Lump under pubic hair

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Avatar m tn Hi, i am 13 years old and i found a lump on my penis. i went to sleep and it wasent there, and then when i woke up it was there. its under the skin, and it doesent bother me exept when i touch it, and when i do it really hurts. its like a pimple but its soft on the surfuce and hard under the surface. i poped it and alot of whight puss came out and then it was clear. it got a little smaller when i poped it but now it doesent. i dont know what it could be.
Avatar n tn why do i have a painless lump under the skin where my pubic hair is located is it harmful
Avatar n tn About a week ago I knowticed a small red bump that resembled a inflamed hair follicle, but did not see any stray hair under the skin. The spot was in the pubic region towards the top of the pubic hair line. Playing around with it seemed to irrate it and soon a large cyst like bump formed UNDER the skin. I could feel it best using two fingers and could roll it around between my fingers. The bump was soft and fairly tender to touch.
Avatar f tn I have a lump under my skin maybe about an inch and a half down from where pubic hair starts and to the left, pretty much in my 'v' area between the pubic bone and thigh. If I stand straight, I can see the bump, in comparison to the other side which is normal. If I touch it it hurts I cant really tell how big it is, maybe a tad lager than a dime. Is it just a swollen muscle or something else? There is no 'head' or any kind of mark, it's just under the skin.
Avatar m tn Please help me. I've been getting bumps or pimples in my Pubic hair since I was in 5th grade. After all these years I'm still afraid or embarrassed to show a doctor. Recently on the side of my left leg between my pubic area and leg there is a big thick lump right there. It went away and then came back. I attached a picture of it. And now it's painful. It won't pop like the others in my actual pubic hair. I've been getting these since forever.
Avatar f tn I hate shaving, I wax my legs and underarms but don't know what to do about the vaginal area. I hate shaving down there, I can't stand the itching and I'm paranoid about th hairs getting thicker if I shave them! I could never get a wax because I'd be too embarrassed! What should I do? Also if women do shave their vagina what do they do about their bum hair at th back?
Avatar n tn I thought that is what the lump was. The lump is solid and not painful. It is under the skin. There is no discharge or pain. What could this be? Does it sound like gential warts?
Avatar f tn It is on the upper left side of pubic area and it had a large hair on it, which I was able to rip off. It feels like a tiny hard lump under neat skin but I can't pop. Shall I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I recently felt a hard growth in the area under my pubic hair, my family doc thinks it's an abnormally hard lipoma and refered me to a surgeon to talk about having it removed. I've also been having a lot of bladdar problems fatigue and swollen glands all over my body. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn a lump has appeared under my pubic hair, it comes and goes when i sit down. i was just wandering what it was its about the size of a grape and it appeared over night??? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243747'>Bump under skin in pubic area</a>.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 years old and has been getting lumps all on my vagina lips and between buttocks also the pubic hair area they are quite. Large but becomes bigger when I squeeze them then I feel under the lump it's like a pipe under leading to I don't know what. When I bust it a little. Blood comes out and it gets what bigger and swollen. ? Can someone please tell me what this is? Ps .
Avatar n tn I have found a small pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic region about 1cm above my penis. I does not hurt, there is no discomfort and there is no skin discolor but I am quite worried about it. It feels like an ingrown hair but it feels like it is a few millimeters deeper then the surface.
Avatar f tn Nancy, you get a lump under your chin when you have a sore throat because you have a lymph node there, which swells due to your immune system fighting an infection. You also have lymph nodes under your arms and near your groin. Though I do not believe there are any in the area Mommy2B is describing. I think she is referring to her pubic synthesis. It could be inflamed due to strained ligaments, but I am not very familiar with the attachments in the area.
Avatar m tn I have a lump under the skin about a 1/2 inch above the start of my penis. It is painful to the touch, but otherwise does not have much discomfort. IT has about as much pain as an ingrown hair, but has a much larger are of discomfort. I noticed it about 3 days ago, and it hasn't changed much. I have put creme on it to try to help, but to no prevail. I am very worried about this, and hope someone can help.
Avatar n tn At first I thought the lump might be an ingrown hair but I do not see any redness or outward sign of a problem. The lump is under the skin in the fatty-fleshy part over my pubic bone. I also have fibromyalgia and my stress level has been through the roof lately so that is acting up also. I do not know if the pain in my left groin/ovary has anything to do with the fibro or not. My doctor told me that I am beginning menopause. Could this be another possible reason for this onset of pain?
Avatar f tn It is on the upper left side of pubic area and it had a large hair on it, which I was able to rip off. It feels like a tiny hard lump under neat skin but I can't pop. Shall I be concerned?
Avatar f tn The follicle could be blocked and will form a small lump until the hair finally manages to brake through the skin. Hairs don't all grow at the same rate. if the lump gets quite big it could become painfull. If it's bothering u you could try giving it a gental squeeze after a hot bath or shower or just wait for the hair to brake through.
Avatar n tn hi i am 17/18 years old and i have a hard lump above my penis, its not on my penis but in my pubic hair right before the shaft of my penis, the lump is slightly raised red and a bit blueish, the skin looks like a scar, when feeling it it goes under my skin and is hard about the size of a pea, causes only a slight pain when pushing/squeezing it. im not sire weather to go see a doctor, please help.