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Avatar m tn More recently I have a constant sore feeling in my Virginia.. Upon examination I have notice a very tender lump just inside my Virginia at the front below my urinthea. I am very scared what could be going on??
Avatar f tn here is a lump on my left side of Virginia just by the point where i was cut when i had my second baby 23 month ago it doe not hurt unless pressed but it giving me grate concern what could be the cause and likely solution to this
Avatar n tn What makes you feel like your inside's are feeling like they may come out after having sex. I'm 54 and I also have a large lump in side my Virginia! What could it be. I have not had a exam for 5 years now.
Avatar n tn I noticed a lump in my inner virginal lip. It is located in the crease in between the lip and virginia. Can anyone tell me what it can possibly be? I have a GYN appt for later in the month but I am very nervious of what this can possibly be. Thank you in advance for your emails.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Avatar n tn Alright, if you remember me, I use to post a lot back in November and December, but I eventually decided not to worry about this lump. Well, it's still there. Still doesn't hurt, but sometimes gives me a little discomfort, but for the most part it isn't very noticeable. It doesn't feel like it has grown, but it still feels rather large, like it always has, and egg shaped. Also, it does move around under my skin. I read about lipoma and I was wondering if it could be one of those?
Avatar f tn Hello, my name is Virginia, I have breast cancer, I have two lumps on my right breast and have a throbbing pain in my right breast above the lump , what is the cause of this??? is it my cancer?? I am a big believer in natural treatments, I don't believe in cutting or chemotherapy If anyone can help me out with an answer for this cause please send me an email @ ***@**** Thanks and God bless!
Avatar n tn For the past week notice i was having some kind of bumps/lump like on my bottom bikini Virginia area not itchy or painful no discharge what to ever did PAP recently and doctor said nothing about it starting to get worried and what can be use
Avatar f tn Hey, I have an itchy irritated red/purple dot on the out side rim of my hole of my Virginia. It's gets very itchy, it's been there for 10months, I've been checked for herpes n warts. It gets more itchy when I have a shower, it's not from my either. It can get painful if it's a hot day. Plz someone help me!!!
Avatar n tn He said there is a swelling and a hard lump. Just before he felt this pain he had been swimming and sitting wet on a cooler. He said the pain started then but he failed to get up right away. Now the pain is unbareable. He went to a doctor in West Virginia who gave him the glove test and was given a Lara Tab#5 pain pill and an antibiotic and told to come back in a few days. The pain is worst, there is NO bleeding or fever.
3204980 tn?1355300460 Right before we took him to his vet of 6 years we noticed a lump (around the size of a golf ball) in between his shoulder blades. After his vet checked him out, we found out that he had a fever of 104 and that he had dropped 10 pounds (he was originally 128-130 lbs). She seemed worried about the lump and told me to just keep an eye on it. She was more worried about his high fever, and kept stating "the lump shouldn't be causing a fever this high".
Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, premenopausal, with a history of only a 2nd cousin on my mom's side of breast cancer. 2 years ago,I had a CBE at a health fair where a lump was found in my L breast. I was sent to have a free mammo (no insurance). The report said there was an area in my L breast that needed to be re-evaluated in 6 mos. 9 mos. later, I went to a free clinic, had another CBE, and was signed up on the "Every Woman's Life" program for free breast evaluation.
1376011 tn?1278783984 TOTALLY OUT OF CURIOUSITY BEFORE WE KNEW ANY OF THIS and that came back CLEAR so insurance is denying CT scan BUT I have also had a breast lumpectomy about 10 years ago...OB found a lump during my yearly visit and that came back ok but I started having mamograms 3 years ago and have had a couple of them come back "questionable" and they will do ultrasounds and then say ok. I am so confused because I just want to know WHERE it is...IF it is even there.
Avatar f tn But in their zeal to slash and de-federalize safety net programs, they’ve advanced legislation that would do exactly that. The bill — sponsored by Reps. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Joseph J. Heck, (R-NV), and Buck McKeon (R-CA) and called the Workforce Investment Improvement Act — would allow states to lump moneys from state-federal employment and training programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, into a single fund.
Avatar m tn Just discovered I have both of these a couple months ago after noticing a lump in my gum. The cyst has been eating away at my jaw and has perforated it, I've had no pain, but will be getting surgery soon. My question is what are the chances of the tooth infection contributing to my chronic fatigue? I have found a few only posts stating, infections can make you feel lousy, fatigued etc. But no real solid information or testimonials.
