, can make you high at times, bad headaches, etc.
325405 tn?1262293778 about lyrica, it to helped me in the bgng, but after i think about the first week i started to have awful migraines and had to stop. my med'kit is upstairs and i can't recall the amount, (sorry brain fart) lol i do know that i started out on a low dosage.
483733 tn?1326802046 I am on 300 mg of Lyrica a day and it was doing wonders for me. I am now fighting a bad flare and my doctor doesn't want a higher dose although I'm going to fight him over it. When is the dose too high? Is it inevitable that it will stop working?
506846 tn?1217269561 It could be that the migraines and hairloss occur at the same time by coincidence and are not related. Like you said, stress could be a factor, as well as meds, but I'd recommend starting with a thyroid check.
Avatar n tn I have had Lyrica, neurontin, depakote, and topamax. I have reacted to all these drugs and I cannot take fioricet. If I specifically do not react to the drug I react to the preservatives in the drug such as lactose, sodium laural(th) sulfate, (or any other sulfate), artificial sweetener, and talc. Is there any drug out there I can take to prevent my migraines that does not have these preservatives? I am having migraines way too often. I have relpax but I can only take up to 3 per week.
975514 tn?1325001538 I have been prescribed Lyrica and couldn't deal with the weight gain, bloat, and tiredness/laziness that it caused in me. Topamax which is used for severe Epilepsy and Migraines works just as well for Fibromyalgia and Neuropathic pain as Lyrica I have found. There are a couple of key things to note with the drug however: First, you must be titrated slowly (no more than 25mg per week increases) because of side effects like nervousness and insomnia, hand and foot tingling and loss of appetite.
Avatar f tn Nanny I have been dealing with migraines for over 26yrs. and was doing everything and some of it illegal.. I found out last year that the FDA made it possible to use Botox and I am a Dancing fool. I get about 50-75% relief from it and when I do get a migraine now ... Most of the time a anti throw up pill and 800mg Aleve along with a beta blocker works ( if I catch it early) Hope that this helps...
Avatar f tn I'm bipolar and taking fluvoxamine, trazadone, risperdone, lyrica, Flovent, and pro air. I've been having migraines that won't go away with ice and sleep. They are lasting for days. My dr doesn't want me taking anything for pain. Any advice?
Avatar f tn after finding out that my relpax and nightly Pamelor still wasn't working that well to keep the migraines and burning away. (I'm guessing that you were having more than just "migeaine" pain too or the doc would've given you Topamax instead too?) After even the first dose, I FELL IN LOVE with Lyrica! Went home that night and turned on every high powered light (that I had been avoiding for LONG time) and just looked at them so thankful that it didn't hurt to do so!
Avatar n tn I need advice. I have had migraines since 2003 when I returned from the war. They have increased in frequency from 3 to 4 times a year to everyday. I have been on Imitrex- stopped working, Amitriptyline 25 mg with Zomig works but I can not work for I am asleep, Tylenol with codeine- didn't work at all other than to keep me high with a migraine.
Avatar f tn I have had burning ripping and tightness type pain and migraines starting around 4 years ago. Left sided pain only began spreading from my head to my neck and down my arm. My neck feel tight and stiff. Burning now is all the way down to my toes and sometimes even my right foot tingles and burns. I have extreme fatigue. My left side face and arm twitches. Now it seems eating makes the pain worse. I had a benign brain tumor removed 1 yr ago. Hoped that would take away the pain but no.