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Avatar m tn hi, im a 33 year old man and 4 weeks ago i found a lump in my pectoral muscle, well its just above my left nipple and is about 2cm square and its hard ish and painfull at times. before this lump appeared i had several large lumps under my arm pit and had to have 4 weeks of anti biotics to clear them up. What could this possibly be in my chest. im a little concerned as i have since had anti biotics for more lumps under my arm pit that have cleared up and this one still has not gone.
Avatar n tn That night when I went home I began thinking that my arm pit hurt that morning when I put deodorant on. So, I felt under my arm and there was a lump about the size of a pea. It was alittle sore. Now four days later the lump is almost gone. Is this something that I should be concerned about. Is this a trait of a cancerous tumor or lump?
Avatar m tn I am a 37 year old male. I have just noticed a 1/4" by 1/4 lump just under my right pectoral on the right of center near armpit. There is no discoloration of skin. The lump is maybe 1/4 deep. It seems to stay attached to tissue. There is no pain when I pinch or touch it. Any ideas what this could be?
19681496 tn?1482428437 I am not sure though, why your Doctor prescribed an anti-allergy medication for your condition. Any lump under the armpit is concerning and should be properly evaluated particularly because you also have a swollen breast. If your Doctor did not order any type of testing, such as a Mammogram or Ultrasound, I would advise you to see a Breast Specialist who will certainly know if more investigation is needed in your case.
Avatar n tn Throughout the entire experience, point pain is present in joints and other locations. Knees, Armpits, Pectoral area. Under right jaw (small lump) Right armpit-radiating to right bicep/deltoid-sore/numb. These pains come & go,disappearing from one area to move to the next. Lump under jaw disappeared after a week. Stool returns to normal brown, still mixed as far as consitancy. No mucous recently. Lately I have also noticed almost daily stiffness on both flanks...
Avatar m tn Just got off crutches and found a hard, movable, completely painless lump about the size of a pea in my armpit, it feels like it's about a 1/4in deep along the tendon of my pectoral muscle, but I can easily move it. What could it be? If it was a lymph node wouldn't it be non-moveable and hurt?
Avatar m tn my son is 15yrs, he recently noticed a small nodule/lump like thing may be around a groundnut size under his left nipple. Its not visible externally, pains slightly when pressed, but its just few days and find it to have doubled but its with same pain symptoms (slight pain when pressed). what could that be, One more thing is he recently has got facination toward doing exercise and startd doing push-ups. can you please advice, what could that be.
Avatar f tn A week ago I develop some soreness on my right pectorial area ( it feels like a bad sunburn) at the same time my right nipple became very sensitive ( almost feeling like somebody was pinching it) i also noticed that under my right arm armpit to rib cage area is really sore as well as my right shoulder blade back...
Avatar n tn I am scared. I am 43 with implants under muscle and a long history of fibrocystic breast. I also recently had started a job in an Oncology Surgeons office that required constant usage of rt.arm,lifitng ,reaching,etc.I also saw so many people with cancer that it must have put the fear strongly in my mind that every little ache I have must be something "bad".Anyway, I had very bad pain on rt. breast on the side of it (outer) and under armpit area.
Avatar n tn I have two swollen nodes on the left side of my neck, one on the right, and two lumps which I feel are lymph nodes on my left side in my pectoral muscle under my arm (not in my arm pit). I also have soreness in my groin area, although I can't feel a specific lump. There is really no other explaination.
1261294 tn?1274546093 I am 31, and I too am having these weird pains, mine are on the right side under my armpit/ side of my breast area, 3 mornings ago, after doing nothing strenuous the day before, I got out of bed and as soon as I was standing upright I had this (nails on a chalkboard) kind of pain in my armpit, as I gasped for air I instinctively grabbed the area and began rubbing the area, but couldn't locate the pain???
Avatar m tn I found one lump under each arm like the ones at my groin found which were found in november. They are slightly bigger. They dont protrude skin but can be felt like moveable balls. They themselves dont hurt when touched but my armpits feel like there burning and its quite painful when moving arms a lot or even driving or they stick motionless for too long. Im really wondering if this is a sign i have hiv? My parents wont take me seriously.
1534233 tn?1523392456 Some medication has helped but still having pain in the center of my chest right below the breast bone, as well as pain directly under my left pectoral and behind my right collar bone which gets worse when I breathe(weird). I have also had blood tests for blood clots which were negative. Also I am almost sure that pills absolutely are getting stuck right below my adams apple.
