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630344 tn?1280108583 I also nearly died from Anaphalaxic shock bought on by this drug....i kept saying ''Its the Lyrica, and the Opiates.......... AND NO ONE LISTENED!!! And then tried to say i was getting ever MORE illnesses then half of what could be plainly seen physically WAS IN MY HEAD? I then saw a Neurologist after year's of hell and believing i actually HAD all these terrible illnesses after being a super fit supreme athlete form a very fit and youthful looking family?
1179332 tn?1297482590 I guess I am lucky there b/c I didn't notice any weight gain with the Gaba and so far not with the Lyrica either. However, when I found out how much I weighed at my pre-op I nearly I am being very careful with what I eat. Still...I guess if it's going to cause weight gain there is not much you can do about I really hope that won't happen to me as I would be off it in a heartbeat!!
Avatar f tn but in any event, as far as addiction goes, someone who likes benzo's or barbs might also like lyrica if they are not allowed their primary drugs of choice. as far as lyrica addiction and abuse go, it's actually very rare. i have seen maybe 1 or 2 posts within the past couple years about someone who is addicted to lyrica. that's not very many considering that this is the place addicts go for support...meaning it gives some insight into just which drugs are abused and which aren't.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I do know it is a GABA drug and used for nerve pain. And that the muscle relaxers and or the Vicodin doesn't do anything for that. Those were prescribed for my back issues. This is why I wanted pain management. I don't want to be on the narcotic drugs, if I can help it. My new pain doc is considering trying the TENS unit on me. If what I am experiencing is the MS Hug, shouldn't the Baclofen and muscle relaxer help for that? As for the MRI. That is a whole other issue.
Avatar m tn Lyrica is a miracle drug for me. It helps both my Fibromyalgia and anxiety. Lyrica even enhances my mood and clears my mind. I am up to 300 mg 2x a day. I strongly suggest it for anxiety. I am pleasantly surprised to hear it has been approved for anxiety in another country bc that usually means the United States will do the same eventually. I myself also suffer from addiction so be careful. Lyrica is a controlled substance and if u take a lot of it, you do get a euphoric feeling.
Avatar f tn benzos have a more-direct effect on the receptor for the inhibitory transmitter GABA, whereas Lyrica (pregabalin) increases the conversion of glutamate to GABA, resulting in higher amounts of GABA in neurons (and therefore supposedly increasing GABA transmission). Lyrica is sedating, and has indications for some anxiety disorders. But for some reason, people don't get as attached to it in the way they do to benzos like Xanax or Klonopin-- at least in my practice.
451366 tn?1211308532 hi, i've been on cymbalta for a year and have been put on lyrica (25) for a month has helpped with restless legs and Fibro abit, just increased to 75mg, had problems.
Avatar n tn I am on Duragesic pain patch, Ultram, Lortab 10 mg, and Lyrica 200mg. I noticed weight gain and swelling in my legs and feet with Lyrica and wanted to know if Topamax could replace Lyrica.
5485096 tn?1375577835 For a awhile I was taking both, as we ramped one up and the other down. The Lyrica works for my foot pain now. The gaba worked at first but stopped after about 18 months. The gaba was at 3600mg/day and the Lyrica is at 300mg/day. I'm also taking 75mg/day of amitriptilyne. Now back to my 10 pounds, could it be the Lyrica that's making me hungry?
1218873 tn?1300094816 So by this morning the effect of reducing the gabapentin without addding the lyrica had me me in serve pain (we are at the begining of a long holiday weekend in the Uk) The thought of reducing the gaba any further was inconcievable and knowing if I didn't do something now it would be Tuesday before I could get hold of my GP. I phoned the GP's sugery and explained they got my Gp to phone back. He has agreed that i can start adding the Lyrica now! I hope this will sort me out a bit.
992677 tn?1497486696 What I've found and have been reading about is GABA and HTP-5. Has anyone here tried using these? And if so, being as the issues with Chiari come and go, do they actually help with the CM related axiety?
Avatar f tn org/posts/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/Concerned-for-my-health-need-advice-/show/2075101#post_9829663 lyrica or or gabapentin is a strange drug and is becoming more and more common as well as more and more people are starting to go through the hell of withdrawals unknowingly.
Avatar m tn I just don't want to be taken lyrica and then when the opiate withdrawals are better/gone and I decide to quit taking the lyrica the opiate withdrawals come back and it's like opiate withdrawals all over again (like day 1). I know lyrica isn't a narcotic and isn't a big habit former unless it's really abused, but I just want to know that lyrica and hydrocodien have none of the same ingredients or substances and it won't be like me still taking the hydrocodien??
Avatar n tn I don't know if Lyrica would cause you to lose a crown. I would read the side effects again and see if it says anything bout it and if not call your dr and ask him if it does. Is it helping you? My problem started out as a root canal and then I had to get the tooth pulled cause the dentist did it wrong then another dentist pulled the tooth and left a big hole from my mouth to my sinus so it has been a very very long road.