685623 tn?1283485207 As you recall, Vick was found guilty for his involvement with a large dog fighting ring run from his property in Virginia (Bad Newz Kennels). He has spent 18 months behind bars and was released earlier this year. In the meantime, he has negotiated with the Humane Society of the United States to function as a spokesperson against dog fighting. In fact, he and Wayne Pacelle (CEO of the HSUS) have already made two anti-dogfighting presentations in Atlanta and Chicago.
649848 tn?1534637300 With the campaign now focused on just nine states - Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin - the parties are able to target their resources narrowly. Republicans say they've made three times more phone calls and 23 times more door knocks in Ohio than they had by this time in 2008, for example, and nearly six times more phones calls and 11 times more door knocks in Virginia.
Avatar f tn If I want to check out the lump, I need to have more radiation...she refused to do an ultrasound, saying it would be useless. Im beginning to wonder if I have breast cancer thats spread to my brain. This is because, I have been suffering for two years, with no diagnosis, running out of doctor options, and am becoming mentally ill....everyday is hell for me....
Avatar n tn It is painfully if I squeeze it and around the lump my vagina feels bruised. The pain goes out from the lump to the outer groin and beginning of the leg...So it could be linked to glands in the groin.
Avatar n tn Unless your DCIS is in a fairly small cluster and they plan to remove it all with the "biopsy" (which sounds more like a lumpectomy to me), I would get another option or ask them if they can do a stereotactic biopsy first instead. I had extensive DCIS in one breast and after having an MRI and stereotactic biopsy to confirm, I underwent a mastectomy on Aug 10th and and very happy with my decision. They found a 1.
Avatar f tn Let us pray for the families of the West Virginia miners, and the people of Poland who so recently and unexpectedly lost many of their beloved leaders. Let us pray for the safety and success of those who have left home to serve in our Armed Forces, putting their lives at risk in order to make the world a safer place. As we remember them, let us not forget their families and the substantial sacrifices that they make every day.
Avatar f tn Paul Krugman -- who shares the distinction of being a Nobel Laureate with Al Gore, aka the "crazed sex poodle," and President "Plug" Obama -- is warning us of the dangers of a third great depression. Third? Do you wonder when we had the second? That was my reaction, too. To show off the erudition that so amazed the judges in Stockholm, the Joseph Stalin professor of economics at Princeton University counts the Panic of 1873 as the start of an earlier depression.
12758 tn?1201223280 Hello ... I think it may have been me that mentioned that if a lump was found in my breast similar to the one they found in my thyroid last month, I would be very aggressive to get it the heck out of there and do whatever surgery is needed to get rid of the lump. Also, the same applies to my atypical moles that are oftentimes re-excised to a clear margin needing 10-15 stitches. The problem is gone and cannot turn malignent.
Avatar n tn It is impossible to predict when DCIS will become invasive. Therefore the standard of care for DCIS is to remove the lump or the breast (depending on the evaluation and recommendation from the surgeon) and follow-up with appropriate treatments depending on the final pathology. It is not uncommon to experience bruising and discomfort at the biopsy site. A biopsy does not impact cancer growth.
Avatar n tn I am an operating room nurse and also a three week post op parathyroidectomy surgery patient. I live in Virginia and flew to Tampa, Florida for the surgery just last month. At first I was very skeptical. I thought the site was like a scam. But, after much research and MANY hours spent inquiring about this surgeon, I felt very comfortable. I was treated like royalty and met many other patients from all over the world. My only complaint was the 3 month wait due to the surgeon's schedule.
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Avatar f tn I am only 13and I am very scared and in so much pain,I have a lump on the inside of my vigina well just abOve the line, it is really painfull and every time I move it hurts..I can't get to sleep..when I go for wee as well it stings I don't know what to do?please help?
148532 tn?1216644162 Thanks everyone for the input I will probabley continue to have some o'dools because I like the taste of beer even though my best friend thinks I'm crazey like Why would you drink it if you cant get a Buzz? I feel pretty safe about the addict issue I've tried lots of stuff and always walked away without a problem except the cigerettes and I guess thats another debated issue here. I am a nurse and know all the dangers etc.
3093747 tn?1344658683 The vision in my left eye started to become blurry a few months later and I noticed that this lump on my head right next to my eyebrow in the middle of my forhead had some kind of vein entering my eye socket. I had had this lump for about a year and decided to pop it with a needle to see if it was maybe a zit or something. When I did that, my pupils began to dilate, my heart started racing and I couldn't sleep for about 3 days!