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Avatar m tn My friends son has developed a lump under his tongue which is painful and has put him off his food hence weight loss. She lives in Indonesia where medical care is costly and does not appear to be up to the standards you would expect. He has been prescribed a steroid ointment (for topical use only ?????) which has reduced the size of the lump but it then returns when the ointment is not used. I have suggested she ask her GP to undertake blood tests fbc ue b12 folate but after that I am at a loss.
Avatar n tn Hi....I have a small pea sized lump under my tongue on the right side. It's located in the valley of my mouth between the floor of the tongue and the gum line. It is below the tissue. It is painless and has there for 2 years or so. It has not gotten larger. I asked my dentist about it a year and a half ago...but she said it was likely nothing. Is this something I should be more concerned about? Does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar n tn I have a lump under the left side of my tongue and its getting quite large, 1" lond and deep. I asked family dr. to look at it and she didn't see it at that time when it was smaller.My dentist gave me an appointment for next month. I think its an infection. This is why, last fall I had chest pain and they did a d-dimer to check for clots. The test was very hi but no clot was found. I have gotten painfull joints and I am 33yrs.old.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have this lump under my tongue which I got a few days after a sharp crisp crumb got stuck there, I checked on Google about lumps under tongues and all it says is cancer, I'm thinking it's an infection but I don't know, the soonest dentist appointment I can get and have is for next month to discuss whitening after my last visit for a filling. Any ideas what this kind of lump is and how to get it away?
Avatar f tn I just recently felt lumps under my tongue, when i looked at the gum tissue located under my tongue there were about 6-7 lumps in clusters of 2 and 3 under my tongue, attached to the gum. The lumps on the side, look red,and a little whitness of the gum surrond the tissue. Directly down the center of the gum under my tongue are two lumps closely settled together, they too look reddish and a bit white?......What could this be?
1372123 tn?1280753511 I recently saw a dentist who did a Oral Exam and found a lump under my tongue. I had been complaining about my gland hurting and its not the first time, Infact its happened several times, since like 3 to 6 moths ago but never with like a cold or anything. I did see my doctor and she wants me to see a ENT specialist after my second visit with her cause it wont go away. Its been a month now since the discovery of this Lump. My Dentist wants me to see an Oral Surgeon.
Avatar n tn Then next day she complained about soreness like a whisker burn but I didn't have much for stuble. I also got 1 very small white lump under my tongue ( right on the tie of tongue i think it is called). It has been 3 days now she is fine now but my white spot is still there and only sore if i rub it or touch it but not really bad. What could this be?
Avatar m tn yesterday it felt like i had something stuck under my tongue so i looked at it and saw a small growth and just figured it was a blister and left it alone. well, today it was still bothering me and, figuring it was a blister, i decided to pop it (not my brightest idea apparently). so, it's not a blister. i poked it several times with a needle and nothing came out. it's more like a fatty deposit or something. it's a clearish white color and a round, bump-like shape.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning, with a couple of small sores under my tongue. It appeared overnight and I'm extremely worried. No pain, just a tingling sensation. Can you pls help??
Avatar f tn Hello, A detailed history and examination is necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management of your condition. A cyst on the tongue presents as a lump under the surface of the tongue. A cyst on the tongue can cause difficulties with swallowing or breathing if they protrude from the surface and grow too large. A cyst on the tongue can become infected .Other possibility is a condition called transient lingual papillitis.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have found a lump under my mouth, which is right below my gums by my jaw. What can possibly be there that would be a lump? It has me worried....I have an appt for the ENT soon but it is driving me nuts. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am 21, and i have a lump under my tongue. Its the size of a pea and very sensitive and painful. Havent been to dentis since i was 12. I was wondering what this could be and ho to take care of it? I am a smoker.
Avatar n tn I looked in my mouth and noticed a lump underneath my tongue and it was very painful to the touch and eating. Now this lump extends the back of my mouth going under my tongue and then connects to the back of my tongue. The pain is now constant and only lessons with ibuprofen. I now also have pain going to my ear and to the back of my head when I move my tongue a certain way, so I have to be careful not to move it that way.
