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Avatar f tn It's 3 weeks since I've been having a pretty serious depression, including anxiety & sleeplessness. I was put on a new antidepressant LexiPro (15 days now), xanax as needed, which I only need to "take the edge off" when Im shaky, and Lunesta to sleep. This is the 2nd time I've used Lunesta.
Avatar m tn Hi - I ran out of my generic Lunesta 3mgs and thought no biggie to go without until I got the insurance/script prob sorted out. But just prior to this I had also whittled down to a tiny - 1/4 tab of a 10/325 daily amount of oxy. But whoa 3rd night off both and I scrambled to find a 2mg Lunesta I had forgotten in a travel bag in order to reduce the withdrawal. I have to sleep or I get sick. This Lunesta helped so I did not return to the oxy.
140622 tn?1190102529 Hey all, I've been seeing a lot of people here on this forum who use sleep meds like, Ambien, and Lunesta. My PCP won't prescribe them to me because he thinks they cause damage to the liver. But he has prescribed Xanax in a very low dose 0.5mg (1/2 mg) and he said it was OK to use Aleve. The Aleve sure takes away the joint pain and headaches better than Tylenol does, but I've heard it has aspirin properties. He is not a Hepatologist just a good family doc.
Avatar n tn My questions is the interaction, if any, documented with taking both Sertraline 50 mg po QD and (potential) Lunesta 1mg QHS? I have been taking the generic of Zoloft 50 mg for around 10 years. I've always had trouble sleeping and am post-menopausal. I've been contemplating the usage of non-benzodiazepines for a while now and am leaning more and more toward taking one. I have a mild h/o mitrovalve prolapse and once had an allergic reaction to Paxil CR.
266660 tn?1189759434 Lunesta seems to work okay for me. I've only taken it three or four times (I only take it as needed and not on a nightly basis.) I was prescribed Klonopin for anxiety and sleep and she said to not take it with Lunesta (this is after I asked *her*, she didn't mention it until then.) The Klonopin seems to work as well as the Lunesta, BTW. Kevin, I've read that Lunesta and Ambien are the same "types" of sleep aids but that is all I know. I hope Ryan can clear this up for us.
410221 tn?1227635437 For those that use Ambien and do not think it is addictive be very careful. The generic name for Ambien is Zolpidem/stilnoct. This is a very informative website with tons of information on Ambien other Z class drugs and Benzos.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Oh...please don't. Or test it out first....I am on 4 Hydo's a day and have now just quit the 12.5 Ambein CR (only 1 a night) - and it started w/ Lunesta, but after 2 weeks, they were not I talked to the doc, and he gave me Ambien. I had only been on it for 4 months, and started doing sleep walking and things like that. Then after 1 month, I started getting this buzzy dizzyness every morning, and the only thing that took it away was a Hydro, and or Valium.
335728 tn?1331418012 It looks like Amitriptyline is an anti-depressant, so we'll add a new category of treatments called anti-depressants to the sleep tracker in the near future. Zopiclone is actually the generic name for Lunesta, so go ahead and use Lunesta (already in the tracker) to track usage of Zopiclone. We'll let you know when anti-depressants are available to track.
Avatar m tn Why is there not an effective NBZD available in the US for panic disorder or the treatment of anxiety? Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata have anxiolytic potential, but their duration is extremely limited, which make them useful for inducing sleep, but not sustaining it. I know Ambien produces and extended release formula, but their is no generic available, which places this medication out of reach for millions of Americans who could benefit from a NBZD.
Avatar n tn Which sleep aid is less addicting and less toxic, ambien or lunesta. I have heard ambien is hard on your liver.
Avatar n tn Are you asking for a suggestion of another med for helping you sleep?? If so, I take generic Remeron 45 mg, the generic is called mirtazapine...I have been taking it for a couple of yrs and it works every time and I am highly resistant to meds, my body gets immune to them very fast!! Hope this helps...
Avatar n tn I dont know why it is making me nausea. My doc then perscribed lunesta 3mg. Has anyone tried lunesta and experienced better sleep with it? I am afraid of trying lunesta because i dont want to feel so nausea again. I didn't take any sleep med last night...didnt have a very good sleep but still i feel nausea. I need something to help me sleep without causing nausea and to help me sleep like a baby throughout the night pleaseee.
Avatar n tn I am taking Alprazolam pretty infrequently but have needed it more recently as I switched to Cymbalta from Wellbutrin. Is Alprazolam the generic for Xanax and if so, I think I better switch to Klonopin due to all of the horror stories I have been reading about Xanax and long-term use compared to Klonopin. Any advice or feedback?
Avatar f tn Started on the generic 50 mg and endo put me on 75 brand Synthroid. I was hypo 30 years without notice of 3 doctors and 5 surgeries. My joints ache, even my bunions, I am so tired I was supposed to go back to work Monday and just do not have the energy. My tailbone hurts to sit, so driving is painful. Am I being a baby with the joint pain? I take a 3 mg Lunesta to get to sleep but it only gives me 5 hours.
