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Avatar f tn Hi, I have had 3 failed back surgeries and now have an SCS unit installed. I still take Lyrica and pain meds. Lyrica is suspost to make the nerve endings (dead) or just not as touchy. I have been on both Lyrica and Neurontin and the Lyrica does help me some. Not as much as my Dr wanted but it gives me about another 5-10% pain reduction. It does not help everyone even if they have the same problems.
307897 tn?1242422860 iv been on lyrica for 5 months now and am 450mg in a non flare and 525mg a day in a flare i also take diazapam which i dont like but am still working on finding something else to aid me to sleep i tried the zopicloine (cant spell) and had a very bad reaction and im sure it was to do with coming off the diazapam to go on this sleeping pill which did nothing but give me heart palpations and the next day i felt awfull my lips were puffy and i lost my taste buds i would not try that again so im back
Avatar f tn I have had Thyroid problems for nearly 30 years, and Fibro for about 23. Taking Cymbalta and Lyrica with a fairly mild muscle relaxer, and can mostly function. Can't say all is rosy, but at least I can do most of what I need to do for my day.
193953 tn?1272078626 My friend abuses lyrica and gets stoned out of her gourd off of those things...i took one and my fingers were numb and i felt yucky the next day from it...i take neurontin and will stick to that...some get an euphoria from lyrica similar to narcotics....I spoke with my pain mgt doc about the drug...i have the feeling that drug may have some more guidelines soon.
Avatar f tn I have had another child since and I was taken off lyrica. I has no problems with my 3rd pregnancy. I just wanted to google lyrica and miscarriage to see. My heart stopped when I seen your post. It might have been a hundred other things that caused it but I feel in my heart that me taking lyrica cause me to lose my child.. I was really drowsy and on a high dose when it happened.
712802 tn?1274649085 I just got back from my pmp and she put me on Cymbalta and is weaning me off of the Lyrica. The Lyrica helps a lot with my pain, but she is hoping that the Cymbalta will help some in place of Lyrica. She said if not we can try Neurotin. I have an appt with thee psych on Wed. I know you all deal with a lot, too. Thanks for the support and I hope you have better days too.
329994 tn?1301666848 Gabapentin and Neurontin are the same med- you are correct. Neurontin is the brand name. I found Gabapentin and Lyrica to be very similar, but Lyrica is stronger at lower doses. I have tried Cymbalta as well and didn't like it. I had trouble with my GI system. I had diarrhea the whole time I was on it and I became incredibly depressed.
669241 tn?1236267944 I took Lyrica for abt 8 months, it caused me to gain a lot of weight and my hands and feet swelled up 2 or 3 times there normal size. It really helps with the pain, I don't think it is a narcotic but it is very addictive.
Avatar f tn Sharon, One of the Rhematologist I saw lately said that you have to take so much Lyrica to see any improvement and many people can not tolerate it at that high level. I have a friend who found that Benadryll has really helped her. But I can't even take that. I have found that the supplements 5HTP and Melatonin has helped me, although I don't really think that I had a problem sleeping. Maybe falling asleep, but not with deep sleep. Anyway, I also have lupus on top of fibro.
Avatar m tn So when my new pain Dr. suggested lyrica I said let me think about it and I called Eli Lilly explaining my allergies and they said they wouldn't be any. I'm only on three Percocets day, I have no addiction, I despise them! But my second day on lyrica I was completely pain free, I thought it was a wonder drug, I took no Percocets that day. I thought oh my God my suffering is over.
667923 tn?1421466324 I've been losing weight ever since the doc took me off LYRICA and put me on Nuerontin(GAB). I started feeling better the day they switched me off of it. I still have at least 25 or 30 more lbs. to lose. I am finally feeling GODS answers to those prayers and soooo thankful.
Avatar f tn Doctor said I am the 5th person in last two week it either works or doesn't. So if after increases in a medication and your knees and ankles hurt, swell, headache, you start to inch and maybe if I do not move the pain will go away NOPE. Call the Doctor You cannot wish it away, It does not get better tomorrow.
Avatar m tn all this time not connecting this to the lyrica. I ended up in an ER with heart palls and anxiety through the roof. felt like I was on a bad acid trip with speed involved. not that I tried either of those since high school. my menopause shipped sailed many years ago, but hot flashes big time.....pins and needles feeling all over my body. like a nettles sting. even my tongue. jaw clenching, stomach problems. too many side effects to list.
Avatar f tn This morning he came home with a sausage biscuit and hug. He was so teary and I told him I was sorry. He has such a big heart and just can't say NO! Well maybe he has got it this time. I will just take it a day at a time and try to be myslef which is very hard. I realize you understand.I really appreciate getting these emails and it helps my feelings a lot to know that others are out there reaching out.
Avatar m tn I have a tortuous colon too and you are right its not much of a problem unless it gets volvulus which is rare but you sounded to be in really bad shape so I thought I should mention it in case you didn't know about it. I had problems with Lyrica too, not sure if its just lots of side effects or that drug is toxic. But now that you got things moving hopefully you are feeling better.
