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896129 tn?1243641410 Yeah look into that hylands restful legs Ive heard from many people that I know personally that it helped alot. For some odd reason Ive never gotten real bad RLS when coming off opiates, but do get real bad aches and pains, basicly just always sore and never comfortable. Anyways from my experience at day 8 things were still pretty tough but it really started to noticeably improve soon there after, so hang in there.
Avatar m tn The hydro has cured my RLS which I have been taking Ambien for for 5 years. The problem is that I have full blown RLS anyway and the w/d has compounded the RLS to epic proportions. I have only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. A quick story about labeling addicts. I make a very nice 6 figure income and have 2 full time positions in an extremely professional field. I always thought it wouldn't happen to me. It did.
Avatar f tn HI, Last week I tried to go Cold Turkey off 4mgs of Sub and Wow I couldn't handle it- felt horrible- all week I have been trying to take as little as possible-and just feel horrible So I decided I better do this taper a bit more carefully and really pay attention to what I am taking- So I saw my Doc today he told me I needed to take a bit more- maybe go back to 4mg - he said I dropped too fast too soon- then when I felt ok after a couple days to begin the taper He gave me Lyrica to help with
Avatar m tn So taking lyrica isn't a substitute for hydrocodion in any way? None of the same substances.
659608 tn?1318292966 I had tried it for medical reasons, I suffer fibromyalgia, RLS, hashimoto syndrome, Epsen Barren syndrome ,sleep apnea, OCD, depresion, gotier and acid reflux and anxiety, I can tell you that my problems are so complex that with the normal medications from doctors I had NOT felt any better for the last 15 years, and some of those meds had sent me to the emergency room and hospitalizations several times...
Avatar f tn at the moment. I really feel for you and hope you get the correct medical treatment for your problems. Let me know how things go for you..
Avatar m tn I will try Nyquil tonight and also a larger dosage of melatonin.
514273 tn?1311613235 What i need is some advice on what to ask for from the doc. Last year, I got a trial package of Requip for the RLS and low dosage of xanax for the anxiety. I dont' think the Xanax did anything for me, I might have to request some other form of Benzos, need your help in deciding what. I will also ask for Clonidine.
Avatar n tn Not only does it help with sleep, it helps with rls and anxiety. When my husband has bad anxiety he'll take a half of an imovane and lie down for an hour and it totally relaxes him. Now sleeping pills are generally to be taken at night for sleep purposes only however, when youre going through severe oxy wd's if taking half of a sleeping pill during a panic attack keeps you off of oxys and valium, i'de say its the lesser evil. Sleep is key to any type of healing. It will do wonders.
Avatar m tn Any suggestions for what the best mix is, especially for RLS in the arms? If my damn arms would just stop, I think I could sleep like a baby.
1218318 tn?1266812201 I'd start drinking for sure (recovering in AA for over 27 years here). Ambien, Lunesta and the other Z-drugs are the modern designer-pharm answer to sleep problems. It DOES work for folks. Not knocking it. And, I thought Ambien was the wonderful answer to my sleep troubles. But when you see that pretty butterfly in the commercial flying around sprinkling "pixie dust" on sleeping beauty - THINK BENZO! Google Ambien withdrawal. She's hallucinating that butterfly!
Avatar n tn with restlessness and other stuff... Immdium.. Phergan for nausea.. Lunesta or trazodone for sleep.. a mild muscle relaxer helped me alot... skelaxin or flexiril.. Let us know how the doc appt goes..
Avatar m tn Take vitamins with minerals. Get some Hylands Restfull legs at Walgreens for the RLS. Take IMMODIUM. It works on many levels!!! You'll see... You need to eat something;especially with protein!! Peanut butter toast? Green tea is wonderful and is an anti oxident. You need to push yourself a little so try to be there for your family tonight. So much of this is mental David. Just push have a great wife so do it for her!! I know you can do this...I've done it and I'm a HUGE BABY!
Avatar f tn Congrats Lain on 11. That's great. Glad melatonin works for you....never did for me. I was on Lunesta for sleep issues before i got on the Opioid roller coaster. So i REALLY need it now. Its funny, i read about so many women with RLS. I never got it but noticed many women do....doesn't sound fun. Congrats again & keep up the good work.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the info. I currently take Lunesta for insomnia. Been taking 3mg Lunesta for years. I do not abuse it and I never have, but I know I will have a hard time coming off. Trazadone sounds good. I am going to gather some information about it and talk to my doctor about switching.