129311 tn?1266350422 he has tried almost everything out there, lunesta, tamazepan, and many more that i cannot remember as well as natural supplements. he just started taking ambien cr 12.5 lastnight and slept worse than ever. after taking any sleep aid he is always awake after about one hour and then finally gets frustrated and gets up about 12:00 in the morning. this causes him so much anxiety, which he takes zoloft for, which does not work...200mg. dr just gave him rx for celexa...
492921 tn?1321293496 I don't like to take pills at all. They prescribed me Lunesta for sleeping. It worked pretty good. I had a miscarriage April 18th and haven't had a good night sleep since. I haven't slept more than 3 or 4 hours. I asked my Dr to prescribe me something to help me sleep which I didn't hear from him after a few days I started taking the xanax and it knocked me out for a good 8 hours. I finally got the generic ambien prescribed.
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Avatar n tn 5 mg), seems to work better for me than lunesta (lunesta also had a very bitter taste if i remember correctly). it gives me about 4-4.5 straight hours of sleep & only works if i take it on an empty stomach (6 hours post eating). i figure im going to take it thru the end of tx & then worry about getting off it. cant sleep w/o it. good luck to you.
1076494 tn?1255765361 My doctor put me exeffor and lunesta a little over a year ago. She recently swiched me to Ambian CR because the lunesta was not working.I also take wellbutrin in the morning. I would go back to see her but I no insurance at this time. The problem is..I still can't sleep. I took the effexor and Ambian CR around 1:30am. Now its almost 4am.and I wide wake. By the time I fall asleep I'm down for most of the day. I'm not sure what to do anymore.
Avatar f tn I work for a primary doctor if your doctor will write you a script for lunesta in a generic form your insurance will pay for it also they will pay for ambien in generic it's alot less cost he should give you aleast a 30 day to see if it will help.
168348 tn?1379360675 Target and Walmart have the generic prescription plan . it is only $4 a mo for any generic on their list I think.
Avatar f tn Have you tried Lunesta for sleep?My doc gave me a rx for two weeks and i loved it .except it gave me a metal taste for the first few days.i slept great .no hangover either.kinda expensive and my insurance wouldn't pick it up.
Avatar m tn Thanks Ladybug, guess I need time to settle into the new meds. I do have a bottle of Lunesta here somewhere, but don't really like it, np prescribed it for me when I began tx and had trouble sleeping, but those sx's eased with time also. Saw a daffodil today popping up next to a patch of snow, the little things do count and life goes on, even while on tx....
Avatar n tn I was on the Ambien CR for a while and that actually seemed to help more, but unfortunately, my prescription insurance coverage stopped covering the CR, I'm guessing because that is the only Ambien formula that does not currently have a generic form. I have tried both Sonata and Lunesta also for sleep. The Sonata did absolutely nothing for me and the Lunesta gave me wicked hallucinations. My doctor also tried me on trazodone, but it had the opposite effect on me and made me super hyper.
Avatar n tn Maybe ur dad can take u to ur family doc. $60 to see him tell him the truth.
Avatar n tn Second of all, is it true that I should be on a name brand med? I didn't have a choice and I believe I have the generic meds. I use to exercise 4-5 times a week and was enjoying life and now I haven't exercised or slept in over a month. The insomnia is about to kill me. My doctor prescribed Lunesta which helps until about 2am and then I am up and down until I finally surrender and get up in the morning.
Avatar n tn You can try benadryl too, it’s an antihistamine and available generically as ‘diphenhydramine’ in the local drug store OTC. Prescription aids like Lunesta and Ambien work VERY well; I think Ambien is available now in generic form. That’s something to start with; others will most likely offer some other thoughts as well.
866071 tn?1239385868 Insomnia is a common symptom of thyroid, I started having sleeping problems in Sept of 08 and thats when I was first diagnosed wth Hypo from blood work, I take Lunesta#2 and it gives me 6 hrs most of the time, this was prescribed by my Endo, I had a GP prior to that, this clown thought I was depressed and put me on Trazadone, I said no thanks.
Avatar m tn Tylenol does make a sleep aid that does not actually contain acetaminophen, only diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which is what's making you sleepy when you take these meds. You can also find generic versions of Benadryl sleep aids at most drug stores. However, as the med labels will tell you, if you are still having trouble sleeping after taking these meds for 7-10 days, then you really need to see your Dr. as you may have a serious problem such as Sleep Apnea.
Avatar n tn i was on sleep meds for over 10 years starting with restoril, then ambien, then lunesta, then zolpidem tartrate (generic ambien). i was taking 5-15 mgs of zolpidem per nite to sleep til recently. after experiencing daytime sleepiness, sore muscles, mental fog, i decided to wean off of them. i cut back about 1/3rd of pill over 5 day intervals (it took about 4 weeks). I am happy to say, I have been free of them for over a week now and sleeping like a lamb most nites.