4687721 tn?1358037017 OK, since posting my first comment 2 years ago my problem has deteriorated, but at the same time been established. I now know that I have Peripheral Neuropathy, which is the cause of my burning stinging feet. Worst at wake up and during the morning. My doctor has tried 3 different medications, and cream and a sticky tape, all of which had been no benefit to me.
Avatar n tn ) and yet, because I do have proof of small fiber neuropathy through two skin biopsies as well as autonomic neuropathy through heart problems, body temperature irregularities, etc.they find it hard to prove or treat. Sure would like to hear more about what happens to get you a claw hand. You are the first person who I've had contact with about this so I am super excited to hear more.
358486 tn?1294779988 At night I do the trazadone, clonazepam ( anxiety disorder), cyclobenzapren, flexeril, 2mg. potassium tablet, aspirin (My heart) two Lyrica and one Tramadol. I fear that I will be on all of this medication for the rest of my days.
335728 tn?1331418012 The majority of the facial nerve is involved in controlling the muscles of the face and problems with it cause Bell's Palsy. But, there are others, too.
329495 tn?1212427782 Sorry to hear the lyrica is not work so good for you..and insurance companys are a pain in the butt....Im on 300mg...its funny some days it works well and other day not so well...I just hope it keeps on working some for me..I feel very sorry for the people i chat with on this forum..everyone is in so much pain ..and having a hard time finding releaf...I hope this year is better you everyone....Everyone is in my prays...thank you for your info.........................
667923 tn?1421466324 I am going to ask my doc. Mon. for it and give it a try. I wonder if you can tapper off of Lyrica and take the Topamax at the same time. I have been on 150mg. of Lyrica for so long that I take it every 6-8 hrs. joke, my pain is so intense. I can tolerate pain well, but this is ridiculous. I also just found out I have a Chiari Malformation and am sure a lot of my pain is from it. I wonder what you take for that...(heavy sigh...great more meds) I might have to have brain surgery.
Avatar f tn Thank you, Jerry and NTB, I've only been on the Lyrica for about 1 week, but the swollen ankles and fast heart rate have been going on for almost 3 weeks. Actually, it's been over a month, on and off, because the doctors at the hospital back in June were concerned. Could this be problems with ny heart if I had a normal EKG in the hospital, and it's been going on for awhile??
Avatar f tn ''I WAS GIVEN BP MED'S'' all these people had NO heart problems until they where given those drugs? And now ALL of them had bad heart problems and ALL had big heart attacks? Then, it gets worse!! when i said 'did you have a bad heart then. No...i came i for' or my MD said'... And my old DR rings ME up for a chat or to talk about 'Holistic Healing' after he seen me cure a bad Kidney disease that the Urologist Consultant told me there was NOTHING could be done?
687079 tn?1230952212 I thought it was jsut for people with hyperthyroid. I went to the ER recently thinking I was having a heart problem and they took an EKG and said I was fine. They said I was having panic attacks. Gave me zanax. I am planning on going to an endocrinologist. What are your numbers? Some docs use a range of .05-5.0 for TSH and others use .03-3.0 so this can change everything . Check into it, let us know what you find out, as I am very curious and going through the very same thing!
Avatar f tn Just google ,Lyrica w/d or When does Lyrica w/d end and you will find a bunch of forum and ppl going through hell trying to get off it! Most can't handle it! Im soo trying to be strong and deal with it! I have chronic pain already, so Im used to being in constant pain!
667923 tn?1421466324 I just wanted to give a possible cause of your feet swelling -- it could be the Lyrica - that is listed as one of the side effects and I, also, had it when I was on the Lyrica (one of the reasons I had to stop taking it). Something you may want to ask either your doctor or pharmacist about. I hope you feel better real soon.
Avatar m tn I know that is easier said than done but you have a lot going on right now and adding more health problems like high blood pressure would not be good. Be sure to express that to them, tell them that you are in a lot of pain and struggling each day to handle your personal responsibilities and that this additional stress regarding your medication adds unnecessary stress and pain to the stress and pain you are already experiencing.
Avatar f tn This discussion is related to Problems after bowel resection. In February 2006 I had an emergency bowel resection. For no apparent reason, a large portion of my small intestine had twisted and the blood supply to my intestine had been cut off and died. About 40% of my small intestine (ileum and ileocecal valve) had to be removed. For the next 2-3 months I had horrible diarrhea after everything I ate. Within one week I went from 135 lbs. to 115 lbs.
Avatar m tn My symptoms started 8 months ago with severe chest pains,dizziness ,heart flutter,and blurred vision. Every heart test was performed,all with negative results.The chest pain continued with a choking feeling when lying down which soon produced blood spotted phlegm ,bright red at first which soon became black and looked much like dirt. A broncoscopy was done with negative results along with an EGD shortly after.Cat scans & many x-rays as well, still nothing shows up.