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140622 tn?1190102529 My platelets hover around 50 too. So since I have no insurance and could not afford ambian or lunesta. Cost over 100. My doctor gave me ativan. It comes in generic. Only cost 27 month. Works really well for me. 2mgs is what he gave me. I know the risk of dependency but will worry about that when treatment is over.
168348 tn?1379360675 it is cheaper for me to pay outside of my insurance .. insurance would cost me $10.00 flat fee for it .. Walgreens has some kind of nat'l contract I *think* with the med?
Avatar f tn I also use white noise/pink noise, ear plugs, ear muffs and fan nothing. So my question is if this does not work can I get Lunesta without Insurance authorized needed or do you know of something that does work that does not need insurance ok and will knock me out?
Avatar f tn Therefore, if my doctor writes me a script for Lunesta or Ambien, what would be my cost without insurance? I'm 75 yrs. young, look 60 and have a good nights sleeps with this product. They don't tell me what the risks are, which is a thorn in my side.
Avatar f tn Maybe the doctor can give me samples of the Rozeram and the Lunesta so that I can see which one works best. Roof, I wonder why insurance wouldn't pay for something like that. I have crappy insurance, (better than none though), but if yours doesn't pay for the Lunesta, I'd bet mine won't either.
Avatar n tn So I called the Pharmacy and they sold me 2 for $13.99..that is without insurance coverage. I heard that 30 pills were over $400.00 without insurance but mine were only $7.00/each.
338416 tn?1420049302 And I'm also taking full advantage of those name brand drugs that have the rebates/pay the cost of the copay. Lipitor and Lunesta both offer these. Still trying to find a way for SS to pay for my monthy copaxone, but haven't got that one, yet. Remember - you have worked have for that incentive gift. Enjoy the benefits of your hard work. congrats!
Avatar m tn So quite obviously, I didn't not continue with that. I've also tried Sonata and Lunesta in the past. Sonata did not help me at all and with Lunesta I experienced horrible hallucinations. Ambien, by far, is the best for me. I've not experienced any long-term side effects (that I can tell or that may possibly show in blood work) from being on the Ambien this long.
Avatar f tn Unlike the current generation of antipsychotics (as opposed to the ones in development) there are many anti-depressents (Trazadone's original use) and sleep aids that do not cause this risk. Lunesta can be taken every day without risk of addiction. Rozerem can as well and since it was developed from Melatonin even though it is a prescription medication it actually adjusts the sleep cycle as well as promoting sleep. I would ask about those two instead.
572651 tn?1333939396 The cost was extremely high without insurance. I called a million different pharmacies and found that Costco has it cheap without insurance for $50 for 45? Maybe? Call to be sure. Now I just buy it without insurance approval. Also you can ask your pharmacy to order from the cheapest manufacturer, they don't always do by the way.
Avatar n tn This period was mediately after I took 2mg Lunesta and 3mg melatonin. I suspect that the Lunesta lowered my breathing. Please comment on that. However, my wife informs me that I do stop breathing for a few seconds at a time. I asked her for more info such as how long, but she always shakes me after a few seconds until I breath again. According to some articles cessation of breathing is normal if less than 10 seconds an less than 10 times an hour.
Avatar m tn This does include the maid and sitter. Without insurance your meds will be between 20-80.00. Ambien is your most expensive if you do choose to get it. I don't have insurance either and my meds were: Clondine/buspar/Ambien $80.00 : My maid was $40.00 : Laundry $20: I do have an updated and almost daily account of my withdrawal on here. Again, I'm only at day 14 and not out of the woods as far as sleep is concerned but I have my wits and strength about me now.
351342 tn?1197588360 ) Though I don't live in Alabama I too explored this option without insurance, and for me at a few different Dr's offices, the office visit was $300.00 for the first visit, and that wasn't including prescriptions, on top of this every office visit after that was $100.00. When you get the prescription though I would recommend going to Walmart or somewhere big like that, Walgreens, and your 24 hour pharmacies were so much more expensive. Just some food for thought, hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I wish I didn't have to take the ambien but I admit I can't sleep without it and that pretty much fits the description of an addiction. Without sleep, insignificant things seem to rise to the level of major catastrophes and the riba rage is outta control. Oh well . . . At least I'm aware of it and maybe 16 weeks from now I'll be able to think about stopping.
667078 tn?1316004535 I struck out with the SS cost sharing immediately because my insurance - Anthem - required me to use their specialty mail order pharmacy, which is not a participant in the SS plan. So I pay the $50 co-pay each month on my own. None of this help makes sense to me because it sounds like next to no one is getting $$$ assistance. Does anyone here get help with their drug cost through these programs?
