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Avatar n tn How common are lung infections which could cause this result? Are lung infections common? And how does a cancerous tumor appear diffently on an xray? Any help in getting him through the next week will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn That equates to a pack a day for 50 years, two packs a day for 25 years, etc. His turned out to be a lung abscess. He had no symptoms, just a spot on an xray. Back then there were no CT or MRI scans available. They ended up doing a needle biopsy through his chest wall. He recently had a scare where, after he had a pretty nasty cold, he was coughing up blood. Not a lot, just some bloody mucus when he really coughed hard. He and I were both worried, of course.
Avatar f tn it could be a granuloma of tubercular origin, lung abscess etc. CT halo sign or ground glass attenuation surrounding the nodule on CT image indicates TB and biopsy needs to be done bronchoscopically or via Trans thoracic needle aspiration. This should confirm the diagnosis. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn Solitary nodules causes, are due to neoplastic(benign or malignant), metastasis, lymphoma, hamartoma, connective tissue tumors. It could be a granuloma of tubercular origin, lung abscess etc. CT halo sign or ground glass attenuation surrounding the nodule on CT image indicates TB and biopsy needs to be done bronchoscopically or via Trans thoracic needle aspiration.
Avatar n tn The various causes of patch on a chest xray when you had chest pain as the chief complaint could be emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung abscess, rib fracture, lobar atelectasis, malignant lesions etc. wait for the meeting, carry any old xrays or other imaging studies of chest for comparison. Make note of any constitutional symptoms like fever, cough, and weight loss. Consult a pulmonologist after your physician. Management would be according to the cause. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn I have had a chest xray and ct scan with contast to try and find out why I am having pain over my left kidney and left ribcage. I was told by my doctor that the tests showed I had small "bubbles" or areas of lung collapse in the lower lobes of both lungs. I have no cough or wheeze and have not had a cold or serious cough in over 8 years. What could this be?
Avatar n tn My wife just had a chest xray and it showed a spot about the size of the end of an ink pen. I;m sure they are now going to send for a CAT scan. The spot was white does that mean good or bad?
Avatar n tn I am only 23 years old and I am a little worried, about 6 months ago I had a CT scan on my stomach. They found nothing in that scan but noticed a spot in my right lung. They did another CT scan and noticed that there was 2. They said it might be scar tissue but to make sure I need a CT scan every 6 months to be sure. I don't understand why I would have something like this I feel I am too young.
Avatar f tn ct scan for chest tightness, heart OK but they did find a small 5-6mm nodule in the mid anterior left lung. Scheduled for 6 month follow up ct. Nov 2008 - Fighting with bronchitis. Question: I understand a 5-6mm nodule might not show up on xray, so perhaps this nodule is just a scar from the previous fungal infection. But can cryptococcus fungus lay dormant in a person's lungs for 7 years and reactivate?
Avatar n tn Sometimes the walls of an abscess are very tough and makes it harder for antibiotics to 'get through' If it is an abscess that's easily reached, then the usual treatment is to drain it first, and also give antibiotics. But with her abscess in this location, that's not as easy. Usually for a lung abscess, antibiotic treatment is used, and drainage only occasionally, but that does depend on what is stuck down there. A bronchoscopy might be the answer.
Avatar n tn Last week the baby nearly stopped breathing and a visit to the er and a chest xray and ct showed a large mass about half the size of his left lung which has now been deemed an abscess of the lung. He was transfered to a childrens hospital where he stayed until yesterday. Had a true allergic reaction to vancomycin and so is receiving a combination of Rocephin,clindamycin and Biaxin. Meds were administed in hospital and now being administered at home.
Avatar f tn After about 3 days, stomach got better, but developed cough, chest pain and fever. Still having back and flank pain. Went to emer. clinic and xray shows pneumonia in my right lung. Have received a Rocephin shot for 3 days in a row and had breathing trtmts on Saturday and Sunday. I am also taking Augmentin at 875 mg twice per day. My back is still killing me, I am still coughing and my sternum is really sore from that and still running low grade fever with frequent sweating.
Avatar n tn Upper left molar #14 was extracted 8 months ago. Prior extraction was experiencing ache on left side of face especially cheek bone & around eye, slightly swollen. Asked for antibotics, he told me what I was experiencing had nothing to do with the tooth & seek medical doctor. Tooth did not come out in one piece. Ten days later went back to dentist as sharp piece of bone sticking out of extraction site. Dentist removed, said it was not uncommon & that everything looked fine.
Avatar f tn Had some basic labs done and said to come back in a month to see if I still have the cough. It's gotten better but the white round little spots on the xray is stressing me out to the point where I feel I do have cancer. They also did a TB test at the clinic and it came back neg. Also he mentioned if it phenomina I would have a fever but I don't. I do feel tired but it could be from stressing out too much. I have NO insurance either so I'm on my own on this. I'm 25, m, married with 3 children.
