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Avatar f tn Three weeks ago I suddenly developed a large, sore mystery bump directly under my chin in my submental region. It was solid and sore to the touch. The area around the lump also became pretty swollen. I put ice on it and within 24 hours the bump was completely gone. However, when I looked in the mirror I noticed that a little "pouch" area still remained under my chin. It has been three weeks since this happened and this area of swelling has not gone down.
459853 tn?1283144114 I have a shi-tzu/pom mix and just notice a golf sized lump under her chin yesterday and I shaved the area to see if I could see anything like a sting bite or maybe she scratched her neck and got it in fected....nothing there. Im bringing her to the vet first thing and I'll let everyone know what he says about it. Hoping its not a tumor.
Avatar m tn I think I have the same thing- my chin is very inflamed (from the ends of my mouth down to my chin) as well as under my chin (it kindda looks like I have a double chin but I know that's not it...). I noticed this after I shaved my goatee off that I had for about 3 months. It's been about 6 months since I've shaved it and it still hasn't gone down....
Avatar n tn I have the same symptoms, a lump right under my sternum. Went to my doctor today and he said it was nothing to worry about. It was the Xiphoid Process I could feel. It is a cartilage that can move back and forth. As I gained weight over the last few years it pushed it out slightly. He also said it was normal for the area around the ribs to ache slightly because of it. Mine does if I sleep more than eight hours.
Avatar f tn hi! i've had a small, pea-sized hard lump under my chin with no symptoms such as itching, burning, or pain etc. I've had it as long as i can remember really, but its never been a problem and now i just kind of want to know whta it could be..i've had a ct scan recently, of my head im not sure if that would show up if there was something wrong? im healthy otherwise...anyone have any ideas of whta this could be?
Avatar f tn Went back to my surgeon yesterday and he said he has never heard of the numbness going to the chin but that because I can feel slight pain when he did a pricking test this is just the nerves healing and I should be ok in a few weeks. After researching online I am not so sure, he hasnt filled me with any confidence, I do keep getting that horrid crawley feeling over my chin so I keep positive that the feeling will return soon.
534785 tn?1329595808 the rock-hard ones are under my chin/jaw, mid-neck on my right side, and base of neck on my right side --protruding right clavicle and what feels like a slowly swelling chest (thymus gland, maybe?) --heart palpitations --extreme fatigue...and I'm used to be really fatigued due to sleep apnea...
Avatar m tn Why all sudden lymph enlarge all over body. Plus stomach pain, loose Stool, sore throat.. I can feel my stomach lymph tight, under my chin. I don't have mono or cmv. So it's hiv. Too many symptoms for low risk, how could that be? All these appear in ars time frame?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I noticed a small lump under my jawline, very close to the tip of my chin. I don't think it's changed in size very much over time, but a few days a rash also appeared in the exact same place. I checked with my doctor before and she said to come back if it changes size, but I'm wondering if I should go back in because of this rash?
Avatar n tn If they are my lymph nodes then it is just one of many symptoms of EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). I am just getting over being sick again. This time I also had a lump in my are pit. Lymph nodes there to. Just writing this so that if someone else is having swollen nodes they might want to check for the EBV virus. It can be chronic, like mine.
Avatar m tn Admittedly, had been worried about both either herpes or HIV - as I also had a one strange under-skin lump under chin - it feels it has gotten smaller with time. Even though I tested negative - I still continue to feel strange random sudden sharp pain/aches over body; which bothers me even when I don't think about it. Like neck, collar-bone, shoulder and legs. I had sore left wrist but that soreness went away.
Avatar n tn I have a swollen lump under my chin/tongue area as well as a very red (disgusting looking) throat.......what is it and what should i do??? P.S. I hate doctors, clinics, and hospitals.....any home remedies perhaps??? My Mom says I should gargle with peroxide. The 3 % kind, diluted with water. About half and half she said. Should I????? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1350511'>Swollen glands under right side of tongue and chin and it hurts to swallow</a>.
Avatar n tn I called the doc and we are going in Tuesday or Wednesday. The bump doesn't seem to cause her ANY pain - she has no illness symptoms at all. She's happy and her appetite is great as usual. Any idea what this might be?
Avatar f tn I'm having terrible pain in my left thyroid. And it's just getting worse and the lump bigger. Acctually now it feels as if the whole left side I twice as big. I went to an ENT a week ago, then it was much smaller. He said I had a 1 cm nodule. I'm going in for an ultrasound tomorrow then I'll have to wait for an endo doc. But I'm getting scared. It feels as if I have the flu with headache. I don't have a fever even though it feels like I'm burning up.
Avatar n tn I recently saw the dentist because I had swelling on the outside of my cheek towards the bottom, the inside of my cheek is a really swollen (it feels fluffy) and I was having pain. Prior to that I saw a general doctor who noted that I had an ulcer in my left nose and an ulcer on the effected side of mouth (right side, left is totally fine) and said my gums looked bad and I needed to see a dentist.