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months he has been lying to me that he was just taking simethicone, bc powder, and imodium. But he was taking gaba and kratom the whole time. He finally came clean about it last weekend. I knew he was doing other stuff, it was obvious. But i wanted him to tell me because he wanted to tell me. He says this october he is checking into assisted recovery centers of america for detox and i am looking forward to it, but is it unrealistic to believe he will get off permanently?
Avatar m tn So when my new pain Dr. suggested lyrica I said let me think about it and I called Eli Lilly explaining my allergies and they said they wouldn't be any. I'm only on three Percocets day, I have no addiction, I despise them! But my second day on lyrica I was completely pain free, I thought it was a wonder drug, I took no Percocets that day. I thought oh my God my suffering is over.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if anyone else has felt like they are developing tolerance to Lyrica, and particularly useful would be any links to articles discussing this issue. A bit of background: I have been on Lyrica for about 5-6 months (at 600mg/day for around 4 months) for chronic pain in the upper back - T5. Lyrica is my only prescription pain relief. It has worked quite well until recently; as some of the last remaining side effects have faded away, so too has its effectiveness.
17365575 tn?1456044285 It is hell to get off of these drugs but the way to do it is much different from GABA drugs (bezos like klonopin and Xanax). Lyrica targets the GABA areas of your brain and more similar to this second set of drugs - also highly addictive. It's important to taper off these types of drugs than to stop abruptly. Hope this helps. You'll do great!
Avatar n tn included 50 BID of Lyrica three weeks ago and I'm feeling normal again. Anyone have any experience with lyrica?
Avatar m tn Now, they said I should take Lyrica AND Cymbalta together. I haven't had the script filled yet, so I don't know how that will be, but, I have heard that it helps some. I was also on Lexapro for a long, long time. Now that I am not, I am at least, a little, more "connected". - It seemed to keep me in a deeper fog than just the fibro.
293157 tn?1285877039 hi I have tried neurontin up to 2700mg then broke out in a rash head to toe and my doctor switched me to lyrica and it has worked the best for my severe neuropathy pain. i have gained 20 lbs but I couldnt function if it wasnt for this drug. I am now on 225mg of lyrica twice a day though I find myself uping the dose every 6 months or so due to breakthrough pain it has been a great drug for me.
Avatar n tn I took lyrica for fibromylgia, I had side effects of excessive weight gain and my hands and feet swelled badly. the nurse is wrong they are very addictive. you go through w/d when you stop them. or at least I did.
Avatar f tn I don't understand there are so many places and programs for opiates and heroin and meth why not benzos and lyrica? hope you are doing better.
Avatar f tn Just google ,Lyrica w/d or When does Lyrica w/d end and you will find a bunch of forum and ppl going through hell trying to get off it! Most can't handle it! Im soo trying to be strong and deal with it! I have chronic pain already, so Im used to being in constant pain!
Avatar m tn While gabapentin is not GABA, it mimics its action, and creates drowsiness.The side effects are dose dependent, so please report your side effects and ask your doctor for help. Perhaps a reduced dose might help you with the drowsiness. Perhaps another medication, pregabalin, might be more effective with less side effects. Talk to your doc.
1253197 tn?1331212710 When I was on the trial yesterday there was a lady there having some treatment and she said she switched from gabapentin to pregabilin (lyrica) and this stopped her putting weight on.
Avatar f tn if all is negative, you probably have peripheral neuropathy that can be caused by B12 dificiency. medications such as lyrica, Gaba pentin, and cymbalta can help the pain. a nerve conduction test can also rule out nerve impingements in the spine that may cause this radiculopathy type pain.
1548028 tn?1324616046 Prescribed him Lyrica for 14 days from Gaba. So, I guess we will see if maybe the GABA was working or if the Lyrica is better. He also prescribed a couple of funny movies (Hitchhikers Guide..., The Onion-horoscope and time was Monte Python and the Holy Grail!hee hee) and websites for Jordan-yep, on prescription pad!LOL! He may not be able to dx this yet but he is wonderful with Jordan and he keeps looking and calling other experts.
Avatar n tn I usually feel best right before bed. Of course! I want to try Lyrica, but I have heard of the side effects, and I'm worried. I wish you could find something to help you. I hear Cymbalta works, too. Maybe ask him for that. Remember, you are important in this world! None of us feel that we can make it another day, but we do. Right now, it seems that "quantity" is better than "quality" of life at the moment.
Avatar m tn I know more about a prior drug, Neurontin, and I know that drug poops out regularly at the high doses needed for pain control. Lyrica could also be a culprit here, as it's basically shooting GABA right to your brain, and GABA has a major effect in relaxing us. It's what klonopin is targeting. That's why I mentioned it could also be the combination. And it could be anxiety.