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Avatar f tn I have this large lump under my skin on my butt by my thy, for about a month. Its very painful especially when I sit. There used to be pimples there but they went away and now I have this hard ball like lump under my skin, but u can't see it except there is some discoloration like a pimple. its like the size of a marble and it hurts. What is this? Should I get it checked out? Should I see if it goes away?
1646836 tn?1301430573 hi, i found one small lump on my leg under the skin, i ran the day before so my leg was sore that's when i notice a small but very hard lump that you can defianly tell its a lump (between the knee and the foot). I just don't know if its very serious or just something simple because i have never heard of someone having cancer or a tumor or anything like that serious with their leg. So just wanted to ask someone as to what is it and what should i do should i be worried?
Avatar n tn in diameter and the have started to turn colors , almost black, now the one in the leg has turned more of a gray color. they ae not really hard, they are kind of a mushy lump I guess you could say. She has not been tto the doctor yet about this, but she has other serious health problems such as COPD, heart attacks, minis strokes, and multiple surguries. Does anyone have any ideas of ha this could be, or has anyone had the same symtoms and may be able to give me some more info.? Thanks alot.
Avatar f tn im 24 years old and i woke up with pain under my armpit and little lump not ther day befor ,could i have done somthing in my sleep worried could be canser,i not had any famliy membors who have had it.
Avatar f tn lump found one week after surgery for left carotid artery stenting; feel like a hard lump/ painful in area and going down inside of leg.
Avatar n tn treatment for lumps under the arm pits, leg and arms? This discussion is related to <a href=''>armpit lump</a>.
Avatar n tn have hydratentia suppurativa on leg starting to get lumps under armpit is it dangerous...
Avatar n tn Around two weeks ago i found a big lump under my skin its on the inner side of my upper leg and has what looks like a white spot on the surface and round it the skin is red and purple , it doesn't cause any pain unless i touch it. I know it sounds nasty but i have tried to sqeeze the white stuff out even tried using a needle to put a hole in the skin but its just hard well abit of blood came out but nothing else. Hope someone can advise me cause im getting king of worried.
Avatar f tn I have a lump under my panty line that actually feels like a bone. You have to push a little to find it and when you find it, it hurts. Also sends a pain down my left leg which is the side that it is on. Any idea what it could be. Feels round.
Avatar f tn Hey i have a pea sized lump under my skin between my scrotum and leg and feels hard like rubber and kind of reddish. I only noticed 2 weeks ago and it hasn't changed. It couldnt have been there long as i would have noticed. Help if you knpw what it is or if you have any experience with this.
Avatar n tn today when i got got out of the shower i discoverd this small lump on my leg i thought it was a splinter or lead but when i squeeze it out a blackish discharge came out what could it be
Avatar m tn hi, while showering this morning i noticed i had a fairly big lump under my leg, about 1inch x 1/2inch, that seems to have sprung up over night, because i didin't feel anything there yesterday. It is a bit sensitive but isn't painful. Any idea what it could be? Maybe a muscle knot or something of the like?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am not sure this would be considered a growth but I have had this lump under my skin for aout a year. It has never been larger than a pencil eraser but I noticed it because it started out very much raised from the rest of my skin and was red. I could feel something circular under the skin. Now it has become less pronounced (can't see it al all) but there is a red circle on the skin where it used to be and I can still feel the circular lump under the skin layer.
Avatar f tn I found a lump under the skin of my rabbit's stomach about three months ago (close to his right hind leg), I can move it freely, it is pretty hard to the touch and is the size of a grape. I went to the vet and she said I should check it regularly to see if it increased in size (it didn't). The problem is that today I was checking him and I noticed another lump right next to the other one, about half the size.
4772585 tn?1358975360 On January 23rd I noticed a swollen red lump under my left arm in the armpit it is sore to the touch and does not appear to be a bite of some kind, I am going to continue to monitor it and speak with my Dr. about it. I am a little worried hope it is nothing. Not sure what it might be.
Avatar n tn What started as a small lump under the incision has now grown into a very large and extremely painful lump. Pain is sometimes unbearable. Just visited him for check-up and he says my leg is fine and can't explain the pain other than my leg is hypersensitive because I was on vicodin for almost a year. He said it couldn't be a neuroma because mine was the first neuroma that he has seen in 3 to 5 years. I go back in another 6 weeks were he plans to release me for full duty at work.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I noticed soreness under my knee. I also have a lump about the size of a marble. It is below my knee, like on my upper chin. I have not injured it, nor does it look bruised or swollen. Just a lump that hurts to touch and move my leg. It is fixed and does not move nor is it soft There is no discoloration. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Period started. Still have the lump on my boob. But I have just found a lump under my left arm pit. Now I truly believe its cancer.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a had a lump under my skin, maybe an 1/2 inch or so big, it is right on the crease of my leg down by my groin. It was a little swollen and tender to the touch. So I went online and looked around... I thought maybe it could be a hernia (i do a lot of lifting at my job) or maybe a swollen lymph node(spelling?) but I didn't think it was herpes. Now, A few minutes ago I decided to check my lump again, and on the top of my lump is an open sore.
674725 tn?1367439630 woke and stretched leg ( lifted toes upward) and got a leg cramp. felt like rock in right calf. I massaged it and tried to relax - had to go to the bathroom . Was better than last time - just got to keep massaging it til lump gets smaller.
630173 tn?1234278714 tailbone pressure bad again this morning when I tried to get up. Very hard walking, tend to be shaky. Inner thigh of my left leg causing pressure and pain again, gonna check if there's a third lump in there again.
Avatar n tn I noticed a lump in the inside of my leg where my pantie line is. It is sore when i toucjed at first i thought it was a bump so i squeezed it and some yellow and blood came out, if i try to squeeze it now nothing comes out. feels like its moving under my skin. Just finished getting off my period could that have caused it?
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently noticed that my boyfriends back of the right leg has a bump under a mole. So, I asked him if it's been itching or has he noticed anything else and he said YES it's been itching for sometime and nothing else. The color is light pink and it's round and bumpy. When I touch is it feels like a small lump. Please let me know if you have any idea of what this can be.
Avatar n tn I have a ball like lump really far under the skin on the left side of the vaginal opening and between the leg, sort of. When applied pressure it really hurts and can't have intercorse. I've never had this before and don't think its an std because it seems to be far into the body not really on the vagina surface. Also i've been with the same partner for over a year.
2127890 tn?1335375994 This problem started in high school. I noticed a small lump under my right arm. At the time I was using right guard spray deodorant. As I got older the lump got bigger. It was really noticable during each of my pregnancies. The doctor checked it but said it wasn't anything to worry about. I have this problem under both arms and would like it to be gone. It may not be a problem physically but it looks ugly. I love short sleve tops but can't always wear one.
Avatar m tn Ever since I could remember I have had two blue lumps under my skin on my right leg, and right arm. I always thought they where pencil led... why I don't know. In the past few years more have started to show up, mostly on my back but a few on my arms and legs. I have had doctors say they are bloodvessel tumors, and are harmless. But i am not sure. wanted to see if anyone here knows more.