Avatar m tn It WILL stop. Believe it or not, the Lunesta could be adding to the RLS. I know..that stinks. Believe me, take hot baths. It really does work. Also, try a heating pad on your calves. I slept in a chair instead of the bad because laying down was a nightmare. And again...push fluids.
195469 tn?1388326488 I am NOT going to try it, since if it has the same chemical properties as Requip, it definitely won't work for me. I DO hope that it works for anyone else that may be taking it. RLS is a very troublesome problem. I wish medical science could find something that stops it in it's tracks. It's not a painful disorder, but my word...does it ever affect you. For me, I feel like taking a hammer to my legs when they start their jumping. Anything to make it stop.
Avatar n tn the sleep deprivation i have to say was the worst for me....the only thing that helped me was knocked me out and the rls too.....i took lunesta once i think that is like ambien did help with sleep but i dont know about rls because i was past the rls by then...which for me was about 2 weeks....hope this helps....
Avatar m tn I got six hours last night on Ambien CR. I honestly didn't think this medication would work for me because my problem seems to be primary RLS (in the arms) related to withdrawal. I was hesitant to take it because the doc said "Trazodone or Ambien, not both", and the Trazadone had been giving me 4 hours most nights. I thought without a strong quick tired feeling I wouldn't be able to overwhelm that terrible RLS feeling enough to drop off.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your input, I surely appreciate it. No, the RLS is not what wakes me up - my legs are fine when I do wake up. It's just that I can't say asleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I don't get enough exercise but I do take hot baths before bedtime, eat bananas and also take a potassium supplement every day. But I may try the Hylands anyway. Thanks again!
192332 tn?1189759428 I had to stop the zoloft because it made me sick so he switched me to lexapro and that made me sick too.I love the lunesta except it gives me a metallic taste.It does make me sleep all night w/o the hangover.
380558 tn?1309045987 If I DO go back to bed, it's like around 5-6am and I can only sleep an hour anyway because I have to get the kids up for school at 7am! I've always been nocturnal to begin with, and I'm not sure if that's got anything to do with this or not as well? I've tried Melatonin- doesn't even make me sleepy one bit (I'm even taking 3mg at night); I've tried Valerian root, ya right..
Avatar f tn I seen my dactor yesterday for what I believe might be anxiety; RLS, Insomnia, and very antsy feeling throughout my entire body. He stated he had no idea what was going and ordered a CMP, CBC, Thyroid Panel and told me he could RX a benzo like xanax which I refused. I am taking Lunesta 3mg, and Valerian root as he suggested but these don't seem to be helping. I've never had these feelings before and am very scared. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn The best thing I know of for anxiety and RLS. Is a brisk walk for a half hour. I found it to be a miracle cure for anxiety. Hang on it will ease up soon.
Avatar f tn Have taken two at bedtime, along with Lunesta and sometime phenergan for nausea. I never take anything during the day. Have been tapering off for four days. The worst time has been at night....really restless and cannot sleep. I have been having lots of dreams....which I cannot remember the last time I remember ever this related to tapering off hydrocodone? These four days have been difficult; however am wondering if the worse is yet to come?
Avatar n tn I really didnt have much withdrawal at all. Felt like mild mild flu for 2 days. I was taking 4 per 10s a day for a little over a month. Anyway, like i said, i stopped taking them on friday, this is day 6. The last 5 nights, i have BARELY slept? Could this be the lack of pills causing this? Ive also been under a lot of stress but ive NEVER gone 5 days in a rown struggling to sleep. Ive tried a few beers, i woke up 3 1/2 hours later.
1000729 tn?1253368650 One good thing is that I went and picked up the Hyland's Restful Legs Product and it works for me!!!! Have had no RLS for the last 2 evenings but still had to use a Lunesta to get to sleep the last 2 days.... Going to try some Melatonine and see it that will get me to sleep.... Me no likey using prescription drugs no more!!!!! Let's hope it will work!!!! Hey, at least I haven't used any benzos for 2 days....
462361 tn?1207862577 I was wondering if taking lunesta would help out. Ive been perscribed it for almost a year now cause ive always had problems sleeping mainly insomnia but would lunesta push any button for my past addiction? As in the percocets?? Just wondering.. seems like RLS and twitching is EVERYONES problem here =/ buhh when will it stopppppp!!!!!!
Avatar m tn You are almost there too, day 5 was really hard and day 6 a little easier. I had RLS develop around night 4 for a few days but that has even seemed to go down.