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Avatar n tn What is the difference between a cyst vs a cancerous lump. other than breast cancer is malignant and cyst are benign (most the time!). From what i can feel i have one lump in my right breast. Which grows and shrinks all the time. Right now i cant feel it at all. It comes and goes in the same spot (my period also affects it)Does malignant cancer grow and shrink or is does it just grow? What are the characteristics or cancer vs a cyst?
Avatar f tn You are doing fine. The chances are that the lump that you found is a cyst, but checking out thoroughly is the best thing to do. There is absolutely no reason to give in to panic. Whatever is there, is there. You and your doctor and nurses are trying to determine its nature and what you should do. At this point, while waiting for a calmer time of your cycle, do some research on cysts and what affects them: diet, menstrual cycle, etc.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old daughter has a lump on the top of her. It appears to move when she flexes. When looking online, it seems she might have a ganglion cyst. I am going to take her to have it looked at, but wanted to know if I should she her Pediatrician, a Ped Dermatologist or a Ped Orthopedic Doctor.
Avatar n tn 00. Ultrasound showed it to be simple cyst. Approx 3 mos ago I found another "something" at about 9pm, further away from ----. This one feels different. ... not necessarily in a scary way ... but in a "what the heck is it" way. Has survived 3 mens. cycles with no change. Not a tiny pea like the first cyst ... and harder to detect if lying down. Easist felt when standing and checking from top to bottom in a linear fashion.
Avatar f tn Suspicion of cancer would NOT be entertained if a cyst aspiration were recommended. A cyst can be easily diagnosed by either mammogram or Ultrasound. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Many times an abnormality seen on a mammogram, is followed up by a sonogram to see if this is a fluid filled area, which is more indicative of a cyst. Because, this area is atypical and the sonogram did not help clarify the next step would be to see a breast surgeon to see what would be further recommended to evaluate this abnormality. They may suggest redoing the mammogram with magnified views, they may recommend a biopsy of the area.
Avatar f tn I'll see a new bump and a few days letter it gets what looks like a pimple head almost and if I squeeze it (it hurts that the only time I experience any pain from them is when I squeeze them) a white hard lump comes out and then it starts to bleed a decent amount. Also I have noticed they don't really grow, spread yes but they don't increase in size after a few days. Anyone else have experienced this?
Avatar f tn So basically i was showing and i noticed a large lump one the outer area of my vagina, is not quite in the right spot to be a Barth-cyst but that General area. I got out of the shower and looked at it, it was larger than a face pimple, and cused no pain, it is in the exact same spot as the bump i found last month (during my period) and its just one bump. Its not warts, and doesn't look like herpes... if i wouldn't have felt it with my hand i wouldn't have even known it was there.
Avatar n tn Dear Speechlady, Not really, perhaps an MRI might give a different picture but would still not be able to tell 100% whether what is seen is scar tissue or something else.
Avatar n tn Hello, Without examination, confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be due to friction rub, folliculitis or cyst. They are less likely to be herpes blisters which appear as painful blisters on the genital area. The blisters break, leaving tender ulcers (sores) that may take two to four weeks to heal the first time they occur. Apply warm compresses, Neosporin ointment and calamine lotion and avoid messing with it.
Avatar m tn The vet has hypothesized that her lump is a cyst, but has not conducted any tests. The area has never lost fur, and she has never seemed to be bothered by it in the least. When Queenie was a kitten she had a terrible abcess. I remember what that was like, so I monitor every little thing extremely carefully. Now that Queenie is an old lady (she is 17), she gets extremely nervous if I take her anywhere in the car.
146110 tn?1247153690 I have now been diagnosed with a 5 cm complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary. The cyst is fluid filled with debris and a solid component. I have had a follow up ultrasound after 4 weeks and the size is the same (a second cyst went away during this time). The doctor who did my first surgery would not consider a laproscopy because of the risk of cancer. (That was a dermoid and I was told before the surgery that is was only a 1% chance it would be cancer.
Avatar m tn I'd be interested to know what it is, if it could be cancerous or if it could turn into something cancerous- should I ask my current GP to check it out and or get an ultrasound? What are the chances it's bad vs. just a cyst?
Avatar f tn If I need a procedure for them, I may as well have an open surgery for my breast cyst and remove the cyst/lump under general anastethic. How long is it safe to postpone the treatment? I am extremely scared of needles and biopsy terrifies me (especially after reading horror stories about them).
Avatar m tn Both doctors said it was not a lymph node which is positive but there is still a lump and I guess any unexplained lump is a worry. No other symptoms though.
Avatar n tn I get bumps, tingling (very sporadic short, lasting only seconds most times) numbness, warmth in lower right area between buttock and labia area. My dr thinks I have a lot of cyst problems, hormonally related. No ulcers or blisters that I can find. I also get painful pimple type things on my inner thighs and bad folliculitis on my buttocks currently controlled with Minocin. I also get tender with a swollen feeling all along my underwear line.
Avatar f tn As you've already read in your report, just about everything is normal. So this of course is great and matches your normal blood work as well. And your cyst is noted as being echo-free which simply means there isn't anything solid to bounce the sonic waves back. This is perfectly normal for a cyst since they are typically filled with just fluid. But the radiologist also mentions "irregular outline containing thin septations".
Avatar f tn Based upon these findings, I have it ruled down to folliculitis vs. a cyst. The pain mimics that of past underarm folliculitis, however due to the location of the inflammation, drainage or lancing isn't possible for a solo act. I have doxycycline available, and was going to restart it to see if this lump disappears (along with witch hazel for anal-rectal cleaning). Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn What are the chances it's bad vs. just a cyst?
Avatar n tn I am now 28 weeks preg) I went in two days ago for the follow up ultrasound and the spot in question was normal, but they found another lump and said they could not tell if it was fluid filled or solid, so they wanted to do a needle aspiration. I have that planned for tomorrow. All they said was that it could be fluid filled, it could be caused by changes in my breast from pregnancy since it was not there 6 months ago and they have to check it because it is a change.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Avatar f tn Today, 2 days after that ultrasound with a very large very painful cyst, that cyst is totally gone with no trace of pain. I think it's absolutely got something to do with synthroid. It appeared 5 days into taking it last week, disappeared 2 days after stopping. Profound to me.