Avatar m tn a CT scan would show loads of information that might otherwise be missed on an xray, such as an abscess which would explain the high WBC's. I am not a doc, just throwing ideas out there. A coloscopy wouldn't be a bad idea either as it sounds like your bleeding is from the lower GI system. If it were black, then it would be from a higher source such as the stomach. I agree with the above that you should be seeing a specialist, a GI specialist who can run all of the appropriate tests on you.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know if this is anxiety ? I m 22 had lung xray in june which was good 5 ecgs good heart scan good bloods good everything iz saying its stress and anxiety but it doesn't happen in a panic attack or anything its just random I know this post is old but im freaking out to the point I cant help but concentrate on my breathing I cant leave the house !
Avatar n tn My Nocardiosis is pulmonary and I haven't had any of the complications like brain abscess or skin and mine was diagnosed by bronchoscopy and lung biopsys. Based on what I've indicated, what is my prognosis and do you have any recommendations?
Avatar m tn Was quite surprised when the chest xray showed lungs full of fluid..... On hers, the xray showed the whole lung area to be clouded WHITE.....It was based on that view.... She was treated with an injectable broad spectrum antibiotic that lasts for 2 weeks, but stays in the system longer...It's fairly new....I'll have to go look up the name......"Convenia". I'm worried about this new drug however, only for one reason......As with any medication, a reaction can occur......
Avatar f tn Cerebral abscess; CNS abscess . Back to TopCauses Brain abscesses commonly occur when bacteria or fungi infect part of the brain. Swelling and irritation (inflammation) develop in response to this infection. Infected brain cells, white blood cells, live and dead bacteria, and fungi collect in an area of the brain. Tissue forms around this area and creates a mass. While this immune response can protect the brain by isolating the infection, it can also do more harm than good.
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Avatar n tn The heart and mediastinum are normal. No lymphadenopathy is seen. The lung fields are clear. No interstitial infiltrates present. No effusions seen. Anterior effusion is present in the low cervical spine I don't quite understand the last sentence. Could you help me to intrepret what it means?
Avatar f tn She showed me my x-rays, and there were cavities (think abscess, or mega lung zit) all over both lungs. She went to the x-ray done a few years prior and she could see the forming of a chest cavity on the upper left side of my left lung. She guesses I have had this infection for 2 years.
250084 tn?1303311035 In that trial I drew the SOC, not the Albumin-trial drug-and glad as they are having some serious lung issue's with it (as I have pneumonia still, had my 3rd xray, pulmonary testing today! Also a CT 2 weeks ago!) But they are really paying attention to any lung problems. Did she do the Albumin or the SOC? And nope, no rescue drugs, tho hearing about them, not so upset on that now. I'll be happy to PM her, talk to her anytime. Good luck coming off of tx, go slow! Peace and love back at you.
Avatar m tn She eats normally, drinks normally, BMs are normal, etc. we did xray and xray found fluid around lungs and heart. Not once did our vet mention cancer. He thinks it's pneumonia or bronchitis, maybe congestive heart failure. He also asked about HW but she is on preventatives and has never missed a month and tested negative in October. He gave her a diuretic injection plus diuretic pills, heart meds, and antibiotics (she has no fever but he said just in case).
Avatar n tn In my case, I found out I have a rare, uncureable lung disease (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis) which caused it - unfortunately, the blebs in my lung continue to pop and cause periodic small lung collapses. I try to just sit at home and see if they pass after the cumulative months in the hospital. I had the procedure on my left side and probably will have to eventually have it on my right though they are trying to avoid that in case of lung transplantation in the future.
222080 tn?1189759422 i had tubal tye done 19 years ago last year after chest xray one clip came un.done and was stuck under left lung and i was pregnant lost baby.april had redo op could not find clip so was told wont cause harm had a cough for over a year now since it came off now got to have chest scan in case its under the lung again .
Avatar m tn I had the oxygen issues, shortnessof breath, puemonia that wouldn't get better, weight loss, fatigue, sleep apnea issues and was finally diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, which usually isn't diagnosed except by accident or by xray following a bad lung illness. Some of you may check into this for answers, it took several hospital stays, lots of meds, a lung biopsy and lots of tests to finally run this down for me, but I feel the diagnosis probably spared my life.
Avatar n tn She felt that it was only swolen lymphnodes and had an xray taken and bloodwork. Nothing came out of this as nothing was found in the xray. The pain continues and under my arm is ususally always swolen and sore. There were no breast lump concerns at my appointment last year and I continue to do self exams and find nothing. Do any of you have any opinions of what this could be? It worries me and is painful. Should I be consulting another doctor for a second opinion?
Avatar n tn Get a CT scan if you can. It is non-invasive and will show more than xray and not hurt. I will update as i find out what mine is. Keep fighting for your health. You only get one body and one life to be in it.
Avatar n tn The X-ray didn't reveal anything, but the CT scan showed an abscess. The doctor called it a retro-tracheal abscess, which isn't even a thing because these things don't usually happen in this spot. More common is a retropharyngeal abscess which can usually be traced back to some sort of trauma (food getting stuck in the throat or something). In my husband's case, we have no idea what caused it.