Avatar f tn There are scattered and occasionally grouped benign smooth punctate and round microcalcifications. What exactly does this mean and could a recent pectoral muscle tear have anything to do with it? Probably benign? Fibrous breasts? Thanks.
Avatar f tn After about a year I noticed I was developing a lump in the upper center of my breastbone. I've been watching it for a couple years now. this week I checked online for info on what is located in this area. The Thymus gland is in the same location. It is supposed to hold white blood cells and fat and shrink after puberty. But mine has grown enough to push the breastbone up.
Avatar m tn I have not felt well since, having extreme fatigue, neck and head ache, major heat sensitivty, heart palpitations, little bit of rash that lasted a few weeks under left pectoral and some on arm and some night sweats. Tingling in hands and feet that have been going on for longer than the three months. I got tested for all STDs, HIV nonreactive and Syphilis nonreactive. Can the syphilis test be negative and still have it since its been this long.
Avatar n tn I have developed two mouth ulcers today. Very close to each other on the gum under my bottom teeth. I believe a third one is presenting. Mouth ulcers are not common for me. Once or twice a year, and never more than one at a time. Just for a little weekend piece of mind: How likely is it that the Combivir could cause mouth ulcers? Would HIV seroconversion cause mouth ulcers at about 15 days post exposure? Thank you!
Avatar n tn When I flex the muscles, I can see that particular separation more clearly, along with other areas of separation in the same area - AND in the same general area on the other breast (along the side/under the arm.
493801 tn?1211613431 Long ago and far away (well, it was actually just about a year ago), I had some "cardio funkiness" going on that I posted about over here --> http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn *tight pectoral muscles (which is typical of my body). **almost like light muscle pulsating of the left pectoral (toward the armpit). *shooting pain from armpit down to the elbow and sometimes down to the arm. *muscle tightening (somewhat twitching of the tricep) *muscle tightness of the armpit (it's like those muscle hurt). *It's worst when I slouch, and somewhat intermittent. Nothing going on at the right armpit. Would I be able to tell if my armpit lymph nodes were swollen?
Avatar n tn The soreness moved from the left to the right but not at the same time I developed a lump in my throat which bothered me when I swallowed Over the next couple of weeks I felt A shooting pain in my right armpit When I tried to check my armpit glands I felt nothing but the day after I had some muscle strain starting at the pectoral to the middle below the armpit. It went away and moved to the other side a few days later.
Avatar n tn throat feels swollen (as if salivatory glands are swollen but not sure if its the lymph nodes under them that do it or something else) as well as under my ear, dry cough, still light headed occasionally, and burn-bruised feeling still around chest to where it connect with arm. Now with a beautiful daughter looking at me at home I die just thinking of what ifs at night and during the day when researching online. fortunately no rash or fever (just one day of 100.
Avatar m tn Six months ago is when that large lump in my back was found. Two weeks ago I developed a lump in my left chest area. As with others, I'm constantly tired. I've noticed swings in mood. I put on 30lbs out of the blue in the last two years. Could be because I'm turning 30 and not as fit, but it's just a lot of little things adding up. My doctor ordered a thyroid test and may do a biopsy on the fatty tumor in my lower back. He prescribed an acne wash for the skin issues.
Avatar n tn The only other symptom I have, which for all I know is unrelated, is occasional severe heartburn just below and inside of my right pectoral muscle, under the ribs. I have been thru a bevvy of tests regarding that, so far nothing... My question is should I see my doctor about a prostate exam or G.I. exam even though I am so young?
Avatar f tn I'm athletic too, and have had rotator cuff problems in my shoulder, which I definitely feel also in my upper chest and armpit. Also I tend to strain my pectoral muscles (under the breast) when lifting things or doing weight training--pain feels in the breast but isn't. Hope this helps.
517119 tn?1285874992 A reconstructive plastic surgeon is right there to reconstruct the breast. A silicone implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle (just like for those ladies who have had breast enlargement), and once the placement is just so, the reconstructive surgeon closes using what looks like a bakers-purse stitch. The skin is smoothed over, and you're chest is then wrapped up like a mummy and a simply delightful surgical bra is put on you. And voila! When you wake up, you have a new breast.
Avatar f tn I just assumed hormonal, but then I started getting twinges in my L shoulder, which turned into a dull aching and sometimes burning sensation. The area that it started out in was the side of the shoulder in the back, like under the arm. Imagine lifting your arm up, and right beneath your armpit, you rub the vertical area underneath. Now, two months later, the pain has progressed to sometimes on the top of my arm, the muscle. I seem to notice it more when I'm at my desk working. Dr.