Avatar n tn I went to teh dentist one day and got x-rays of my teeth to get my wisdom teeth removed. I went home and discovered that theres a lump under my tongue attached to that thing that holds your tongue down. Its red and looks like its filled with something white. What could this be? I ahve no insurance and can not afford to got o teh hospital.
1632125 tn?1299867388 If it's under your tongue its probably a clogged salivary gland, or even simply a swollen lymph node (there are tons in our mouth, not just tonsils).
Avatar m tn Receptive Oral sex (i know its no risk) anyways about a month later i got a white tongue and lump in throat feeling. Tongue is still the same 5 months later. Ive had 2 4th gen HIV tests (10 weeks, 6 months) all negative. I have a pic on my profile of my tongue. I know many people have had this same issue, and no explanation. Any and all help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn Everything was fine at work, then all of the sudden under my tongue at the floor of mouth started hurting i think a gland or something, then it started hurting in the back right under the tongue to the side. I got to look in mirror and didn't see anything. Then a instant sudden lump started forming under my chin on my neck throat area. It felt like a tumor but would think tumor just doesn't pop up like that. The lump went down about 15 min after it formed.
Avatar n tn It could be a small infection that has started in one area of your tongue. It could be an irritation from brushing your teeth that has persisted. If the tongue remains swollen or increases in the swelling, I would suggest seeing your family doctor.
Avatar m tn Ok. I have a lump on the underside of tongue, kind of like a fliud- filled sac, which is slowly increasing in size. About 1cm long at the moment, cylindrical. Dentist said he's never seen anything like it. Does anyone have ideas about what it is that I could suggest to him? A blocked saliva gland would be nice to know, but are they on the underside of tongue? I don't know to be honest, hoping it's not cancer or something. 20 year old non-smoker.
Avatar m tn Doesn't change a thing.
Avatar n tn Relax everyone. Your tongue is supposed to have a white middle kinda like a little carpet looking thing. And as for the red bumps, Those are your tastebuds. There are a few types, ranging from all different sizes. Larger towards the back of your mouth. And did you also know that all of them do a different job? One tastes sweet, sour, salty and bitter.
Avatar n tn its something to definatly think about. when you pierce the tongue you talk like an idiot for several days haha. your tongue swells and you have a lisp . that should go away. how old are you? you mentioned the tattoo and your body changing? i got my tats 10-15 years ago and they still look good even through weight gain and pregnancy. maybe just color your hair pink and that be your signature!
Avatar f tn I have also had a neck strain over this whole year that will not seem to go away. The hard painful lump at the base of my tongue would seem worse and then seem better of and on but in the past two weeks it just seems to hurt constantly if I don't take tylenol and it feels hard all of the time. The ENT said my salivary glands were secreting fine from his pressing on them and that what I was telling him was deeper and thats why he wants to do a CT scan.
Avatar n tn 5 year old daughter has had a lump under her tongue for 36+ hours which is white, about the size of a small pea, and right on the mid-line of the tongue, about 1/2 inch back from the tip. She's neither a smoker nor a drinker. I'm running her in to the pediatrician AND the dentist tomorrow morning for a look - their offices are 30 feet apart...
Avatar n tn Then next day she complained about soreness like a whisker burn but I didn't have much for stuble. I also got 1 very small white lump under my tongue ( right on the tie of tongue i think it is called). It has been 3 days now she is fine now but my white spot is still there and only sore if i rub it or touch it but not really bad. What could this be?
Avatar f tn While putting lotion on my neck, I feel a tender lump directly under my chin. It is clearly above the thyroid. I wouldn't even consider it's location as being on my "neck". It is right under my chin before my neck/throat area begins. Please help!
Avatar f tn My mother is 87. She woke up with a large painful lump under her tongue. It was painful to touch the side of her mouth and under her jaw on the left side. She ate her breakfast of a breakfast bar and milk. At the end of her breakfast she tasted something very salty. When she felt her mouth the pain was gone and so was the lump. Can you tell me what this could be and if we should worry about it.