Avatar n tn (C) Have had a swollen lymph node right under my chin. Its been there for over an year.The skin looks as if its dead, with a pale white color, and feels so slippery with no hair growth on top of it. (D) Swollen node(or tell me if it aint) on my hand. around 2 inches over my wrist on both hands. When i tough it, i can feel and even see a big lump. doesnt pain when i squeeze it. but has been there for over 6-8 months. Dont know whether i have a swollen node in my neck or groin.
Avatar n tn The next day, the pressure was gone (and its been gone). However, I started to feel around and i feel a small lump under my chin that seems a little bigger than on the right side. Its painless! Yikes! Also, I've been feeling a little fatigued lately after i started to stress that its lymphoma. Now i feel little pains once in a while around my inner thighs near my knees or wrists (they dont last long.. couple of minutes to a few seconds).
Avatar n tn I too have exactly the symptoms you are all describing. My lump under my left breast/ribs? is getting bigger, my husband keeps saying yes it's called a rib! But I have been in pain for months, stabbing originally lower chest and then my left side especially over the last 3 months. When I drink (even a little I am sick - and everyone thinks Im hungover, I try to ensure I am not). Also fobbed off with many reasons at the Doctors...sports injury la de da!
Avatar n tn Awhile ago I had a ultrasound on my neck cause I feel something on the left side not pain, lump, or discomfort maybe a build up of tissue. And I had my prostate checked awhile ago for some weird testicle pain. Both accounts showed zip! So far its not spreading like at first seems to have stopped once it reached my fingers. What my family doctor tested for I need to find out. Took a lot of tubes of blood. I know Diabetes, R. Arthirtis, B12, Thyroid.
Avatar n tn please let me know what they said. i found a pea sized lump under my chin(not around any bones) and it is freaking me out. it does not hurt at all, but i am wondering what it could be.
Avatar n tn wow your in the same boat as me i fell pregnant with my first with the implanon implant and with my 2nd when my first was only six weeks old while i was on the mini pill and breastfeeding my dd is 5 weeks old today they are less then a year apart my doctor is trying to get me to get the iud mirena anythings possible hey they say the implanon implant is safer as its there always not needing to check stringd take pill at same time of the day ect good luck to you let us no how it turns out.
Avatar f tn already read it to me and it said there is no mass or swelling of the thyroid. I can feel a large lump directly under my chin, but on my throat in the center. None of the drs. felt it though, so maybe they just assumed thyroid. But again I have had numerous symptoms for the past year that I have correlated to a thyroid issue, and this all began when I went off my Birth Control pills. My THS was 4.19 in june 09 and 4.51 in Dec. 09.
Avatar n tn 27 days post exposure - experienced tenderness under right jaw-feel node; painful to press and makes throat irritated; eye pain when moving eyes left to right; body aches commenced. 28 days post exposure (yesterday) - visted same doctor - confirmed swollen node in jaw; confirmed fever of 38.2C Requested retest with Oraquick - again -ve result Doc indicated is a standard virus and to get some rest - stated no suggestion of HIV infection.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar f tn In Oct I had the symptoms of a sinus infection, sinus pain, ear and head pressure, neck pain, jaw pain, and a low grade fever. After being put on Augmentin I got only slightly better and still presented with the same symptoms as well as feeling winded. I was then put on Z-pack as and Prednisone but again got only slightly better.
Avatar n tn hi im 23 from canada. my pain started just under 2 years ago. it used to really pinch and hurt like needles or a sharp pain. over time the pain has gone away but it still leaves me with the numb spot on my right side just under my shoulder blade as well and omg it drives me nuts like a mosquito bite the more i scratch it the more it itches. i also sleep on my right side with my arm under my pillow i do not spend extended hours on the computer and am fairly active.
Avatar f tn It seems on the left side it is most common just under my left breast, where i feel my heart beat the strongest. The pain comes suddenly, last a few seconds up to a few minutes and then goes away. Sometimes, but rarely, moving in certain ways might produce pain but im not sure if that's just coincidence. I was having heart palpitations and now for the past few days, my heartbeat has just slowed. I've increased my physical activity, but I'm not over loading myself.
Avatar m tn you might want to look into Fibromyalgia......based on you mentioning you have other pain symptoms, back & also your ocd etc,................we have an over acute sense of pain/touch,....... everything really,.....more recent research points at CNS involvement.. I often feel "the crawlies"....its not "in my head", but then its not insects either, just my central nervous system playing tricks on me.............
Avatar n tn I just started getting these same symptoms two weeks ago and I dont know what to do. I have this patch right under my right eye that is red, swollen, dry and itchy. I try putting vaseline on it but that seems to just temporarily solve the issue. It is embarassing to go out without my glasses on (which hide the patch) so I never wear my contacts anymore...just hide behind my glasses. I have tried benedryl, neosporin, etc. and nothing seems to help.