1344197 tn?1392822771 They also often aren't covered by insurance and therefore may cost more. The final misconception regards saliva hormone testing. It's a gimmick. Although the concept of making a hormone combination just for you sounds appealing, the FDA says that saliva hormone testing has no scientific basis, and it's not reliable. These are just some key points from this study. For more details, read the entire review.[1] For Medicine Matters, I'm Dr. Sandra Fryhofer. http://www.medscape.
1722607 tn?1335751458 I want to look them up thru my insurance to see how much they will cost me if needed. Just trying to budget how much treatment could end up costing.
Avatar n tn Then add to that, I also pay another 30.00 for my Lunesta. Without it I would never sleep tho. So Im working on 75.00 every 4 weeks. OUCH is right. Hey you said you missed the boat for a real job??!! That makes us twins!!!!!!!!! My job sucks too!!!!!!! I dont really like anything about it these days, add to that a boss who hovers over my every decision like an old woman, and some days (like today) I feel down right postal!!! Hey,...
Avatar n tn Do you have short term disabitity (SDI) at work with your insurance? If you do its usually paid tax free. So when you take that and the cost to work in a week, usually comes out about the same.
Avatar f tn This does include the maid and sitter. Without insurance your meds will be between 20-80.00. Ambien is your most expensive if you do choose to get it. I don't have insurance either and my meds were: Clondine/buspar/Ambien $80.00 : My maid was $40.00 : Laundry $20: I do have an updated and almost daily account of my withdrawal on here. Again, I'm only at day 14 and not out of the woods as far as sleep is concerned but I have my wits and strength about me now.
Avatar m tn I used to use the Ambien CR and that did a much better job of that, however, my insurance no longer covers the CR and since there is no generic for that one, it is cost prohibitive for me, so I stick with the "regular" Ambien. Have you talked to your doctor about trying a sleep aid? It's not uncommon for fibro patients to need them - insomnia is a HUGE part of fibro/cfs.
Avatar f tn I couldn't write without a great deal of effort. I had no strength in that hand. Another example was double vision and blurring along with extreme fatigue. The fatigue was so bad I could not sit up. To me a flair is more than just the every day MS stuff...It goes to an extreme. These are the things I bring up to my neuro. I have no clue about your pharmacist. My husband picks up my drugs and is always treated with respect. I think your husband is right.
Avatar m tn All those people suing for whiplash or whatever other trauma they can invent and falsify just to gain a couple thousand dollars is increasing our insurance cost so high to reimburse the insurance companies. When are we going to take responsiblity for our actions and not blame others for our mistakes. I don't know about you but as for me I am not so ignorant to the fact that opiates are addictive and when I began taking them I chose to over take the medicine rather than as prescribed.
381727 tn?1199793207 Is there anything to speed this process along without the side effects? Dear God someone help me, Im at my whitts end!!
956292 tn?1334058469 So you don't get much of one without the other. These days I can go a night here and there without CPAP before I start to nod off with the old sleep deprivation feelings. Need I say that CPAP doesn’t turn me into a ball of energy? I guess MS is the thing that makes sure THAT isn't going to happen. The thing CPAP does (and has done incredibly well) is enable me to drive and work and function in a near normal way.
Avatar n tn A wig huh? do they cost alot? I would love to know how that goes for ya. I always think of a wig falling off, or flipping around on the head, (pony-tail hanging over the nose) you know. Let me know how the day to day stuff works out, I would like to know. Maybe you will start a new fad for all of us.
Avatar m tn 1 lunesta or sonata (whichever is available to me at the time), 2 ounces of Nyquil, 2 over the counter sleep aids (50 mg of whatever puts the 'PM' in 'Tylenol PM') and one mg xanax. Ninety percent of the time that combo puts me out in an hour or so. Subtract the 1 mg of xanax, which I often don't include in order to avoid developing a tolerance, and the success rate drops to perhaps sixty or seventy percent, and it takes a couple of hours to work.
Avatar m tn Word of advice, though, even if the doctor approves the early refill, your insurance probably will not, so you'll probably have to pay cash for it.
Avatar n tn My son checked into a low cost detox last Sunday & stayed 2 days & checked himself out-claimed he didn't like the food or his roomate. He says he's quit. He says he's been through diahrea & is having cold sweats, lots of underarm sweats, headaches, body aches. I haven't seen this-just his word. This should be his 7th day of detox. He doesn't live with me. How can I tell if he's really detoxing or pulling my leg?
Avatar n tn I went ahead and checked with my insu co. today after the ordeal I went thru trying to get it for my brother (took a week and cost $506 for 4 vials, 40,000 units each)and it seems I don't have to be precertified and name brand is a $35.00 co-pay. What a relief! WHEW! Perhaps I will never need it but sure was nice to go ahead and check it out! Take care all!